How to apply to the letter

By sending a letter to a stranger, no matter in what form – written or electronic, you need to know where to start. Here it plays an important role, what style you are going to write. If a, this is a business letter, the structure of the message is very important, but, if you just want to tell about his life destination, then everything is much easier. This article will consider, that writing stranger, and, how to address him in a letter.

How to apply to the letter to the addressee

As I said before, This problem may occur when writing a formal or business letter. In order not to seem a simpleton, you must know some theoretical points.

How to apply to the letter to the addressee

How to apply to the letter to the addressee

  • The first thing a person name check, which together handle. After all, the actual error will lead to irreparable consequences.
  • etiquette rules state, that in a letter to a business form is best to write an appeal so: “Dear, Peter Ivanovich” or “Dear, Mr. Petrov”.
  • In that case, If you do not have the recipient's personal information or doubt them, the best thing to do is not write name, and the contact positions or common phrases: “Dear sir”, etc.. In an official letter to seek, using the same rules, for example – “Dear employees of JSC” and others.
  • The most important thing, the message were not offensive, This will not only change the attitude to you and your business, but also allow the recipient to bring an action for insult and a lie. Be polite and pleasant companion in business correspondence. This is not to say that, you have to disclose all their emotions and feelings, Just be careful and watch your words.

Now you know, how to address the letter to the person or company. Use this data ,and read additional literature.

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