How to change the subject in contact?

Social networks have received much popularity today. People got a pleasant opportunity to communicate with people, and the distance does not play any role. The most popular service is considered to be in contact. Today it has more than a million users. Each user of such a service in different ways decorates your page. This fun photos, Pictures. And the service itself has a certain program, which allows you to create a theme. Over time, changing mood and a desire to change everything, and many are interested, and how to change the subject in contact?

FaceBook Change theme

Changing the theme in contact

Substitution in the contact

users, usually, used in different browsers, and the replacement takes place it is through them, that is necessary to use the software, which is set on personal computers to access the Internet. Most often these are users, as:

  • Opera
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Each browser has its own specific sequence of actions. If you are interested in, How to change the subject in contact? You will need to do the following.

Browser Mozilla Firefox

  • Initially, it will request to install a special plugin. It can always be found on the Internet, and downloaded it is very easy. This would be easy. Only be taken into account, that will have to choose a program to select Firefox, only she would let him continue to run.
  • Then in the future when the browser is started, plugin will be installed automatically. To pay attention, Download correctly, and for that we first find the file after it downloads a file open css_code.css.
  • Then you have to use Notepad and will carefully make copies of the, what is contained in the exchange buffer. When you open Firefox again, I immediately see a new plug-in icon, to inscribe the name of (or the name) Topics, and that, that was copied, insert in braces. All you need to save.
  • If done correctly, theme on your page will change.

Opera browser

  • In this case, to proceed with the replacement of the theme first checked all the settings. It is better to use a combination of buttons, like Ctrl + F12. You can do otherwise and apply the Settings menu, successful and settings are shared. When the window opens, ADVANCED interested fad.
  • Then we need to take advantage of the fad Content and execute the command to CONFIGURE STYLES. When the window opens, select the tab, that is called DISPLAY MODES. It carefully check, to have a check in such items, As my stylesheet. If it is not, then immediately MARKED. Now the browser is prepared to install a new theme in contact.
  • For download appropriate topic go to the link Styles and themes In Contact. After that, as the theme chosen, download the file to yourself. If such folder is found, how yavkontakte, then immediately move it to the root. If this is not, then everything is fine and about this item, you can forget. Once we unpacked the archive run the browser and go to your page in touch.
  • To change the theme it is necessary to click on the right button and a menu will appear, We are looking for a setting item for the website. We are interested in the Appearance tab, and make profit on the Browse button. There must be css_code.css file.. With his use of changing thematic direction in contact. Reboot your computer and the page should be transformed.

Google Chrome Browser

Will be necessary only two files, such as Get-Styles CH, Get-Styles CH4. To save the utility push button to save. Next, install the downloaded files. Performed strikes on the file icon, has been downloaded. As the installation will be completed for software packages, We begin to change the subject. We run our browser, where specified thematic areas for this social network. And there, of the options, select your.

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