As the ring size?

By purchasing the ring, need to, least, to know the appropriate size – do not always have the opportunity to try on jewelry, eg, if you want to give it as a gift. therefore, useful to know, as the ring size, that in the future there are no doubts when buying.
Ring size can be calculated with a few simple ways.

How to determine the ring size when purchasing a jewelry store?

You buy a ring for herself in the jewelry store.
In addition to fitting your favorite model, You can easily find and its size. Employees jewelry departments provide special-shaped patterns, which is put on a finger. The main advantage of shopping in a store- it is possible to replace the product, which does not come to you in size. by the way, patterns you can make yourself and. Here come to the aid of the usual Russian coins. To know, as the ring size of the patterns of homemade, paint scheme, circling each coin and write the appropriate size: 1 Ruble is the size 21,1; 50 kopecks- 19,5; 10 kopecks- 18;, 1 kopeck- 16.

Purchase through an online store

You buy a ring for yourself, but you do not have the opportunity to try on ( Online shopping)
For, not to make a mistake, ordering a ring on jewelry websites, can be "written off" with the size of his old ringlet. If this is not possible, you will have to pass a simple procedure and make the measurement yourself.
Take nylon thick thread and wrap the finger factor of 5. Speed ​​should not be too tight. Now cut the thread at the point, where the beginning of the first circle contacts the end of the last. Farther- simple arithmetic. Using a ruler, measure the length of the yarn obtained ( in millimeters!!) and divide that number by 15, 7. The result of this simple computation and is the size of the ring.

As the ring size, that you have?

As the ring size, which you already have.
In any jewelry store and on the Internet there is a special table sizes. It can be copied, download, rewrite, finally, and you have at home is a universal "crib", which will allow to know with precision the size of the ring. Put ring fox white paper and pencil circle inner contour. Using a ruler, measure the diameter in millimeters, and insert the received number in the table. Diameter can be measured by a caliper, and.

another advice

To know, as the ring size most accurately, consider, at this point the fingers should not be swollen or strained. After heavy physical work let the hands rest at least a couple of hours. Do not measure your fingers in the early morning or late evening at this time of day the result may be incorrect. The calculation is best done at room temperature- fingers should be completely dry. By following these simple recommendations, you with maximum accuracy will be able to find out ring size.

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