How to stop uterine bleeding - traditional and folk medicine

Uterine bleeding - a symptom of many women's gynecological diseases. Bleeding is the following species:The structure of the uterus

  • metrorrhagia is not associated with menstruation,
  • menorrhagia - excessive menstruation.

The causes of heavy bleeding

Heavy bleeding occurs for the following reasons:

  1. pregnancy violation,
  2. ectopic pregnancy,
  3. tubes and uterus inflammation,
  4. tumor,
  5. after abortion or childbirth, in the case of residues placenta or fetus.

Uterine bleeding seen in women after 40 years due to menopause. Sometimes metrorrhagia occurs because of mental disorders, for example, tantrums, soul unrest, fear, fright.
Strong and long-lasting chronic bleeding symbolize the various illnesses of genitals, heart and vascular system.

Menorrhagia is manifested in the form of dysfunctional uterine bleeding with heart disease and certain gynecological maladies. There is a bleeding due to impaired production of ovarian hormones. They are classified into the following types:Uterine bleeding

  • bleeding in adolescence,
  • bleeding of childbearing age,
  • bleeding in menopause.

Uterine bleeding is manifested in girls due to violations of the hypothalamus functions. In the childbearing years is due to the presence of inflammatory diseases of genitals made after abortion.

Symptoms of dysfunctional uterine bleeding include gynecologist: delay of menstruation, severe bleeding, duration of bleeding, anemia.

Bleeding distinguish abundant and scarce. Excessive bleeding can provoke a fall in blood pressure, a sharp decrease in hemoglobin and other state. In such a situation is called an ambulance. Until the arrival of an ambulance patient should be put to bed, putting on the underbelly of the ice.

there are cases, when uterine bleeding coincides with the menstrual cycle. In such a situation are distinguished bleeding clots, and increases the length of the menstrual cycle - more 10 days.

Uterine bleeding sometimes appears in the intermenstrual period and proceeds with symptoms, characteristic of normal menstruation. In some cases, uterine bleeding occurs before menstruation slight delay, which is not associated with pregnancy. Such causes of bleeding occur at different ages.

Main methods of treatment

The gynecologists childbearing age not prescribed without a full and long-term survey of special hemostatic agents for uterine bleeding. This is explained by the presence of various ailments, characteristic of the period of childbearing:endometrectomy

  • wrong diet,
  • hysteromyoma,
  • polyps,
  • improper use of intrauterine contraceptive devices, etc..

As for uterine bleeding in menopause, it is usually caused by cancer of body ailments and cervix. They account for more than 50% all cases. Are no exception, and atrophic changes of endometrial cancer, and hormonal. Also available are frequent pathological changes in the ovaries.

determine, that the current abnormal bleeding, you can on the following grounds:
1. by comparing the past with the current month,
2. quick change pads or tampons during menstruation abundant.

Prolonged menstruation should alert a woman and force her to seek help from a gynecologist. Special, if more than last month 7 days, but before they proceed for 4-5 days. Explicitness hallmark pathological bleeding - bleeding out large blood clots. In this case, the general condition of the female body is deteriorating.Progesterone

If you notice these symptoms, doctors recommend to take preventive measures. Stop the bleeding may curettage of the uterus or the introduction of hormonal agents.
At the youthful period of uterine curettage performed in extreme cases. Are appointed as vitamins.

Of medicaments medical isolated: premarin, progesterone, farlutal, tsiklotal, estradol, B vitamins and other.

Folk remedies to combat uterine bleeding

To treat uterine bleeding can be folk remedies.


must be cleaned 6-7 orange peel, boil down to 1,5 l of water to the period, until there 0,5 l opens. To it is then added to taste sugar. this tool is recommended to take 4 small spoons 3 times each day.

Infusion of cucumber lashes

Prepared the tool after assembly cucumbers. Grass finely cut, washed with cold water. On 50-100 Mr. grass need 0,5 liters of water. Accept the tool should 3 times each day in intestinal and uterine bleeding. During the first days, the bleeding stops.

nettle nettle

nettle nettlewhen bleeding 1 large spoon of dried nettle pour a glass of boiled water. Boil the mixture should 10 minutes on low heat. Further, the composition is cooled and filtered. You need to drink at 4-5 spoon every day.
Another remedy is effective for uterine bleeding - nettle extract. It should take on 30-40 drops half an hour before a meal to the fourth part in order to prevent.

Infusion of yarrow ordinary

For the preparation of this tool will need to take 2 teaspoons of dry grass, their bay 1 boiled water, insisted 1 hour and protsediv. You need to drink a quarter cup before meals 4 times each day. Apply infusion with intestinal need, mother, pulmonary and other bleeding.

Another recipe involves cooking means of yarrow, Brewing it as Tea. Drink a medicine necessary for 1 glass three times a day as a hemostatic agent.

Another effective remedy is a decoction of herbs yarrow. To cook it you will need one tablespoon of herbs, which is filled 1 boiled water. Boil means 10 minutes. Drink it should be 2-3 times each day on the third piece of glass before meals. Decoction taken as a means for internal and external bleeding.

Infusion smartweed

One tablespoon of chopped herbs poured 1 boiled water, insists. adopted by 1 large spoon three times a day for painful menstrual cycle and uterine bleeding.

Infusion herb Knotweed

is filled 2-7 tablespoons herb Knotweed 1 boiled water, It is heated in a sealed container in a water bath for 15 minutes. Cool it should be 45 minutes at room temperature. The solution was then filtered and pressed. The infusion boiled water is added to the original volume. Keep the medication you need in a cool place no more 2 day. Drinking is recommended as a hemostat with uterine bleeding after childbirth or abortion, half or one-third cup 2-3 times a day before meals.

ordinary viburnum

Kalina vulgaris also effective agent for uterine bleeding. From it you can cook:viburnum opulus

  • the juice, Kalina wrung out through a thick cloth linen, mixed with sugar in a ratio of 1 l juice 2 kg sahara. Can take on 2-3 large spoon 3-4 times each day with water,
  • dried berries, insisting in a thermos their subject 3-4 berry spoons on 0,5 l thermos,
  • liquid extract, who need to take on 25-30 drops every day. Viburnum berries are used in the form of decoction,
  • alcoholic extract, which also applies in the menstrual cycle.

An important point in the preparation of such means is an assembly cortex. Collect it should be according to the rules in early spring preform and drying. Ducts should have a dry crust on the outside, greenish-gray color, and the inner side - light with red spots and stripes. Contraindications for receiving funds from the bark and berries of Viburnum not found.

The remaining

Preparing broth with the 2 teaspoons chopped roots on 1 glass of water. Boil means 20-75 minutes, then made up to its original volume. It must take on 1-2 spoons 3-4 times a day before meals. Also adopted is a remedy for chronic diarrhea, lung and gynecological bleeding.

lady's purse

For preparing a pharmaceutical composition required:
1. Pour a large spoonful of dry grass a glass of boiled water. Further infused for an hour and filtered. It should take on 3-4 times a day before meals,
2. decoction concentrated to half the original volume, and accepted by 1 small spoon three times daily,
3. squeeze the juice, spreading it with water half. It should take on a spoon 1stolovoy 3 times each day,

Bulgarian folk medicine recommends to prepare this means following medicine: The infusion is prepared taking into account the 3 tablespoons herbs on 2 cups boiling water. You can also the leaves of this plant are added to salads.

Siberian pine

If excessive uterine bleeding are advised to take the following composition: 1 cup of nuts in shell zaparivat 1 liter of water for 2-3 hours. It must take on 100 ml 3 times each day for 30 minutes before meals. In Siberia, vodka tincture and decoction of shell pine nuts, and used for rheumatism.


One tablespoon of the flowering tops or flowers poured a glass of boiled water. Infused composition for 30 minutes. After that filter and take half a cup 3-4 times each day.

Persicaria maculosa

One tablespoon of herbs is poured 0,5 l of boiling water, then infused over one hour. Accepted need for 1 tablespoon three times a day for uterine bleeding. Also taken pochechuyny mountaineer with hemorrhoids. However, it is not recommended to use during pregnancy.

forest angelica

Tablespoon of dried herb angelica is poured 0,5 l of boiling water, Infuse for 30 minutes and filtered. Take part you need for half a cup for 15 minutes before meals 3-4 times each day. Dudnik promotes the secretion of gastric juice and blood clotting.

Egg whites with citric acid

The mixture of fresh egg protein is mixed with a small half box of citric acid and consumed under profuse uterine bleeding and prolonged.


AllspiceTake 150-200 leaves allspice, who poured a glass of boiled water. Next, the broth is filtered and drink one tablespoon three times a day. The tool can be evaporated in an oven to half its volume and drink one small spoon three times a day. It takes this remedy for a weak uterine bleeding and uterine atony.

Corn columns with stigmas

Would need 10 g columns with stigmas pour 200 ml of boiling water. Decoction prepared by 1 spoonful every three hours. This is an effective agent for uterine and pulmonary hemorrhage.

berberis vulgaris

From the root of the tool prepared infusion, want to drink 30 drops 2-3 times each day when atonic uterine bleeding.

cat's paw

To prepare an effective agent for uterine bleeding required:

  • to make powder from this plant, using it for 1-3 g of an hour to a full stop bleeding,
  • make a decoction of herbs, took 10-20 g herbs and bay 200 ml of boiling water. Take a decoction of need 1 tablespoon every 60 minutes to stop bleeding.

Trifid series

Take 10 g succession ticks and poured one glass of water at room temperature. Composition boiled on a steam bath for 15 minutes, filtered and cooled. Accepted need for uterine bleeding of one tablespoon three times a day.

blue cyanosis

Take 6 g roots blue cyanosis and poured one glass of water at room temperature. Composition boiled on a steam bath for half an hour, cooled and filtered. It should take a tablespoon three times a day.

Shepherd's purse and horsetail

is over 2 teaspoons of shepherd's purse and horsetail. After mixing, the mixture was poured three glasses of water at room temperature. Infused means for 8 hours and filtered. Take it must be half a cup three times a day.

Douching with uterine bleeding - basic technique

Vaginal douching is assigned a doctor in chronic inflammatory diseases of female genital organs.

Esmarch's irrigatorFor this purpose the water temperature 37 - 39 ° C. In this case, it was originally required to boil. The water added to means, which is registered by the doctor. Squirt need in the supine position, while spreading the hip. Under the buttocks is enclosed vessel. Mug douches rises over the ship, not exceeding 1 m. In such a case, fluid pressure will not be excessive.

Before entering the tip, air is discharged from the tube. He should not get into the vagina, and after this procedure,. For this purpose, the tube clamp is applied until the complete emptying of the cup. The tip is inserted into the vagina to a depth of 5-6 cm.
Liquid is introduced during 10-15 minutes. Upon completion of this procedure the woman should lie. Douche is not recommended during pregnancy, after childbirth and abortion.

When uterine bleeding for douching can use some herbs.

Liquid extract of the roots of Bergenia crassifolia

Three big spoons of the crushed roots of this herb is poured 1 boiled water, then evaporated to half volume. For irrigation takes one tablespoon of Bergenia extract on 1 liters of water. Pouring the composition in the amount of, which is necessary for the washing of the cervix. Liquid is delayed by 10-15 minutes. It is the procedure before undergoing the pain and stop bleeding. after 2-3 week you can expect results.

Rhodiola rosea

From pink radiograms root decoction is prepared taking into account the 1:10, then cooled and filtered.


When uterine bleeding effective means for douching is yarrow. Composition is prepared by various methods:milfoil

  1. infusion of herbs based on the proportions 7:70. Further, the composition is cooled and filtered,
  2. yarrow and mistletoe taken over one part, horsetail and periwinkle on 5 parts. Large spoon the mixture is poured a glass of boiled water. Prepared light broth, that later is cooled and filtered,
  3. It takes the ordinary grass, yarrow, Highlander pepper, oak bark, nettle leaves on a large spoon, including branches of the white mistletoe - half tablespoon. The compositions are mixed, flooded 1 l of water at room temperature. All boiled for 20 minutes, cooled and filtered.

When uterine bleeding, doctors recommend eating unripe oranges and cooked in their skins. It is also helpful to drink tea with mint transverse Rowan juice throughout the day 2-3 fold.
It is useful to take with uterine bleeding ternovnikovye berries in the form of Viburnum, rowan, fresh pear, sour apples.

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