How to unlearn biting his nails - practical tips

How to unlearn biting his nails?

With nail-biting encounters many people. In combat it recalls the "advice of the older generations", are often ignored, because bad habits on that and harmful, that can not only harm the health and beauty, but it is difficult to eradicate.

Bitten nails do not look in the best way, so this bad habit does not paint a man. However, people tend to acquire bad habits, Some cope with the desire to chew nails in childhood, and someone manages to move a habit with them into adulthood.

Before, how to unlearn biting his nails, We need to understand, What causes such a desire to nibble nails.

Causes of bad habits in children

Before, how to find out the reasons, which could provoke a child's desire to bite his nails, necessary to define, that the favorite child actually suffers from this.

Make it easy, you must pay attention to the ends of the baby nails. uneven ends, chopped off at the root, show, that the child began to bite his nails. Causes of nail biting can be called:

  1. Stress;
  2. Method concentrate on thought process;
  3. nervous tension.

Child, nail-biting, often somewhat concerned, why yell at him, resent, set an example to the boys and girls, that the nails do not bite, strictly prohibit and punish him for this habit is not desirable. It can adjust it against parents, and get rid of the habit will not help.

The child bites his nails - how to wean?Get rid of the habit of biting his nails on their own is very difficult in adulthood, and in children even more difficult. In addition to anxiety and stress stubby nails can be the result of rapid thought process. And children, and some adults, hard thinking over some idea, cease to control themselves, and instinctively pulled her fingers in her mouth.

Determine the reason why the child eats nails can, if you carefully watch him and his reactions. You can then proceed to the elimination of traction and study methods, how to unlearn biting his nails, or to wean from this kid.

In adults, the reasons for the same nibble nails, that the children. Many are trying to get rid of this ugly habit and switch to pencils and caps on pens. However, It is not the solution.

Ways to get rid of nail biting

If the habit of biting his nails need to wean the child, the screams immediately better to leave aside. They are not the most effective way of upbringing and the habit will not save.

Subtle psychological approach combined with the use of cosmetic products to eliminate unpleasant habits are productively.

If a child eats nails due to stress or nervous tension, the, after hearing the criticism and cries in his address, it will be even more nervous, and the desire to chew your nails become stronger. The child may be closed from parents, offense and to solve such problems will be more difficult, than to find a sound approach to get rid of this habit.

EIf a child eats nails during mental stress, screaming will not help too, as calm reasoned arguments. A child can understand, that nail biting is bad and truly want to get rid of this habit, but to do so without the use of special equipment is difficult, especially baby. The most famous option of getting rid of a bad habit can be called a board greased fingers mustard. However, the effectiveness of this method is not high, because the child will soon understand, that the hands can be washed.

Means for nailsIf you do not pay due attention to this issue, then in the future, grown up, child itself necessarily think about, how to unlearn biting his nails. But to do so will be harder, than a child.

In addition to mustard, there are other ways to help cope with the craving to nibble nails. You can use special paints with a bitter taste, which are sold in pharmacies. This means the child will not be able to wash off under water, so the effect will be more prominent.

If your child is already out of preschool age or just a very savvy, desirable to hide away nail polish remover, the baby did not think, that the varnish can be easily removed with the help of, and if they guessed, it could not be found. Facilities, help stop nail biting can be found in pharmacies. Special coatings can be colorless or tinged, they are not only bitter taste, but also reinforce the nail plates, to make it harder to chew.

It's comfortable, when to wean from the habit must be a girl, it will be interesting to emulate mom and walk around with a nice manicure, especially with colored lacquer. If properly explain the baby, if nail biting, manicure spoiled, the chances of a speedy deliverance from the harmful habits, can significantly increase. boys, if they bite their nails, besides applying means, you need to teach to watch their fingernails and explain, that men are different from women's manicure, but, However, must, to nails were neat.

If the habit of nail biting mercilessly tormented by an adult, then do a special tool can not get out. This requires willpower, do not delete the "magic nail" in times of stress. Hide acetone from an adult more difficult, than from a baby, so as an adult can go and buy it in the first store. Old habit may be more, so the main way to unlearn nibble nails should be a motivation.

effective ways, how to unlearn biting his nails with the help of some motivation, they are all effective in their own way depending on, who decided to break the habit of nibbling nails.

The easiest way, that helps, if the relationship is not very strong or if willpower is just a gigantic, It may be mentioned conventional reluctance nail biting and installed on the, nails should be beautiful with a neat manicure.

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At the fair sex has a trump card, they can increase the nails beauty salon and get rid of bad habits. How to avoid nail biting?

First of all, regular attendance manicure cabinet will get rid of all burrs, rough edges of nails, cuticles.

Secondly, to the nails at escalating inflict layer acrylic or special gel, which in addition to the strength of an unpleasant taste.

Thirdly, after these procedures is a pity to ruin the beauty of nail-found, and more sorry hard-earned, that was spent on the creation of a masterpiece manicure.

Men look at a nail salon is not shameful, but in their case, to cope with attempts to nibble your nails after a manicure harder, because nails build the stronger sex is not necessary, and in times of stress and thinking you can be gnawing fresh manicure.

It is possible to solve the problem, how to unlearn biting his nails, I made a bet with someone from friends. Motivation as to unlearn biting his nails at everyone, effectiveness largely depends on the willpower.

If an adult lacks the willpower to use special lacquers and wash them with acetone if you wish to chew nails, you need to understand, that this method is crucial, inconvenience and influence on the psyche.

it happens, because of the nails, "That can not gnaw", People do not remember five minutes later and polnogtya, and immediately, once podnesot fingers to his mouth. It is therefore necessary to be distracted during episodes of acute desire to "gnawing a tiny piece of the nail", so as not to be annoyed because, it's impossible. Distraction can be an interesting book, film, prepare a delicious dish, call a friend, exercise any hobbies besides nibble nails.

needlework classes more efficiently, because it does not occupied at the time of watching a movie or reading a book hands and nothing prevents nail biting, or every minute bringing his fingers to his mouth to feel the bitter taste of money and sad about it or irritated, It depends on the nature.

In addition to the distraction of the nibble nails and frustration due to the inability to do this, you can appeal to the desire to preserve the health, mnitelynosty or disgust. It is necessary for each desired chew nails recalls, with any germs and diseases can be found, If nail biting, under which so much dirt and microorganisms despite all manicures and hand washing, that no sane person, taking care of your health, not risknët podnesti them when Cape.

Children afraid of worms, which are harmful to the body and which are difficult to bring. Besides, conclusion of worms is not the most pleasant process and requires the observation of doctors. Adults need to know, that it is not empty horror stories to scare kids, and a real danger to the health and well-being, therefore, this method, how to unlearn biting his nails may work, especially if the person is neat and tidy, and even better if impressionable.

Help get rid of this habit is the status or position of the person, consciousness, that the work is necessary to communicate with other people and shake hands with them, demonstrating "the author's manicure", shame and can cause a person to refuse to nibble nails or push on the search for an effective way to deal with an old bad habit.

old habits, because she often goes into adulthood from childhood, because the parents were unable to help the child in time to get rid of the peculiar way, to cope with stress or concentrate on something.

burrs, which bring inconvenience, rough stubby nails and likely corrupt the image made harmless children's habit of this problem as they grow older. Therefore, if the desire to bite his nails appeared in childhood, as soon as possible take measures to eradicate it. If the desire to bite his nails appeared in an adult, you must not hesitate and search for suitable ways of how to unlearn the habit of biting his nails until not become so old, to abandon it was at times difficult.

If willpower is not removed from the nail plate special tool is not enough, you can ask for help from friends, to help motivate a person to refuse a bad habit, and will remind him that, that "bad nail-biting" every time, when he noticed, that the hands are drawn irresistibly to the mouth.

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