How to master the technique of drawing anime?

Watching Japanese cartoons, wakes up this idea, learning how to draw anime. Attempts to create such a figure at once, without drawing skills, end in failure. It is not simple. Necessary by means of literature study the laws of Japanese pattern. Ideally, good to go to the school of the artist. But, if you are patient and diligent people, you can learn it yourself.

How to quickly learn how to draw anime?

To master this process faster, you first need to learn how to draw and make rubbings. There are several exercises.

  • Select any image and its srisovat.
  • The same picture again and turn the srisovat.
  • Again rotate the picture from a different angle and to draw.
  • Now draw, looking at the picture, rather than a piece of paper to draw.

The most important thing, constantly draw someone or something - or. draw, draw and paint! Then, each pattern, you will notice yourself, that began to paint faster and better. Anime drawing will seem trifling matter.

How to learn to draw anime pencil?

Drawing anime - it, first of all, human figures. They are not proportional to the anime. The head is large, and the arms and legs - skinny. The girl is too thin waist, and a man - focus on shoulders.
To learn how to draw anime pencil, There are several techniques. Here is one of them.

Drawing the human figure

  • Marks the point of drawing boundaries.
  • We determine the line between the top and bottom center of the figure.
  • Line divide into eight identical segments.
  • Draw an oval or other shape (square, triangle)- a body.
  • We determine the location of the head and draw a circle. Then the feet and hands envisage arcs.

What are the segments?

With them it is easy to identify, where to draw the parts of the body man, including the folds of the feet and hands.
The figure anime image at the head the nose and lips are not allocated, and are conditional. Hair drawn strokes, eyes - semicircle. Eyelashes are portrayed rare, sometimes one is enough. The hand drawn in the shape of a square. This palm, which should be folds. fingers draw in detail, rounding.
Important: on the face of the hero of bright eyes expressed, everything else - simplistic. In fact, drawing anime, not necessarily be able to portray it right. Here you can dream. When you have finished drawing, erase the extra pencil.
It highlights, help you understand, learning how to draw anime pencil.
How to learn to draw anime characters
Prepare a simple and colored pencils or paint, paper, ribbing.

We begin to draw characters

  • remember, that the characters have one thing in common: big eyes, a small mouth and a hint of nose. The figure is not always proportional to the.
  • Body contour outlines.
  • Draw the head and face.
  • Draw hair strokes. Hairstyle can make any.
  • Silhouetted hands and feet.
  • Draws the shape of the character.
  • draw clothes, any.
  • Erase the unnecessary lines and paint.

The hardest part of the picture - it's the eyes. They should radiate vitality and emotion. This is achieved by glare. And vice versa, if the character is tired, the glare does not need, but simply to draw the shadow of the eyelashes hooded eyes.
BUT, generally, to draw anime characters - a very exciting. Fantasizing can infinitely. Consequently, the answer to the question of, learning how to draw anime, easy. Paint, to dream and not to use the default rules create a drawing of the human figure.

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