How to lower blood pressure - the main recommendations

How to reduce the pressure of concern to many people. This is due to the danger of this disease. Sometimes low blood pressure leads to death. Blood pressure is called the hydrodynamic pressure of the blood in the veins, capillaries and arteries.

Pressure in Pregnancy

Measurement of pressureDecreased or increased pressure adversely affects the health of the fetus. Therefore, the expectant mother must observe during pregnancy complete rest.
This is because the, that beating heart supplies blood into the circulatory system of humans. Due to the elastic wall, vessels are stretched, soprotyvlyayas blood flow. In this way, formed blood pressure. For each type of vessel is characteristic of your blood pressure.

basic concepts

Before you decide, as the lower pressure, you need to measure it. As known, blood gets from the heart into the arteries and aorta. In this case the vessel walls extend, while the heart contracts. Upon the occurrence of cardiac pause, also narrowed artery wall, and the blood is pushed forward through the vessels. Blood pressure rises at the time of contraction of the heart and decreases during relaxation of the heart muscle.

Recently there has been a continuing trend of high and low blood pressure. High blood pressure is observed in the elderly, including 35-40 years old. Hypertension affects about 25% the world's population.

The causes of high blood pressure

Doctors are not exactly established causes high blood pressure. butTonometer this disease can occur due to dysfunction of the endocrine glands, excessive salt intake, small dream, unbalanced nervous system, heredity, etc..

Blood pressure rises as a result of an excess of salt in it or sugar. Other causes of occurrence of such disease are:

  • poor performance kidney,
  • damaged liver,
  • weakened vascular function, etc..

symptoms of hypertension

Physicians are three phases of the disease:

  • functional changes - in a patient there is a weakness, headache, fatiguability, bad dream. High pressure keeps no regular. This figure reaches 160-170/90-100 mm Hg. c.,
  • primary organic changes - to lower your blood pressure will need to apply specific antihypertensive drugs. Possible hypertensive crises. kidney damage, eyes and other organs. The pressure at this stage stable and varies 180-200/ 1105-110 mm Hg. c.,
  • expressed organic changes - in this step pressure level fluctuates within 200-230/115-120 mm Hg. Article. and higher. Blindness can occur, stroke, myocardial infarction.

The main complaints, characteristic for each of the above steps are:

  • headache,
  • irritability, lack of sleep,
  • low memory,
  • poor eyesight,
  • in the heart of the pain,
  • shortness of breath, etc..

High blood pressure affects more than 20% people all over the planet. To treat such disease by using a special diet, taking both medications for normalizing the blood pressure increased.

primary hypertension

About 95% of all cases of high pressure is necessary for primary hypertension. In this case, the increased pressure - is a separate disease, which needs immediate treatment.
This disease occurs due to loss of elasticity of the walls of the arteries and smaller blood vessels. As a result, the pressure rises.

Genetic of high pressure version

High blood pressure refers to illnesses with a genetic predisposition. About 30% of all cases of hypertension due to heredity. If the patient's ancestors died from a stroke or heart attack before 60 years old, then the children have a high risk of developing this disease. However, if you lead a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, then you do not need to look for an answer to the question, as the lower pressure.

High pressure: nutrition, mobility, age

The risk of high pressure increases, If a person uses fatty foods. Extra weight adversely affect this performance.
As known, sodium chloride retains water in the body, increasing, in this way, pressure. Therefore, it is not recommended, eat salty foods.
Hypertension often develops in weak physical exertion. Therefore it is recommended to keep active, performing even simple exercises at home. Usually, the pressure is increased in the elderly. This is because the, that with age, blood vessels lose their elasticity. Therefore, the blood vessels are poorly responsive to load changes.

secondary hypertension

Less high pressure manifested in the form of secondary pathology. The causes of this disease are:

  • impaired renal function,
  • hormones redundancy,
  • varieties of heart disease, etc..

pressurized Treatment

Procedure, how to increase the pressure lies in the complex treatment and traditional medication.

Nemedikamentoznoe treatment

Under this treatment means a change in lifestyle, allowing to eliminate the causes of Procedure for measuring the pressureincreasing pressure, which are not related to heredity. People, suffering from high blood pressure need to stop smoking and to drink alcoholic beverages, including those, that contain caffeine.

At high pressure, physicians also recommend a diet with low salt and animal fat. When overweight body is assigned a low-calorie food.
In any case, you need to lead an active life. Especially useful to swim, brisk walking.


How to reduce the pressure with medication, doctors know. In pharmacies, there are many special means against overpressure. However, each such drug has its contraindications and pros.

In this regard, it is not recommended to self-medicate. An experienced cardiologist after survey appoint the most suitable for the patient it means. In most cases at elevated pressure designate bisoprolol, nebivolol and other.

It should be noted, that of classical medicines can be identified atenolol. This drug is not widely applied in arterial hypertension, as it is when the pressure does not decrease the risk of any deterioration. This fact is explained by the fact, Atenolol is aimed at reducing peripheral blood pressure, the pressure in the aorta is not changed.

If we consider other means of beta-blockers, then these drugs promote normalization of elevated pressure, preventing the development of any complications. At the use of such funds should take into account, Some drugs cause side effects, exerting a negative influence on respiration and erection.

Folk remedies

How to reduce the pressure know traditional medicine. For example, the easiest method is to green tea. You can also drink in the large "Hibiscus" amounts. Sometimes it is possible to reduce the pressure, drinking a cup of weak coffee. However, do not abuse the data drink, as the pressure increases with palpitations.

reduce the pressure, You can apply some herbs, fruit, kidneys, shoots, fruits and vegetables:

  1. rosehips and hawthorn - a great tool, stimulates the heart. Buy these fruits can be a pharmacy,
  2. valerian seed and flax, Stevia - a last resort lowers blood pressure. Its extract can be used as a sugar substitute,. It is also recommended to use oil and flax seed, including extracts of valerian.

However, before taking any herbs, you need to consult with your doctor.

Increased activity and normal diet

High pressureOften, doctors advise people, suffering from high blood pressure to use physiological methods. For example, increase daily activity, often walking in the fresh air, perform minor physical load. The latter option will reduce the extra weight. However, people-hypertensive contraindicated sharp exercise. Strong overload contribute to pressure surges.

With regard to food, it should include cereals and meat dishes, including fruit and vegetables. This is especially true of beet juice, boiled beets, salads with the same vegetable. To solve, as the lower pressure, It should have an impact on acupuncture points. They are located between the grooves under the ear lobe and the clavicle. To do this, you need to make the index finger to deepen under the ear lobe, clicking and holding on the line to the middle of the clavicle. This is not to put pressure on this line. On each side of the head is necessary for 8-10 time. In this way, reduce the pressure. The result of this massage is checked using a tonometer.

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