How to obtain UIN?

Despite the huge number of tools for online communication, ICQ program still holds a leading position in the popularity rating. With it you can communicate with people, located anywhere in the world. For, To start using the program, to complete a simple registration process and obtain UIN, which is a unique number.

how to get the UIN

how to get the UIN

So, how to get the UIN simply, you must go for this simple procedure:

  • First of all, you need to download to your computer, smart phone or any other gadget is supported by the installer for the program ICQ. But this is optional, the installer of the program can be downloaded from this, same protocol, how ICQ, eg: Jimm, Miranda etc.. d.
  • You must run the installer and follow the setup instructions. You need to agree to the License Agreement. All installation procedures must be performed when connected to the Internet. This will warn the user and the program itself. the Internet- compound should be stable and quality.
  • The installed program must be run.
  • In the window that appears,, to obtain UIN, you need to click on the button "Register" and fill out the registration form.

The registration includes the following items:

  • First Name – the user Name (it is desirable to indicate your real name).
  • Nickname – Nickname – nick, in which friends and acquaintances will be able to find you on ICQ.
  • Last Name – user last Name (if desired, it can be omitted).
  • Gender – gender of user.
  • E-mail address e-mail.
  • Age (So how to get the UIN and use the program only individuals may Customer agreement, senior 13 years old, system of compulsory checks the user's age).
  • Password – the password (To protect your account security, better to use a strong password. It should be composed of Latin capital and small letters, and figures. Not to forget the password, you can write it in your notebook).
  • Confirm Password – confirm password (you need to enter it again)

After passing through a simple registration procedure, you get your own personal UIN. You may be asked to confirm your account, sending to e-mail message with a link. Following the link, you confirm your account. That's the simple way you can get the UIN. Each time the input to the program from any device, You need to enter your personal password and UIN, to get access to your account and continue to communicate with your friends.

Knowing how to get the UIN, you can make an account in one of the most popular systems for communication in the world, find old friends and acquaintances, which has long been lost connection, and make new friends.

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