How to change mail

E-mail is a modern technology, which allows absolutely anyone to easily send messages and small files. In today's world, every entrepreneur has a unique email address, to conduct business correspondence. But also ordinary people are using this service for easy communication. Furthermore e-mail is necessary for, to register on various websites, in social networks, etc.. This article will consider, how to change their own mail.

How to change mail to Yandex

The first thing you need to understand yourself, that change can not be an existing login on more than one service, including Yandex. You have the option to change your password, the key question, etc.. custom settings, but it is impossible to edit the email address.

change email

change email

To get a new address, the easiest way to create a new account, You can find out, how to do it in this article. You just need to add a lackluster characters or numbers, then the new address will not be much different from the previous one. Besides, You can use point-and other symbols.

but remember, wondering, how to change the mail, you need to pay attention to what, your account is tied to an existing email. A deletion may lead to adverse effects, tk. absolutely all resources have to change your e-mail address to the new.

How to change mail in the social network

pm_3Many users want to change your contact address in social networks: and classmates. But not everyone knows, how to do it. This procedure is quite simple and does not require any special knowledge, wherein each when it is approximately the same.

To change mail you need to go to your account and click on the “Settings”tab. Here locate the area, Set where your old e-mail address, near it should be the characteristic inscription of “Change e-mail”, click on it. Some social networking sites at once to change the settings, others require a little time. In any case, you should receive an email (and the old box) with a link, by which you must go, to confirm the changes.

Do not forget, that on various websites procedure may vary slightly. so, Now you know, how to change the mail to Yandex and social. networking. This information should be sufficient, to make adjustments to all other resources. If you have something unclear, you should pay for technical support or to the forum, where the active users are sure to help you.

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