How to pass a vote in Touch


How to transfer voice

The social network “In Contact” to communicate with people of different ages. Many are teenagers, students and creative youth. There is a contact layer of the older generation, as well as groups on hobbies and lifestyle.

Each user likes to not just share interesting facts, but also to please its friends, giving them gifts, sending invitations or encouraging “voices”. How to transfer voice in touch to my friend? This will be discussed in our article.


To 2010 , the voices in contact can be transmitted to any user. Today introduced a limited circle of friends. This is done to protect users from hackers and spammers accounts. But let's look, how to transfer voice in Contacts Friends?

  1. First you enter the page “my account”, we can find it, the following link
  2. If your account has a certain amount of votes, you can share them with your friends. If you do not vote, to begin with they need to buy, selecting a convenient payment system.
  3. When in the “Personal Cabinet” will appear button “send voice”, click on it and get to the next page.
  4. Here we are asked to choose another name, which we are going to give voice, record number of gift items, and add a little message person.
  5. Now confirm the sending of votes friend, pressing. On the phone immediately will receive an SMS with a confirmation code of an operation. Enter this code in a separate window in the translation field. Click “Done”.
  6. Voters run out on account other in seconds. The main thing to remember, a day not more than enumerate 100 votes.

The transfer of the vote is free, we do not pay any commissions.

Why vote VK

Voices in the contact form of currency, which you can pay for the downloaded movie, gift for a friend or a postcard on the wall. Voices can be purchased. Exchange or earn, participating in promotions network partners
So, if you do not vote, and spend the money you are not interested, look in the “Personal office” on the list of firms and partners, offering for the use of their services bonusnye vote.

Most banks give votes for the opening of credit accounts. The next championship sites with tutorials and shopping. The least number of votes can make, playing games or participating in surveys.

Now, when you know, how to transfer voice in Touch, should be treated with great care to their earnings and read carefully the conditions of the proposed bonuses.

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