How to open a page in Odnoklassniki?

Social networks are a great many. Someone out there holds socializing with friends, relatives or find new friends. However, it so happens, that one day is, that social Page Zabol

It does not open a page in the OK. What to do?

It does not open a page in the OK. What to do?

kirovana! "Hacked account to schoolmates", "I do not go in the classmates', arising from the question "What to do?». To open a page on Odnoklassniki, There are a number of actions, that can be taken on the basis of the problem.

The reason for the lock?

Lock your profile may depend on several factors:

  • malicious virus;
  • the lock may hold the employer, that would be during working hours, you only deal with direct responsibilities;
  • the auction was a moderator, because it took you for a spammer.

What to do, If the page is blocked?

How to open a page on Odnoklassniki, if the cause is a virus blocking? The problem mainly appears in the hosts file. This file is always in your computer. Blame can be downloaded recent program, before the page is blocked, so the program will have to remove.

Hosts file - is a special file system with a text format. It contains the IP addresses of the sites. With the help of the hosts file to websites to block access, speed up access time, changing recording time and request to DNS server. The site system will appeal to your specified IP address. History hosts file goes to the roots of the creation of the Internet, therefore it takes precedence over the DNS servers. Different attackers and use this fact, substituting the address on the same Odnoklassniki, taken alone computer. Therefore, to go to a blocked website classmates initially check the hosts file.

To remove the blocking virus must enter the system of the operating system folder. Measures in the system drivers etc, hosts from the list and select Properties. Stamp tab "Read Only" and confirm. After that, choose the command "Open", "Notebook". The paper should be removed after all the rows This file is the final line.

If this line you do not have, then it must write, and all that there is to remove. After all done all operations remain. Then, about the command "read-Only" tick the box, close the program and reboot the computer.

If, after the changes done by the problem persists, you should download the program to remove the virus, eg, Dr. Web CureIt. The program will check your PC is fast enough.

If the lock was made by the site - it means, that you have violated user rights. So before, how to send to all your friends the same message, should become familiar with all the rules, which requires a social network.

If the lock is due to the request of your chief, open a page on Odnoklassniki possible with administrator access authorization.

To avoid such problems in the future you should not visit questionable sites, be sure to update your antivirus database frequently and check the system disk for viruses. Also from strangers, do not open suspicious emails. By following these simple rules, your system will be protected against malware and save a bunch of your time and nerves. And most importantly you will at any time be able to visit their page on Odnoklassniki!

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