How to use Skype

How to use Skype

Skype for all ages

Novice user it is not easy to understand, How does one or the other program. In this article we will give brief instructions, How to use Skype.

Download, installation and registration

These steps usually does not cause difficulties for experienced computer users, however, if there are any questions, In this section, you can view detailed instructions on how to download the program, installing it, and registration on Skype.

What you need to communicate on Skype

In order to successfully communicate and make full use of all the possibilities of the program on the computer, you need:

  • computer
  • Webcam
  • microphone
  • Speakers or headphones

Many models of modern webcams have built-in microphones, eliminating the need to separately buy this device. Also sold headset, including headphones and microphone.

How to find interlocutors

To find interlocutors need to go to the contacts menu and select Add contact. Find a person can be a login on Skype (the fastest option), by e-mail, by name (but in this case you will need to find his friend among a number of namesakes).

Selecting the right person, click on his avatar, right-click and select Add to Contacts. The future will see interlocutor notice from you, and you will also be able to add. After that you can make audio and video calls, or send and receive text messages.

How to make calls

For video calling you and your buddy must be installed and configured webcam. To make a video call, select the contact and click the video call, which is at its Text. This will open a window with a screen, on which the image appears, if the person answers the call.

How to communicate with several people at the same time

During a conversation with a companion, you can add others. To do this, click on the plus sign and select the menu Add members. In the list, you must select all, who need to conference.

How to call with Skype on a regular phone

Through Skype you can call both mobile, and landlines around the world. This capability is provided canvas, but communication costs much cheaper, rather than international calls from a regular phone. To make a call just need to dial the number in international format.

However, Skype does not replace a regular phone, when the conversation comes to emergency services. This is quite clearly written on the official website service: Skype can not be used for emergency calls.

How to update your account Skype

Put your money on Skype can be both with the help of many popular payment systems, and by means of transfer from a bank card. Update your account on the official website after login.

How to use Skype on the phone

Today Skype application is available for almost all popular mobile devices, running on different operating systems. Members noted, that the presence of Skype on the phone is very convenient to exchange instant messaging, since the board at the same time will be charged only for Internet traffic, which is consumed very slowly. It can also be more profitable to make international calls. As for the use of Skype for calls within the same country, the cost of the call plus traffic make this type of connection a bit high and quite irrational.

For a more complete understanding of the, How to use Skype, Recommend training video:

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