How to send a file by e-mail?

The Internet consists of a large number of sites and services. But, perhaps, many of them are useless to us if, if we do not have e-mail. Probably, so almost everyone has multiple mailboxes. But the fact, that every service provider offers its own set of tools, are available to us. In this article, we shall understand, how to send a file by e-mail, as well as what services give us the opportunity.

How to send a file by mail. Popular services

Here is a brief description of sites is based on the issue, as well as touch on some other characteristics.

  • Mail gives us the ability to send or receive a message of no more 18 MB. Moreover, the outgoing message should carry a maximum of one file. But in this case we are asked to use a special service, with which you can send files up to 1.5 GB. On the one hand the creators of the service went from position, but then it did limit their clients – this service only works when sending a message to Moreover, the file itself can be stored on the server no more 90 days, after which it will be removed under any circumstances.
  • The base size must not exceed 10 GB, and the volume letter 30 MB. But experience tells a different story, in reality you can not send a file size 22 MB. This service is a big minus, which discourages many users if the email is inactive for more than 3 months, then remove it permanently, and therefore, all information, contained in the mail, It will also be deleted. Besides, creators advertise directly in the letter.

    File by email

    File by email

  • Gmail. I developed this service Google. The creators allow you to send a file, which does not exceed the size of 25 MB. Gmail is known for its protection and anti-spam system. In addition, we see a very handy feature, allows you to view documents sent directly to your browser,. And, you can feel free to send photos to the recipient.
  • Yandex. Most users Runet use of the given system, tk. it is completely Russian-speaking and has a lot of advantages. Maximum file size, you can send – 30 MB. True founders have built a convenient function lets you send files up to 5 GB – “People.CD”. Also worth noting is a nice interface and responsive customer support.

How to send a file by mail

The principle of sending the file is the same everywhere. To start, you need to go to your account and create a new letter. After that, how the text will be formatted and ready, You can attach the file itself. For this there is a special link entitled “Attach” or “Add file” etc. Click on it and select the desired file. It is important to wait, until the file is uploaded to the server, and only then send a message. Otherwise you will be disappointed. It is best to attach files with the extension .rar and .zip.

Now you know, how to send a file by e-mail, it remains only a little practice.

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