How to locate a person by phone number (MTS, Megaphone, Beeline)

Ten years ago, it was hard to imagine, that person may determine the location of his phone. But today, when the mobile communication almost replaced the wired telephone, determine the location of a person by phone number help mobile operators themselves.
This service in Russia is such companies, as MTS, Megaphone and Beeline. Track the location of a person for his phone number in several possible ways. On his desire to be informed of his whereabouts is enough to notify the mobile operator and select a suitable tariff plan.

Quick Find a person in case of emergency

To quickly find the person for his phone number, enough to contact your mobile operator or the operator of the, who are you looking for. To connect to your service number “Locator“, MTS subscribers of cellular companies have to type in an SMS message room and send this SMS to the short number 6677. If you have room enough funds to provide services, then within a few minutes you will receive a reply message with the coordinates of the, who are you looking for (provided an active SIM card).
Beeline in deciding, how to determine the location of a person by phone number, It provides two rooms. 06849924 – for open calls, and 684 – for SMS, stating only the letter “L”. For each call or SMS with your number removed from 2,5 to 5 rubles. The service is ad hoc and is activated only between related numbers.
Enjoying a location on the mapMegaFon has several tariff plans, within which it is possible to control the location of a person by phone number. The first tariff plan provides for the establishment of “Beacon” in the children's room. The second allows you to track the number of elderly parents. And the third act among corporate numbers or the subscriber's consent to search.
MegaFon subscribers can at any time make use of human search service for his phone number, but only within certain tariff, therefore study carefully all services, included in your SIM card package.
One more useful service for subscribers of MegaFon website For those, who have connected to the service, learn the location of a person by phone number will not be difficult. Just go to the page and find the subscriber's location on the map. The map is available on the computer, and mobile application.
To quickly track down a person by his phone number, you can use USSD request. With the mobile phone enter * 148 * phone number to search, who are recruited through +7, dial. As soon as the mobile operator receives your request, it sends an SMS to the wanted subscriber. If he agrees, you receive a SMS with coordinates search numbers. The only caveat, at the final stage, you'll need to confirm your request, sending to the number 000888 SMS with your phone number. be ready, that your account is automatically written off 5 rubles.

How to locate person by phone number – MTS, Megaphone

A unifying service for MTS and MegaFon in search of a man called “Locator“. For its activation is necessary to purchase a data plan, in which you can use this beacon. The second condition for activation of the service is the consent of the subscriber, the location of which is supposed to monitor.
To activate the “Locator” needs to send a SMS confirmation from the subscriber, who is subject to search. Further, to find subscriber, you are typing an SMS with the word “where” and send it to a number 6677. The exact answer comes within a couple of minutes. The cost of this service 10 rubles for each treatment.
Another service, provide MTS – “Child Monitor“. To determine the child's place of finding is enough to send SMS to the number 7788, writing the letter the word “MOM” or “DAD”. Listen carefully to the answering machine and follow all his instructions. After the first activation of the service you will have the opportunity to track the child's whereabouts within two weeks. In the future, once a month pay 50 rubles and get an opportunity to see the baby on the map or receive SMS with the coordinates of its location.
The most common by far the internal tracking service from MTS claimed heads of companies and enterprises. When you purchase a package of corporate communications, Manager provides a list of the names of all users. Their further whereabouts easily track, using GPS function.
This service is relevant for businesses, where itinerant nature of work is the key. for example, in the carriage of goods, delivery of goods, the provision of transport services. The owner has access to the quality and quantity of work done remotely, by an employee. With GPS, you can track the unplanned use of motor vehicles, easy on the roads, or the movement of goods across the country.

How to find location of person by phone – Beeline

Beeline provides its subscribers with help in finding people, using a short code 684. You send a SMS message with the letter “L” and follow the instructions of the system. The basic principle in the work of the service of search a person by mobile number from Beeline – the consent of the person, someone wanted.
Unlike MTS and Megafon consent of the person sought shall be confirmed after each use. This is not very convenient, because sometimes the SIM card can be blocked, or the subscriber does not wish to disclose their location.
Another service, provided by Beeline “Beeline-Coordinates“. You can use it to locate the five users of Beeline network, obtain their agreement. Connection services free of charge, as well as use it for the first seven days. Further, the subscriber pays 1,7 rubles a day for the service “Beeline-Coordinates”.

Map with the beacon from Beeline

other facilities

Other methods of problem solving, how do you know the location of a person by phone number, refers paid search through the sites of official services. Or the establishment of illegal surveillance programs to the subscriber's phone, the location of which you decide to learn for his phone number.
In the case of installing the program, there are two conditions. first: you must install the spy software on the phone that, of whom plan to attend. second: solving the issue in such a way, how do you know the location of a person by phone number, You should be aware that, that act illegally, and soberly assess all its risks.

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