How to communicate in Odnoklassniki?

Communication in OK

Communication in OK

Social networks are the place, which spends all his free time most of the people. One of the most popular is "Classmates". The main purpose of this network is precisely the communication of people with each other. In this case, not everyone knows about, how to communicate properly in Odnoklassniki, because often this process occurs not only between relatives and acquaintances, but between threads, who is seen on the network for the first time.

The main types of communication in the social network

Classmates now give their users the ability to communicate both among two or more users in personal correspondence, and mass communication in discussion.

In the first case, none of the other social network users can not see your correspondence and can not take part in it, until, until you add it to their interlocutors.

Discussion of this mode of communication during, where users have the opportunity to express their views on any specific fact. This may be commenting on photos, images or other user statuses. In this case, each user's comment is visible to all other participants in the discussion.

But in order to be interesting and competent interlocutor need to know exactly, how to communicate in classmates in each case.

The rules of communication in personal correspondence

In most cases, this method of communication is chosen similar or even remotely familiar people. Even communication with best friends should not overstep the limits of decency, Therefore, you should follow a few basic, but very important rules of communication:

  • You always need to greet his companion. It should be understood, that a close friend and peers can say just "hello" but a man of advanced age is best to say "hello".
  • Do not use foul language, even if at times it seems, that no other way to get to express their emotions. It is best to use for this smiley.
  • Don't overuse punctuation, especially exclamation and question marks, and dot. Their abundance can simply tire of the interlocutor or it may seem, what do you know of other ways to, how to communicate on Odnoklassniki.
  • not recommended for use during correspondence slang expressions or too clever words, especially, if you do not know the exact value. After all, it is possible to accidentally offend his interlocutor, or just put it in a deadlock.

If we talk about the correspondence or communication with strangers, here the same rules. But with strangers, you should always talk to you only. It is not necessary to be rude and rude, If you do not like your partner with it should either politely say goodbye, or else, blacklist. Strongly should avoid insults and humiliation, This will only humiliate themselves.

The rules of communication in discussions

Now a few words about, how to talk to classmates in discussions. By and large, the rules are the same, that when dealing in personal correspondence. But it is worth remembering, that shake in this case it is not necessary, also like to say goodbye. But it is always worth remembering that, that the discussions are meant to express his own opinion, which may differ significantly from other users reviews. To impose their point of view, or trying to prove, what the other person thinks it is wrong not to be, it can only lead to disputes and disagreements.

Now that you know about the most important rules of, how to properly communicate Odnoklassniki. keeping them, you will easily be able to become a good company not just for their loved ones, but also for strangers.

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