How to clean horizontal and vertical blinds?

At the moment, at the height of fame and popularity are blinds, the vertical, and horizontal. they, of popular opinion, well it fits into the interior in the style of "high tech", as well as enable to translate into reality the most daring ideas and solutions.
but, like any thing, Blinds are good only if, when not subjected to continuous operation, that in today's world is very rare. To shutters faithfully served even for a long time and bring moral satisfaction of their owners, you need to understand the fact, that only the proper care and cleaning will help to achieve goals. But how can you clean the blinds?
The easiest way to clean the vertical and horizontal blinds is their cleaning at home. Despite, that such "underground" methods can not always guarantee to obtain the output quality of the original shutters, people each year resorted to their use because of its relative cheapness and availability of methods.

Cleaning of blinds in the home

Of the "home" the most popular methods acquired special nozzle of the vacuum cleaner, who have special "fingers" They are easy to grip the louvre slats to each other. In this case, the problem is that, it is necessary to clean the blinds on both sides, thereby achieving a greater effect of cleanliness and spending more time.

How to wash blinds?

Another cleaning method is easy washable. Removing the blinds from the eaves, and remove all metal fasteners and weights, Strips can be neatly rolled up and put in a special drum for gentle wash. In this way, selecting on the washing machine gentle treatment and the optimal amount of detergent, can result in the appearance of the louver to the original state. However, in this case, it must be remembered, that the wrong choice of a particular factor shutters after washing can lose their original shape and appearance, who will never recover.

soaking, as a method of cleaning the shutters

An alternative washing is simple soaking shutters in soap solution for a short time, followed by drying and hanging them in limbo.
As for fabric blinds, then clean them, you can restrict a simple wetting rolls PH-neutral powder. It should not simply put means for themselves blinds, but also let them stand for a while, and finally - wash with warm water and a sponge. If you use the washing fabric blinds, in this case should be given priority service dry-cleaning, since they will be able to properly ironed and steam the zhalyuzi.Pochistit blinds can be performed periodically wiping them with a damp cloth.

On the whole,, to be understood, that the more clean and wash vertical and horizontal blinds, the faster they will lose appeal. Respectively, the faster they will be ruined. To exclude such situation, necessary even at the first stage to pick up competently kind of blinds themselves in accordance with the purpose of the room or apartment as a whole.

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