How to change your password "in contact"?

Social networks have become part of our lives, they replaced the real communication and become a full reflection of our, so their safety is very important. properly, for these purposes, and were invented passwords, which is your guarantee, that no one can open it except the owner of the page. However, it is desirable to periodically change their passwords, so more will be discussed on, how to change your password "in contact".

Change password Vkontakte

Change your password in contact

true, first you need to say a few words about the password. The best option, guaranteeing security, It is a set of letters and numbers, in this case the letter must be in uppercase, and lowercase. Better yet, use a combination of meaningless numbers with letters, because a password is unlikely to whom - that happen to crack. We should not forget about the number of characters, of which shall consist password. Most often, these six characters, but, This does not mean, that they can not be more than. Before changing the password, make sure, that the Caps Lock key is off. Only then can you begin to change your password.

Procedure for changing the password:

  • You must first go to the main menu and find the section "My settings".
  • Next you should go to the first tab – "General", scroll down the page and find the line "Change Password".
  • Then you will need to enter your current password from the page in the first line.
  • The following line is for the new password, which will be used to access the profile "in contact".
  • Then on the next line confirms the new password.
  • The password change is completed.

After these manipulations will operate a new password, which will allow not to worry for the security of their data, of course, if the data entered are saved. There is another way to change the password of the page, true, it is used in cases, when the old password for some - any reason is lost and it can not be restored.

How to change the password "In contact", if you go to the page can not be?

  • so, the first thing to do is follow the link "Forgot your password", which is located on the main page of the site.
  • Click on this link, page opens, has called the "Restoring". Here you need to specify the e-mail address, username or phone, which were attached to the registration page.
  • After this you will see the captcha, you will need to enter and submit.
  • Then you will need to follow the instructions you received in order, to enter a new password.

In that case, if the email box or cell phone, used in registration, locked, it is possible to resort to a special access system recovery, in which the page address and proof of identity is used. Link to this system is located at the bottom of the windows data recovery. true, We need to be alert to the, that you may require a scanned document, identity, as well as photo, to be done against the background of the form, required to restore access. From the above it can be concluded, that change the password on the page is not difficult "in contact", special, If the old password is firmly "sat down" in memory. but, if it is not so, then do not despair, because it is enough to have access to e-mail or mobile phone, said profile.

true, for, to avoid unpleasant consequences, better to write the password in a notebook or mobile phone. And in the case of change of phone number, before you lock it, it is desirable to bind the page to a new number, so no problems with the restoration of access and password change in the future to the page.

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