How to clean a wall in contact

After registration with the contacts certain operations, users are faced with an important issue, as a clear wall in contact, Situated on the main plan page.

Clear wall Vkontakte

Clear wall in contact

Absolutely can not be removed wall, because its function is a feature in contact. You can lock functionality walls and restrict the delivery of unwanted messages. This is done from the account menu, editing the "My Settings". Find "Privacy", enter in the "who is allowed to leave a message," and select the desired category. It is possible to leave himself, and it is possible to resolve a number of reliable friends. Then click "Save", to confirm the settings.

First, you need to stop getting new inscriptions. It is necessary to go to your account, Then in the menu, select "My Settings". Next, open the "Privacy". leaning on: "Who is allowed to post entries on the wall", press the "Only me" and "Save". Get protection from spam, as well as new inscriptions. This method is good to use at the beginning of use of the network. To remove the entries, you can use one of two basic ways.

The simplest method of cleaning

This is the surest and most popular way to remove manually. This option is suitable, when it is necessary to remove individual items Wall:

  • the mouse cursor selects a specific wall entry;
  • is pressed on appeared in the upper right cross.

After that, the record is deleted. This deletes all records, special, if their little. otherwise, it will take precious time.

In case of an error, given the opportunity to restore the record. To do this, press the inscription “Restore” (it appears after removal). Recovery can only be performed once, before, how was the page updated (any transition), then sign permanently deleted.
When it is necessary to clear the wall in contact quickly and immediately, This option does not suit.

The method using scripts

There are scripts for different types of treatment. It is necessary to find the right script: varying degrees of purification perform different scripts. there are scripts, that remove all or get something concrete. The search engine should dial something like: "Scripts to clean walls'.

Whatever the degree of purification was not necessary, sequence coincides Action: it is necessary to open the Mozilla. Next, enter the "Tools". Activate "Greasemonkey" through the "Manage plugins". Select the desired script and run it.

The next option It is used to quickly remove all entries walls. In the social network, this option is not available. To do this, you need to know, how to clean a wall in contact with the help of add-ons of Firefox - Greasemonkey. To carry out cleaning walls, it is necessary to launch the browser. Firefox This application can be downloaded.

Either install «Greasemonkey», selecting from the menu "Tools", and open the "Add-ons". At the top of the page that it is necessary to enter the name of «greasemonkey», and click on "Execute". In the search results, select the desired option and click "Install Now". restart your browser, clicking "Restart Now". Next, select the "Toolbar", press the program logo, run it and from the menu select "Manage Scripts".

In the search box to make the necessary script and add to his. Next, go to the desired page in contact and the process itself will take place: It begins cleaning walls. While included «Greasemonkey» script, and delete records set, cleaning operation is always satisfied when visiting the page. The process automatically and to stop, you need to disable, and it is better to remove the script at the end of the cleaning.

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