How to change the name in the "Classmates"?

Sometimes, at "Odnoklassniki" users need to change the personal data, eg, Change the name or surname.
As it turns out, do it "at random" is not so easy.

How to change name?

therefore, We offer you a manual with step by step actions, which will help to change the name on the "Classmates"

  • Go to a profile on the "Classmates"
  • Under your name there are tabs , select the most recent titled "More» .
  • Clicking on this tab, you will see the menu, where you should select the tab "About Me"
  • Now very carefully study data. Between the line indicating your e-mail and the string "Music" is the hyperlink "edit your profile" – here! Hit!
  • window appears, where you can change all your personal data: name, surname, floor, Date and place of birth, and the place of current residence. change all, what you need and press the function "Save". After that, the changes take effect.

When people change their names?

Reasons for change in the personal data may be different. More often, This happens after, a woman marries and changes her maiden name to her husband's name. Purely along with the name, or instead of the name used to classmates, nik or pseudonym. Changes may be just under the user's mood. And maybe the user decided to make his anonymous profile, why not use your data.
Anyway, regardless of the reason, Now you can change the name in the "Classmates" and do it at least several times a day.
Besides, changing its name in the "Classmates" can be decorated with various symbols and characters. For this you can use the symbols on the keyboard, simply by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl keys and numeric keypad. You can draw symbols in the normal Word document, and then copy them to a profile in the "Classmates" framing them your name. Different symbols can also be found on the websites on the Internet. Type in the search box of any browser "Beautiful character" and you will surely find, something original and unusual, beautiful and worthy of your name in the "Classmates".
You have a different status? Now you can safely change the name in the "Classmates"! So what are you wondering, proceed!

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