How to open torrent file

Torrent this server, located on the network, allowing millions of people on the planet to make file sharing, Using the Internet. The files in the system are transmitted in parts, ie. you do not download the whole material, as, e.g. from sharing. You are invited to take on a small fraction of the file for each user, who has already used this torrent (He takes the hand). Thus, bit by bit you collect the whole file.

This approach is very convenient and useful, with the help of his people do not need to impose speed limits, so you can download the information in seconds, depending on your tariff.

It can be concluded, that torrent file, which contains information about users, Downloads information, but the tracker uses the torrent file for distribution. On the Internet there are a large number of representatives of such services, they differ, basically, on the amount of information.

How to open torrent file

How to open torrent file

so, how to open a torrent file? To do this, you do not need any special knowledge, just download and install special software. By far the most popular representative – uTorrent. This utility has a surprisingly small size, and it is free and freely available on the Internet.

After that, the program is installed, You will download the torrent file itself. You can choose any one you like the sample. Now double-click click on the downloaded file. Open the main program window, where you need to choose the installation directory and confirm the operation. The download will start, and you can watch all of the features in the main menu.

Now you know, how to open a torrent file.


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