How to lose weight in a week

Very often, a woman's life there are situations, when it needs to urgently look at all 100%. Fine, if available a few days to get the results. Then it can be good to work on his body and lose a few kilos in a week, without even leaving the house. This can help to special diets, exercise and beauty treatments.

What is important to do before diet

Important treatment - a good bowel cleansing. It's quite simple and inexpensive to make your own, regardless of the beginning or the end of the diet. However, pharmaceutical corporations earn on advertising the miracle diet pills, composed only cheap laxatives.

Even a person with normal weight, in the large intestine is to 7 kilogram "slag" and waste. Get rid of this burden will not help any diet, any sports. Besides, there is a version among nutritionists, that fat is a kind of protective layer. It protects the organs and the whole organism from feces decomposition products, accumulating in the colon.

To perform bowel cleansing, You can use one of the following simple methods:

  1. ordinary enema. surprisingly, but it is one of the easiest and most effective ways of, how to lose weight in a week 2 kg or more due by chronic bowel cleansing slag.
  2. The second method is suitable for those, who have no digestive diseases (ulcers, gastritis, colitis, etc.). The bottom line - right after waking up before breakfast to drink about a liter of salt water (1 dessert spoon 1 litere of water). drink a glass of, rotating the hand in a basin, drink a second glass and then make the rotation, and so on. The whole process takes no more 15 minutes.

Through 10 minutes to eat rice porridge. It will remove the excess salt and avoid irritation. Thereafter, it is impossible to drink water or other liquids for 2 hours.

This course before the main diet should be carried out within 5 days, then make the rest (2 day) and repeat again 5 days. Additionally, you can make and drink infusions of leaves, cranberries.

  1. How can you lose weight in a week 5 kg on bowel cleansing with food? Using oat bran. They are best prepared for breakfast. To do this, take a few spoonfuls (3 or 5) crushed flakes, who poured boiling water for half an hour. After the excess water is drained brewing. The dish can be sweetened berries, enhance the nutritional value of nuts.

The second procedure is mandatory - wraps. This is - one of the ways, like at home to lose weight in a week. He is not expensive and is quite simple.

the mixture is prepared for the wrapping of 2 tablespoons of honey, vegetable oil and half 1 no. l. crushed red pepper. Before the procedure need to steam in the shower body, then grind for 5 minutes of life, sides and inner thighs, buttocks.

Wraps after steaming - it is one of the most effective ways, how to lose weight in the legs for a week. For this purpose, after the shower is applied to the mixture prepared and thigh (or caviar) turn in several layers of cling film. You need minutes to get the effect on the 40 crawl under the blanket. Waiting can brighten up a book or watching a movie.

Be sure to wash off the mixture with skin and apply the cream. Schedule execution procedure: 7 wraps are held every other day, then 14 days - Rest and repeat wraps.

Special diets

Among the admirers of extreme weight loss is very popular diet "mono" - one product for the whole time. This weight loss program - it, eg, kefir seven-day diet. Diet "mono" can include a week-long diet of apples and buckwheat, and some other low-calorie foods.

How to lose weight in a week with the help of mono with minimal risk to the body? Yes, you can lose weight quickly. However, many nutritionists are increasingly talking about the dangers of such a diet for the body. At the use of a particular product during dieting body loses important trace elements and minerals. Among other things,, withstand seven days, eating the same product is the strength is not for every woman.

The second way, how quickly lose weight in a week with the help of power restriction - the so-called starvation diets. They are based - decreased consumption of calories (reduction to 800-1000 calories a day, even less). Healthy women need at least 2500 calories. Therefore, the body begins to burn fat. Starvation diets are suitable not only for quick disposal of the extra kilos, but also enable longer-lasting results.

Besides, such starvation diets cause a stressful situation for the body, their action is too aggressive. Starvation diets are really effective, quickly fat starts to leave. However, when you return to the previous diet weight quickly returns, and often weight gain accelerated from the end of the diet.

The best diet is "how to lose weight in a week" - a protein diet. Diet at the same time provides for the restriction of carbohydrate foods. Excluded are fast carbs in the form of sweets, Sahara, flour products. And diet restricts consumption of carbohydrates and mineral, contained in fruits and vegetables.

To lose weight in a week, should eat eggs, fish, cottage cheese and low-fat poultry.

The main advantages of such a protein diet is considered to be fast to get rid of extra kilos for a longer time. Muscle mass at the same time practically does not decrease. Disadvantages protein diet - constipation, not very pleasant smell mouth, the load on the kidneys.

Features monodiets

certainly, when choosing a diet is important to set achievable goals, because to lose weight for the week 15-20 kilogram - is unrealistic goal. Determining role in the short-term weight loss plays a daily diet. In the future, it is recommended to increase physical activity, change the order of the day. It is mainly the methods to achieve long-term goals in addition to diet.

Diet "mono" can not only negatively affect the well-being, but also cause psychological discomfort. Some people quietly tolerate dietary restrictions, Other withstand such methods with great difficulty.

There is a common stereotype: than poorer diet, the faster you can lose weight. However, this is not quite true. The transition to a low-calorie diet leads to an undesirable effect. Quite quickly shown the so-called "trend plateau". Its essence, that when one adheres to some restrictive diet, it is easy to get to lose weight in a week. But in the future, this process slows down and stops completely.

The explanation is simple: body during the diet is under stress and reacts to it a kind of "freezing" of energy consumption. This is expressed not only in stopping the process of weight loss, but also in the loss of strength, drowsiness and constant fatigue.

It is important to remember the main rule - any way to lose weight with the use of restrictive diets can serve only a springboard or push. Next, you need to take for themselves the need to make fundamental changes in habits, schedule, training and so on.

Before choosing a short-term weight loss diet, you need to seek advice and approval from a doctor. This is especially true of people, overweight in 30 and a kilogram.

Popular monodiets

so, you can try the following monodiets:

  1. Kefir diet. it, perhaps, The most popular way, how to lose weight in a week 7 kilogram.
  2. If the "sit" on kefir too hard psychologically, you can try the Japanese diet. Its essence, that from the diet completely eliminates carbohydrate foods. Each serving weighs, meals painted on the clock.
  3. buckwheat diet. It can be used for a week to reset 1 kg per day. To do this, not boiled buckwheat, and zaparivayut - pour boiling water at night.
  4. Trouble-free way to lose weight in a week, but also the most destructive to health - nutrition among juices. Such diets are popular centerfold.

Fast Estonian diet

How to lose weight in a week without strict and monotonous diets? You can take as a basis the power supply system with a more varied diet.

for example, the so-called fast diet Estonian. It is based on the following principles:

  1. Daily alternation of mono-diet, which are not so hard to maintain, diet than from a single product.
  2. Mandatory condition - the exclusion of food sauces, various additives, Condiments, Sahara, salt, tea and coffee.
  3. Required to drink at least 1,5 liters of water a day.

Diet can lose weight in a week 5 kilogram. Meals need to break from morning till evening. The table lists the products fast diet Estonian:

egg diet

Diet for rapid weight reset can be quite hearty. for example, You can try egg diet. This is a very effective way, how to lose weight in a week 10 kg (maximum). Especially such a diet suitable for people, suffering from diabetes, because of the eggs it includes vitamin H (biotin). It speeds up metabolism and helps balance blood sugar levels.

Thanks to satiety eggs, hunger is not so much tangible. Egg diet - it's mostly protein, which is digested over an extended time. This eliminates the unnecessary snacking. Adding grapefruit diet allows you to control your appetite, since it contains enzyme naringenin.

The sugar is excluded during the week of the diet of, salt, store bought sauces, various additives, bread, sweet carbonated and juice drinks. Obligatory condition of diet - every day you need to drink clean water, not less than one and a half liters.

Egg diet supplemented alkaline mineral water. This reduces the negative effect of grapefruit acid on the stomach wall.

The principle is quite simple egg diet. Since the diet contains almost no carbohydrate, the body is forced to expend as fuel fat stores.

Products egg diet:

As a more gentle embodiment, nutritionists recommend a four-week egg diet. It is built on the principle of a separate power supply. The basic rules of this diet:

  1. Prohibition evening meal. It does not eat after 16:00.
  2. The diet is not recommended to make adjustments.
  3. Diet eliminates salt, sugar, alcohol.
  4. If the meal contains fruit, they need to eat for half an hour before a meal.
  5. Drink as much pure water.

Products and dishes of the four-week egg diet:

Day Breakfast Dinner Dinner
1 Day 1

Steamed fish - 50 gram;

salad (with olive oil);

kefir (250 ml)


wholemeal bread;

boiled chicken (90 gram)

2 Day 2


veal (80 gram);

Boiled potatoes and carrots (by 1 PC.), green tea


cottage cheese (100 gram);


dates (5 PC.)

3 Day 3

chicken broth (250 ml);

bread (3 shtyu);

steam chicken breast (50 gram)

Rye bread (2 slices);

veal (50 gram);


apple and orange

4 Day 4 boiled buckwheat;

kefir (250 ml);

tomatoes with olive oil

boiled rice;

citrus juice (250 ml);

curd with prunes (100 gram);

grapefruit and kiwi

5 Day 5

boiled beef (60 gram);



bell pepper (2 PC.)

chicken breast;

Boiled potatoes (1 PC.);

apple and orange;

2 walnuts and dried apricots (3 PC.)

6 Day 6

chicken broth (100 ml);

red fish steam (100 gram);

green pea (3 Article. l.);

Rye bread (slice);

green tea (with honey)

brown rice boiled;

tomatoes and lettuce (with the addition of lemon juice and sesame seeds);

an hour after lunch - milk (1 glass), Kiwi, banana

7 Day 7

chicken breast (60 gram);


bell pepper + cottage cheese;

tea (with honey), raisins

boiled lentils;

boiled beef (100 gram);

yogurt with no additives (125 gram);

almond (30 gram)


Diet on fruits and vegetables

Many people believe, that in the summer to sit on a diet and lose weight much easier. At this time, you can go to food fruits and vegetables. This is not such a heavy diet, as protein diet.

If the target is to lose weight in a week is much stronger than the desire to diversify food, you can try cucumber diet. On the day you need to eat half a kilogram of fresh cucumbers. If they will be cut as a salad, it is permissible to add a bit of olive oil and green. During the diet excludes salt, also can not drink sweet drinks. add any other sweeteners.

Cucumber diet is perfect for people, suffering from edema. Cucumbers contain a lot of water and potassium, this combination allows a short time to excrete excess liquid. However cucumber diet is not suitable for those, one water retention associated with any disease.

Lose weight fast in a week to help other vegetables. If for some reason you do not want to eat cucumbers, you can try other diets:

  1. Fresh tomatoes and basil - contain a lot of antioxidants. This allows you to not only lose weight in a week, but also to improve the color and condition of the skin. However, such a diet is not suitable at high acidity of gastric juice.
  2. Zucchini, dill, parsley. Raw zucchini grate and briefly stewed in a pan with a little water. You can then add the resulting soup greens.
  3. Carrot. For better absorption of nutrients things you can add olive oil.
  4. Fresh cabbage can be eaten in unlimited quantities, as it is - a low-calorie vegetable.

Of course, a simple diet, allowing to lose weight in a week - it is a diet on fruits. No need to waste time on cooking, as the fruit simply rinse well under running water. Such a diet also refers to the "hungry", but it is much easier to bear. In order to save it is recommended to get local fruits, that are in season are cheap.

The best way to rapid weight loss

If you do not set a goal to lose weight at any cost, it is best to give up the strict diet. It is not only morally difficult to comply, but the effect will not be as durable, as we would like.

Well cleanses the intestines salads, made with fresh vegetables. They are useful to complement the meat dishes. Vegetable salad can be prepared for lunch or dinner.

Lettuce cleaning digestive system prepared from fresh carrots, green apples and beets. To do this, all the ingredients are crushed on a grater. In the prepared dish so you can add a spoonful of lemon juice and a little olive oil.

Another option cleansing salad prepared with fresh celery and cucumber. The ingredients are crushed, added the greens in a dish, vegetable oil, and at the request of a few drops of lemon juice.

Such daily purgation allows you to remove up to five kilograms of weight in the first days of any diet. Useful for the organism as a whole method allows to achieve quick results without any special effort. However, to achieve long-term effect, nutritionists advise to think of each meal, making it not only a balanced, but also the most useful for the organism.

Basics of good nutrition

Are the following principles of nutrition for fast weight drop.

The basic rule - in any case it is impossible to starve. It is best to choose a diet of conventional foods. Meals should not be radically different from the usual. Mode must be selected so, that dropped during the diet kilos have not returned a short time later.

In contrast, a diet following the principles of good nutrition - a long way to getting rid of excess weight. However, this particular method makes it possible to avoid unnecessary stress to the body. The result will then be stored for a longer period. Proper nutrition is quite capable to turn into a habit. You do not have to subject the body to stress slimmer.

To lose weight guaranteed per week 5 kg, We must adhere to the following principles:

  1. Divide the power to 5 – 6 times a day in small portions. The main meals - breakfast, dinner, dinner need to be alternated with small snacks. This can be a cup of yogurt or yogurt, a small handful of nuts, apple or orange. Food intake must be divided into five times at intervals of 2 – 3 o'clock. This habit pretty quickly produced, only need to give your body some time.
  2. The diet is formulated so, to the body from the food arrived the optimal amount of calories. This figure depends on lifestyle, age, weight. Nutritionists do not recommend to reduce the level of caloric intake below 1200 in a day. The basis of good nutrition are put certain proportion of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Their ratio should approach the standards 2:4:1.
  3. Any diet, and the normal diet should contain the body needs minerals and vitamins. Consequently, most of the products in the diet should be fruits and vegetables, lean boiled or baked meat, lean fish. A number of products helps to accelerate the process of losing weight. Here are some of them. Grapefruit is well suited as a snack. Simple salad whisk: Shred the cabbage and carrots on a grater rubbed, added sunflower oil. Avocado adding tomato, olives and a little bit of apple cider vinegar.
  4. To lose weight in a week, you need to plan your daily food intake so, to breakfast consisted of carbohydrate foods, and dinner - from protein food. Evening can be boiled chicken, cook the fish for a couple of, eat some cottage cheese with low-fat or just drink a cup of yogurt.
  5. If possible, should be excluded from the daily diet of fatty meats, sweets, canned food, pastries. It is necessary to give up fatty and salty foods, coffee, strong tea. Plain white bread can be replaced with whole grain, and instead of sugar use natural honey.
  6. Experts have long come to the conclusion, that alcohol increases the weight. Therefore, the most important rule of any express diet - a complete rejection of the use of any alcohol-containing beverages.
  7. The next principle nutrition - drink more water. It allows you to maintain the fluid balance in the body and removes harmful substances. After bowel cleansing removes toxins and other harmful substances is clean water. Every day you need to drink at least 2 liters. The only suitable replacement for pure water on a diet - it is a green tea without sugar.

Pharmacy drugs and cosmetics

scrubs, creams and other cosmetics will not help get rid of excess centimeters. Even dear's Skin Care body - is often thrown out to the wind Money, the effect of their use will be minimal.

A very important principle - not to succumb to advertising fat-burning drugs, additives, BUD. Advertising inspires every day, The powders and tablets that will quickly get rid of the extra kilos without dieting and grueling workouts. However, experience shows, very often pharmaceuticals are the cause of various diseases dangerous.

Diarrhea and stomach cramps - this is the most harmless, what can happen. The reception of such drugs can cause irreparable blow to the liver and kidneys.

Psychological aspects of rapid weight loss

Some tips may seem strange, at first sight. However, it should be remembered, that mental attitude - it is one of the factors, allows a short time to quickly achieve the desired result.

first, you need to do - replace the dishes, get rid of the large plates. Miniature will reduce the amount of food portions. The psychological effect of such a substitution is, that in this case it seems a full dinner at smaller quantities of food. Such method helps to deceive not only the stomach, but also the brain.

You can not eat in a hurry. Besides, it is important to turn off the TV, computer, remove book, highlighting 10 – 15 minutes for lunch. While watching a TV series, Read the amount of food is not controlled. And pretty soon there is a desire to eat again.

Daily shower or taking a bath - is not only aesthetically pleasing and basic hygiene. This is an opportunity to pay attention to improving the appearance of the body. Using special gels by washing, anti-cellulite creams on problem areas allows to tighten and improve skin elasticity. After water treatment is necessary for a good few minutes to pound the toughest body towel, which is in the house.

The next item on ways to improve the mental attitude - is keeping a diary. You can find a picture of a girl with a perfect figure and paste it on the first page of the diary. In this case, each time this photo to be reminded of the goal. opening the blog, will appear motivation, to aspire to. In this blog, you can fix the result of the daily weigh-in and celebrate the small victories.

An important point - the observance of the regime of the day. During the following seven-day diet you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day. With insufficient sleep the body perceives this as a threat. He begins to produce the stress hormone - cortisol, which leads to the postponement of fat, creation of reserves for "rainy day". It is proven, that the body is well rested, if you go to bed at 9 pm. In the morning one feels quite relaxed and cheerful.

Sometimes the selection of the right clothes allows you to look slimmer on even a few kilograms without dieting. It allows a few tricks to look slimmer:

  1. Corset. It can be purchased at the event, if you want to look great on 2 – 3 o'clock. Abuse of this article of clothing can lead to displacement of internal organs and other body problems.
  2. Selection of the right casual wear. To do this, you need to learn tips leading stylists on the formation of the wardrobe and choose only those options, that emphasize the dignity and carefully hide figure flaws. for example, long skirt and low heels make the calves and thighs more massive.

The next important point - learn to distinguish real hunger from appetite. The desire to eat can also occur several times a day. Therefore, we must develop the habit of eating on schedule, only during certain hours. Many diets are based precisely on the principle of strict regime meal.

We need to be alert to the, that rapid weight loss can lead to some frustration. There are certain natural processes, that occur when fat burning. The first thing shrinks the chest and face. And only after that comes the turn of the buttocks, thighs and arms.

Women are often most concerned about the issue of, how to lose weight in a week and remove belly fat. It should be remembered, that this zone is considered to be the most problematic. Belly fat can not be removed with the help of short-term diet. They just do not give enough time for, to get rid of excess centimeters at the waist. How to create a beautiful, relief muscles in the abdominal area? For problem areas of the abdomen is very relevant question "how to lose weight in a week '? Exercises, weight training and massage. other ways, Unfortunately, does not exist.

How to lose weight baby

From extra kilos affects not only adults, but children. To achieve ideal body parameters, girls are drinking miracle pill of unknown origin and quality or completely refuse to eat, thereby depleting the organism.

How to lose weight in a week teenager? Any previously discussed short-term diet for the growing organism is unacceptable! Too great a risk with a wasp waist earn a lot of diseases.

The problem of excess weight the easiest way to prevent, than later to correct. To do this, parents need to adhere to simple rules - careful monitoring of child nutrition. It is very important to teach from an early age to useful products, possible to eliminate from the diet of fast food, smoked and fried foods, confectionery. These products not only lead to obesity, but also create a lot of problems for a growing organism.

To lose weight, child organize proper nutrition enough, regular exercise and a healthy sleep, not less than 8 hours.

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