How to stop eating a lot of sweet and at night – nutritionists know

How often stop running to the fridge?

The desire to lose weight causes many people to think about, how to stop eating. Extra weight not only interfere with leading a normal life, but also a negative impact on health.

Many women go on a diet or begin to starve. But such a decision can lead to gastritis and even stomach ulcers.

The first steps

The first steps to weight loss must begin with a psychological infusion and determination. The mistake many people losing weight is the deposition of a new lifestyle for Monday, for the next week and the other days. Many stop there need with this minute.
It is also recommended to prepare a list of currently, that can be eaten, and what not. Initially should abandon the sweet and starchy foods.

The new lifestyle to include exercise. It can be a workout in the gym or exercise independent houses.
Another important rule, how to stop eating - drink plenty of fluids. If you want to eat, Nutritionists recommend drinking water. However, it is not necessary to resort to such a procedure on a regular basis, since it may be a stomach ulcer.

Basically, slimming diet should be presented in the form of salads. They are rich in vitamins and fiber, to improve the condition of the gastric and intestinal tract.
It is also necessary to give up fried foods and reduce the amount of food consumed. You need to eat often, but small portions.
Losing weight is not worth a person stick to just one diet and consume in your diet any particular product.

weight loss challenge is, that the first stage will be tested very hungry. And do not, achieving small results, stop to observe the basic rules of weight loss.

9 methods, how to stop a lot there

How many stop there?according to statistics,, In recent years, many people suffer from obesity. The main cause of this disease - overeating. Besides willpower, moderate power, also need:

  • during dinner and lunch to drink plain water,
  • menu to include hearty, but they, which contain a lot of calories. Should eat less fatty and sugary foods, including fast food. Instead dense foods should choose, which are full of vegetable fiber and protein,
  • you need to stop eating, as soon as satiety. Heaviness in the stomach, blunting food receptors - the main signs of satiety. You should not ignore them,
  • if the food is used for boredom, then you need something to occupy themselves. Rather than pack of crisps, better to spend time with a friend, visiting the pool or exhibition,
  • If the fridge beckons stress or experience, then the food will not solve the problem. You need to make a habit, which will help get rid of stress, for example, massage, facials, foot baths, etc.,
  • one of the most effective methods, how to stop eating - to remove appears in the food temptation. Keep in the fridge something tasty. Even the smell of all sorts of delicious dishes sooner or later will entice and force them to eat slimming,
  • You need to eat often, but small portions. Thus it is necessary to give up snacking. Bun or a sandwich with cheese and sausage allow to get more calories, than a plate of salad or porridge with meat,
  • We need to reduce the size of portioned cuts. The brain at this stage will think, losing weight that ate a normal portion of borscht, cereal or other food,
  • start a food diary. It will evaluate the dishes, who daily eats losing weight. According to the analysis and the conclusion drawn a balanced diet if necessary.

How to stop eating on emotions?

The cause of the extra kilos often stress: someone dead loved one, someone lost a job or a family.

Psychologists and nutritionists do not exclude the possibility of overeating - the emotional state. For this reason people can not lose weight even 3 kg. About 75% people seek the help of a dietitian because of their stress.

Initially, it is recommended to find out, how emotions can to drive the person to the refrigerator.

Vicious circle

How to give up sweets?Typically, a gastronomic binge is directly related to negative emotions. he begins, when a person with somebody quarreled, worried, angry or trying to escape from something. A man in such a situation, argues as follows: I feel bad, so you need to eat something tasty, to lift your mood.

This tactic is primarily attributable to a temporary fix. after eaten, the person understands, the problem persists, and calories added.
This situation is similar to the, when the little baby is crying, because he was tired. Parents, feeding him think, he calms down. However, after some time the child begins to cry even more.

Besides, a person starts to panic, stress that he "seized". He starts to feel sorry for ourselves and blame, I could not cope with the situation.

Very often women seize their sadness with chocolate. It is better in this situation to give preference to the salad of fruits and vegetables. However, the fair sex given their preference for chocolate, potatoes and cake. This solution has a physiological nature.

Life without sweetThe human body is programmed to, to eat carbohydrate foods, which is rich in fat and sugar. The results produced in the brain dopamine, stimulating the pleasure center.

Besides, People tend to eat those dishes, with whom he had associated good memories. Nutritionists do not recommend, allow physiology and habits from childhood to turn themselves in plump.

effective methods

How to stop eating, psychologists know. They recommend losing weight the following tips:

  1. Determining the degree of hunger - you need to get used to distinguish between genuine hunger from emotional similar state, and when a person chooses to eat from stress or boredom, in his head will ring an alarm bell. When overweight people are aware, that their desire is not related to hunger, then they will be able to easily and quickly get rid of the extra kilos. Tactics of the Board is as follows: during reception to celebrate food, how hungry man 7 grading scale, Where 1 - "I'm hungry", but 7 - "I am ready to swallow, anything". Answer this question to be honest. It should be honest with themselves and determine, it's a real hunger, appetite, or want to try a particular dish. Over time, Studies have proven, that such a test will teach slimming eat only, when in fact it is necessary to.
  2. Replacing delicacies - is such a method that, that the rejection of high-calorie foods is gradual. Instead of the old habits, it is recommended to use new and more healthy: salatami, vegetables, fruit. Tactics such a technique is as follows:: instead of high-calorie sandwich is eaten fruit cup with cream and chocolate sauce poured on top. If we stick to this tactic, then losing weight will soon feel the happiness and pleasure of the new food. In this case, there is always a desire to, disappear. At the same time we must try, that the level of used substances, which are responsible for good mood, It was always high. To do this, you need to include in the diet of legumes, whole grains and fruits, and healthy fats from nuts, fish and olive oil. This will help stabilize mood and reduce appetite.
  3. Search friendly support - a major cause of overeating is lack of support for loved ones. Usually busy with friends, and from loved ones - have their own families and problems. In this situation, people are starting to have a lot of. Tactics of this technique is as follows:: Building partnerships, so did not need to have in order to raise the spirit. Often need to communicate with friends, and modern communication sites. Within a week, you need to pay special attention to all family members.Sweet life
  4. Time to think - it will allow a person to eat every morsel, who want to. In this case, there is one condition - not to eat before, than 10 minutes. This time is the waiting period, ie a buffer between man and food. For temptation may disappear this period and losing weight does not have to keep yourself in the hands of. This technique has the following tactics: losing weight a person should make life difficult for himself and bring himself to resist because, to eat a piece of cake. To this end, it is not recommended to lay on your chocolate candy or desktop. If you still sometimes want to eat at least a piece, then you can keep the candy in the freezer at home. For their defrosting it takes a long time. Instead of fried and junk food is best to keep in the refrigerator for other products. Such a strategy will help save many slimming snacking.
  5. Reprogramming - if a person is accustomed to, there is, when he upset, then he needs to rebuild itself. In this case, the feeling of comfort arises in other circumstances. Tactics of this technique is as follows:: You do not need to apply this strategy to strong hunger. It advised to make a list of useful vegetables, which will raise the mood of losing weight. How to stop eating, help to learn and things, like a walk in the fresh air, aromatic bath, yoga, watching comedies. You must get into the habit to deal with such matters at the moment, when most want to seize your stress or problem.
  6. Conclusions - eating a large plate of greasy food or a box of cookies, People are trying to quickly forget about it. However, we must draw conclusions, so that this does not happen. Tactics of this technique is the practice of negative reinforcement. Eating flour because of the bad last working day, people should focus on their emotions and solve a different problem: eat half a muffin or abandon it. Such an experience, psychologists recommend repeated several times.
  7. Estimation of prospects - before you take a bite of a cookie or a piece of cake, We need to think, not whether a person, then feel remorse. Tactics of this method is a visual reminder of the, for which a person is left without sweet. To do this, you can stick on the fridge image things, that the person wants to wear. You need to decide for yourself, what's better, buy a bun, or save the money for the purchase of liked the dress.
  8. The lack of rigor to itself - if a person is not able to focus on one piece of the pie, eating then another piece and attach directly to the third, wherein, counting, that went limp, then he is weak willpower. This tactic is as follows:: should think big, because, once stumbled, a person does not get better on 5 kg once. However, we must not allow ourselves because of one error malnourished.

6 ways, how to get rid of cravings for sweets

Many people love the sweet. Often, however, this love becomes dependent. chocolate, cake, ice cream - bring a man pleasure and bliss. The reason is, sweets occupy the first place of all the low-cost and fastest methods of getting pleasure. The price paid for this pleasure - the extra weight, and impaired enjoyment.Balanced diet

To overcome such a relationship may be as follows::

  • bans are not an option - it is necessary to consider an effective and efficient method, that is, stop eating sweets. At the same time, the body should not feel deprived. It is not necessary to completely give up sweets, even with a strict diet. To avoid diet failure, you need to afford to eat one candy or cookies, including half a cup of ice cream,
  • regular meals and small portions - through 3,5-4 o'clock. In this way, It is balanced blood sugar level, thus avoiding the tangible and the sharp fluctuations of the energy reserve of the human body. This will allow dieters to stop to eat a lot of sweet and choose only those products, which contain few calories. For example, It can be cut into slices of apple with peanut butter, low-fat cheese, yogurt with strawberries. Alternative eating high-calorie foods are considered to be vegetables and fruits,
  • distraction - often craving for sweets is caused by psychological factors. When testing the strong desire to eat a chocolate bar or a couple of pieces of cake because of the emotional state, you should try to switch to another theme. For example, you can do exercises or take a shower. The desire to eat sweets will pass through 10-20 minutes. Entries are encouraged to maintain a special notebook, which are recorded and those situations, which are associated with cravings for sweets,
  • replacing sweets nuts and dried fruits - apricots, raisins, prunes, which contains a lot of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Gradually replenish the body with vitamins and minerals. As a result, the desire for sweets will disappear,
  • often craving for sweets is a lack of calcium in the human body. We need to make almond milk or milk sesame seed. These foods are rich in calcium. To prepare the milk of sesame seeds need to drink three cups 50 g sesame. Seeds recommended soak overnight. Whereupon they are mixed in a blender. Add honey to taste. Should drink milk on an empty stomach for two weeks,
  • for the body there is a need to obtain energy by sweet. Excellent energy feeding means is considered to be a sport. Exercise you need every day 20-30 minutes. Relieve stress can also help with walking and swimming.

It should be remembered, that craving for sweets does not disappear in one day. The main thing to give your body get used to the new regime and diet.

How to stop eating at night?

Another important point, how to stop eating, is the use of food for the night. Many people eat well in the future dream. The reason is the lack of time during the day to eat well.

But the main rule of losing weight is to abandon the night food. This is not only a negative impact on weight loss, but also contributes to a bad sleep.

Food at night - benefit or harm?How to stop eating at night, worries many people. However, not everyone fits this rule. For example, people, chronic diseases, for example, gastritis and diabetes. It is better to give preference lite dinner.

For those, who are healthy, scientists do not have a clear answer to the question: you can eat after six or not. The main thing is for 3-4 hours to CH. But do not do it every night. Otherwise, the weight will increase rapidly.
In the presence of a strong discomfort and hunger, it is recommended to make a snack. Otherwise, people will eat several times more.

In some cases, with the feeling of hunger will help relieve a glass of water. But abusing this advice is not worth, since the morning will be swelling. In such a situation it is better to give preference to low-calorie foods. Great solution is to buy green apples and leafy green vegetables, that reduce appetite. Such products will also help to cope with a heavy working day.

If you want to eat something not useful, it is better to do in the morning.

Do not load up at night to help some practical tips. Late overeating is a model of behavior or habit, get rid of that it is possible for 21 day. Certain rules must be observed for some time. During this period, you can unlearn to eat at night.

The main method of combating late dinner is a mode. You can not skip meals during the day. In such a situation is not an incentive to, eat before going to bed. However, care should be not only on diet, but also about sleep and wakefulness.
For "owl" night of overeating is inevitable. Diet throughout the day should be high-calorie. In this case, the person will not have the night of acute feelings of hunger.

For those, who comes home from work late, recommended food to take with you and have supper before, leaving home. If dinner is early, then choose should be low-fat protein foods. It prolongs the feeling of satiety. Anyway, postprandial Clean teeth.

Some tricks, how to stop eating at night, Psychologists also include route selection expensive home. You need to go this way, for which there are no shops with sweets.
During the meal it is not recommended and view TV or do other things.
The reason is, that the digestive process will not be disturbed, and people will eat only the amount of food, he needs.
If close people do not adhere to these tips, Losing weight is recommended to get rid of unnecessary temptations. To this end, during the dinner it is recommended to take a walk, read a book or go to the gym.

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