How to whiten your teeth at home quickly

Whiten teeth - the dream of every third inhabitant of our planet. There are several methods of teeth whitening professional tools. This teeth whitening at the dentist's office, using the oxygenate products and gels. This use of whitening toothpastes and essences. This is a procedure by means, prescribed by the dentist, and purchased in a pharmacy. But the easiest solution to the issue, How to whiten your teeth at home quickly, It is to appeal to the wisdom of the people.

Whitens teeth in a dentist's office

The fastest way to whiten teeth - a procedure, which is carried out in the dental office. The patient is comfortably arranged in a chair, its teeth gel is applied, oxygen-enriched, and gums hide special screen. With the ultrasonic beam action of oxygen in the gel is activated, and bleached tooth enamel.
After this procedure, the question of, How to whiten your teeth at home quickly, You will not be interested in, long time. But it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's orders. Namely, Do not smoke, do not drink carbonated drinks and do not abuse caffeine. In short, We need to avoid taking in food products, that destroy tooth enamel or strongly influence the color.
If the teeth are yellowed, and to the doctor to get it is impossible in the near future, get help folk remedies. Let's look together, How to whiten your teeth at home quickly.

industrial bleaches

Many whitening gels available in pharmacies. They are based on a simple hydrogen peroxide, therefore when rapid bleaching teeth at home can cause burning gum. With precision using such gels, and if you feel a burning sensation in the mouth, rinse it with a solution of sea salt.
Another type of teeth whitening at home - whitening toothpastes. This universal means, allowing not only to brush your teeth, but also removes plaque from tooth enamel. Each pasta enriched with calcium and fluorine, which substantially protects the integrity of the tooth. The only "but", the effect of their use comes in a few weeks, ie Whitening teeth at home quickly not count.

Teeth whitening using folk remedies

Baking soda - the most popular means of folk findings on the issue of rapid tooth whitening. When toothbrushing, soda applied over the toothpaste on the brush no more than once per week. It is possible to use a dense soda solution, but less noticeable on the toothpaste powder flavor.
Use baking soda in cleaning enamel should be cautious. In no case do not use it on a daily basis. Since bleaching soda, It destroys the structure of tooth enamel, you may receive an unpleasant sensation when making food. The pain from the hot and cold, rapid tooth decay - all the consequences of too frequent use of soda in the teeth whitening at home.of the teeth before and after bleaching
Hydrogen peroxide - another drug, contributing to the rapid cleaning of the teeth at home. After that, as teeth cleaned paste, Apply on a cotton swab a little hydrogen peroxide and thoroughly rub her teeth. Avoid peroxide on the gums and oral cavity, to avoid discomfort.
The result of such cleaning enamel will be noticeable in a couple of weeks under the condition of regular application. Try in this period to take food more calcium and fluoride. If there is pain while drinking tea or cold milk, treatments with hydrogen peroxide should discontinue.
Another common way to national, How to whiten your teeth at home quickly - whitening using wood ash. The basis of this method is not of industrial cleaning tooth paste, and wood ashes, which is applied to the toothbrush.
This method since ancient times not only cleans the tooth enamel, but perfectly redeemed man from the food remains in your teeth. The only downside to this rapid tooth whitening at home - blackening of gum. But it passes quickly, if used after cleaning citric acid, at least a slice of lemon.
Of course, in urban areas to get wood ash will be problematic, therefore toothbrushing may be used crushed activated carbon. The only "but" in this way, like other folk remedies - the destruction of enamel. Therefore abusing wood ashes on the issue, How to whiten your teeth at home quickly, not worth it.
Important to remember, that no one folk remedy for teeth whitening at home can not be used more often, than once a week, then your teeth will be healthy, and solid enamel.
Better yet, when a need for tooth whitening, apply only to the dentist!

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