How to restrict access to the Touch?

Access limitation

How to configure access to the page

Social networking on the Internet is a great platform for communication, negotiations and business promotion. Every third person in our country uses the “Classmates”, “VKontakte” or registered in Facebook and Twitter.

“In Contact” – a network of communication of like-minded people, relatives and friends. You can create groups, organize meetings and share chronicle their lives. But what to do, when a person is not ready for public attention, how to limit access to the Touch to their page?

Privacy settings

To set up a list of people, that can read your page, you need to go to menu “My settings”.

  1. Choose the panel “Privacy”.
  2. In the window that privacy options you can select a list of those, who can see your photos, post on your wall, view and comment on your news materials.
  3. The last item in the chain is “Someone on the Internet is visible to the page”. Click on the right answer.
  4. In the list, select the group, which you can rely on your page to view.

The impact of privacy on the popularity of the network

If you decide to close the information on their page for search services, Prepare face costs art. Some search engines store information about users of social networking pages to one month, and people can save the backup files.

And further, hidden from the search engine page can not be found in the Internet, which means, that the promotion of your favorite things can get stuck, if it depends on the page in VKontakte.

Having dealt with the, how to restrict access to the page in the contact, maybe you are relaxed and choose a loyal
ways to privacy?

  1. The first in this list filter on the guests of your page. To do this, select the paragraphs in the section privacy, which we would like to preserve confidentiality.
  2. The second way to protect your page from unwanted intervention – are inadequate to bring a guest to the blacklist. To do this, go to “My settings”. Select the menu item and impress upon him the address of the page detractors or its data.

That's how easy it is to deal with the, how to limit access to the Touch. The main thing is communication, and it should be an enjoyable and rewarding.

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