How do I send an email

With the advent of the Internet, many prophetic changed. for example, Now the person does not have to go to the post office, to send a message to your friend or colleague. For these purposes, invented emails. In this article, let's talk about, how to send email without much effort. Everything, what you need, It is a small theoretical training.

How do I send an email

First thing, you need to create a special service, which offers similar services, or e.g.. by the way, at our site you can learn, how to create your own mailbox is free.

Do not worry, if you only master eskers with computers and the Internet, and even more ashamed of someone. All people start with something, so getting tips, which are divided by experienced users and use them.

Driving send a message about the same in all services, so you just have to learn to do it on one of the sites. Do this process a couple of times, and the question, how to send an e-mail, You will no longer worry.

How do I send an email

How do I send an email

so, after that, you have registered your own mailbox, you need to get acquainted with the interface. This process does not take a long time, enough to jump around in the whole area of ​​the screen, and you will already know, where it is. Besides, You can flip through tabs with additional features, it would be very useful.

Next, locate and click on a link with a similar text: Create, “Write a letter”, “Write”. The very context may vary, but the point should remain the same, so the move will not cause much trouble. Before you open the window, which stands to gain and the message itself. Letters may be slightly different structure, but the main field, to be filled, absolutely identical in all services. Let us consider them in more detail.

  1. Electronic message

    Electronic message

    The Sender or sender. The default here is your name or email address, that you chose when registering. There are some services, which allow you to change this field to any other e-mail. For, To use such a service, you must make special settings.

  2. The field “Recipient” or the recipient. In this field, you need to make e-mail address of the person, that is to receive a letter. Respectively, to send a letter, you need to know in advance e-mail address of your friend or colleague. by the way, if you have previously communicated with the owner of the mailbox, then you can simply start typing the first few characters of the email address, you should see a window with the full address.
  3. The “Subject”Field. Here you must specify the basic theme of the letter, ie. in a few words indicate that, what is contained in your letter. You can also leave such marks: “Urgently!” or “Important!”, then the recipient will know, that the letter be sure to Reading.
  4. The field “Main area”. Here, it should contain the main message, and therefore it has the biggest size. Popular Services can not only write text, but also to format it, ie change the color of text, background, insert pictures, do align, etc..
  5. other fields. As I said before, Each service has an individual set of features. Of course, the main ones are repeated, but there are additional. for example, You can attach files to the message of small size, etc..

After familiarization with the operating instructions, question, how to send an e-mail, will no longer disturb you. Also you can install on your computer, additional software, which simplifies the process of communication. How to do it, You can also find on our website.

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