How to master the technique of drawing portraits?

If you love to paint, and familiar feel, that is in your landscape unique moments, probably, more than once occurred to such an idea, how to learn to draw portraits, but are hesitant to take on this, counting, that they are written by professionals. delusion. talented portraitists, just self-taught. Plus,, Portrait - this is not a replica of the face, a selection of features and personality.

How to learn to paint portraits in stages?

portrait painting technique

  • Marking paper, that is the definition of head space, shoulders and torso to the waist.
  • Determining the proportions of the head. Facilitates face painting, if the sheet is divided into squares. Oval outline and outline the eyes, mouth, nose, etc.. After that, erase squares.
  • Prorisovyvanie all facial features.
  • Damage Tene. Shade usually cheekbones, upper lip, chin, the forehead, wings of the nose, the nostrils, neck, between the eyes and the nose section. Causing a shadow on the hair, follow, to visually could see their depth.

How to learn to draw portraits in pencil?

newcomers, usually, trying to learn how to draw portraits, using a pencil. Consider this process step by step.

  1. A close study of the future face portrait.
  2. Determining the size of the head.
  3. draw an oval. Nachertity medianu, and distribute it on the line for the forehead, eye, mouth and nose. Draw earlobes.
  4. Describe the features.
  5. A careful study of the cheekbones and the frontal bone.
  6. Determine the direction of light to shadow image.
  7. Determine the depth of the shadows, where they will be darker, and where lighter. apply shadows.
  8. Feather strokes portrait.

Draw a portrait of a man

You already know the drawing stages and know how to use a pencil, Now create a portrait.

  • draw an oval. Probably, you mess up a few sheets of paper, Before you get the correct shape of the face.
  • Face. Nose, mouth outlined, draw eyes. Mark the points of their borders, connect, Draw the pupils. Schedule hairline, then draw eyebrows. Depicts first the details, which gives you easy. person is willing, hair shade.
  • add shadows. After all, they increase the volume of. Hair dilute the dark and light shadows. Walk them in the face, as you were at the beginning of the article. blend. Portrait ready.

Portrait oil painting

Before you draw a portrait oil, decide on the layout and composition. sketch sketch, draw the image of a man, facial features. You need to think about the color background portrait. After all, any picture evokes emotions in man and, depending on, what colors you place a picture, will its perception.
For example, if you apply the pastel colors, then the picture will cause the calm emotions. And if you use more bright colors, the portrait is much more sensual.
Firstly, try to draw a portrait of the blonde. More specifically pass the facial features and facial expressions. Since the paint with oil - a difficult process, should be well trained on the draft paper and to learn to make smooth transitions from one color to another.
Also set off the patches of light and shadow. Take a brush and short light strokes. One after another, alternately apply the layers of brush strokes to the portrait.
First you seem, that learn to draw portraits, it is a complex matter. And you will be right. But more often draw, the better the result will be.
Council: paint portraits from photos, draw from nature professionals. And you're still a beginner.

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