How to send a gift in the contact?

virtual gifts

Beautiful gifts for friends

The most popular social network of many millions of people are registered "Vkontakte", who communicate with friends, make new acquaintances and enjoy the acquired contacts.

The contact can be chatting, share news and play games. You can distribute information about your business, organize interest groups and meetings on Sundays. And sometimes it's so nice to please each other virtual gifts-picture. the main thing, sort out, how to send a gift to contact another user.

Send gift to a friend

To send a gift to a friend in contact, We need to take a few steps.

  1. Go to another page.
  2. Left of the page click on the link "Send gift".
  3. Before you open a window with the possible pictures in a gift. It only remains to choose the right and pay its cost. Price Virtual gifts usually expressed in votes - a universal currency in Touch.
  4. If you do not have "voices", no problem. Get a certain amount of virtual currency can be, paying their costs through SMS or by credit card. Voices can be obtained free of charge, playing certain games in Touch.

How to Recover a gift for free

To send a gift in contact for free, you need to make your profile game "Crocodile". The program can be downloaded from the Internet and track the status of an update. Inviting your friends to play this game, you complete your free points, and you can make fun gifts to friends almost every day.

Everyone invited to the game user adds your game rating points, and your level of "Crocodile" increases, opening more expensive gifts for friends.

so, to send a gift in contact for free, need to:

  1. Add User "Crocodile" to their friends.
  2. In the status on your page title game.
  3. After checking your recorded game status, "Crocodile" will give you a gift.

Send a gift to yourself

Members in contact frequently asked question: how to send a gift in contact himself. Today it can be done in a few clicks.

  1. Start a second account, and you can give gifts to yourself as many times as.
  2. If you know your profile id, insert it into a gift to send a link. Then go back to your page and copy the address bar all the numbers. They are following the main links
  3. Insert the copied data in the link the digital code).
  4. Now you can choose the right gift, because in the address link clogged the path to your account.

give anonymous

If you want to send a gift to another user, without revealing his person, let's look at the options.
When you choose a gift for a friend, pressing the scroll "Send gift", you will see the appropriate settings. Among them choose the "anonymous gift" and press "Send".

Now you know, how to send gift in contact friends, friends and even themselves. You successful experiments and lots of fun.

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