How to disable the proxy

Over time, the hacker attack on the ordinary user intervention. This means, it's time to think about protection, so did the developers of popular browsers. They did so not only to protect, but for the convenience of customers. While many people prefer to monitor Internet in open mode, maybe it's their own desire, maybe because they are required to Head (Sometimes it happens). In this article, we shall understand, How to disable the proxy server in the popular browsers.

Mozilla FireFox

Let's start with a fairly popular development, which is famous for its optional additions. The first step, open the Start browser, To do this, double click on its icon. After go to “Tools” and click on the labels “Settings”. Before you open a new window with the basic settings, are you interested in the “Advanced”tab, then click on “Connection” and “Configure”. Pay attention to the area, where the words “No proxy”, click on the button, located next to it.

How to disable a proxy server in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

for sure, you have noticed, our instruction combines two popular browsers in one place, this is done is not casual. The fact, that Chrome does not have its own settings, it relies on the parameters of other utilities, in our case, the Explorer. This means, you only need to change the settings in one browser, and they immediately changed to another.

How to disable the proxy

How to disable the proxy

To disable the proxy in Explorer, open main window and go to the tab “Service”. Next, select “Internet options”. Inspect the window and select “Connect”. Here you need to click on “configure network”. You will see two options, responsible for anonymity . “Use proxy for local machines” – tick, “Automatically detect settings” – uncheck. After all you have done the operation to save the changes and check the result.

How to disable the proxy server in Opera

Go to the main window and note the main interface. Click on the “Settings”section, next, select the “Quick preferences”. Here uncheck the checkbox next to “Enable proxy”.

In this instruction is completed. Now you know, what to do, having the same problem.

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