How not to sit VKontakte

Modern time dictates a fashion as to the style of, and the way of life. Few people manage to maintain individuality and many live on templates. One of these patterns is likely Spending free time In contact with. Many people, registering in the social network, lose control of the real life and times, which passes. But around a lot of useful and interesting activities, hobby,

In contact with, let eat!

In contact with, let eat!

so many places (even in his hometown) where that person has not been.

undoubtedly, social networks suppress and destroy the personal qualities, and it becomes like a fly, Once in the cobweb, in our case, World Wide Web. If a man became interested in the question how to sit VKontakte, then it can be envied, not everyone has the courage to change the routine life. To make it easier to part with VKontakte virtual life there are a few useful tips.

Restrict access to social networking

First what you need to start is to limit yourself or your child from visiting the site. This should be done gradually, because psychologically the person needs time, that from which the refuse.

How to spend time, which was previously given to the fact that sit VKontakte? This question each must himself answer. Someone had long wanted to start teaching a foreign language, who after a sedentary lifestyle at the computer does not hurt to do sports, and of course everyone wants, finally, live communication with family and friends.

To yourself a little help in the rejection of the social network can change the limit on the unlimited tariff, who would not give all day hypnotize Monitor.

plan visits

It is very important to understand, what to spend most of the time held VKontakte.

  • Constant checking of your profile, It does not change.
  • Viewing and commenting on photos of friends, undoubtedly, it was interesting to take a camera and go on the streets of the city previously unknown.
  • Frequent change of avatars and status. More often than not, and the first, and the second is not true.
  • Greeting friends with all the holidays. How nice it would be to meet in live and speak all that is necessary.
  • Constant monitoring of messages with instant response to them. If you view the conversation with any of the so-called friends that turns, that nothing interesting it will not start.
  • In the absence of the ability to go online there is panic. Do not worry, your absence no one noticed, as all passionate about the virtual garbage.
  • Daily correspondence in a social network with a friend living in the neighborhood.

If all of the above is of great importance and to give up something difficult, you can simply create your own schedule. Better if finding VKontakte will be given time to one hour. This hour and will need to plan.

At first, it is necessary not just, but then comes the understanding, that half the previously viewed pages do not really care and social time. the network can no longer spend.

Search blood brothers

If the question is how not to sit Vkontakte still flashes in my head, then you need to find a way out in the same VKontakte. It's about finding people with similar interests, which are also deep down dream to break the virtual circle.
We need to think and remember what you dreamed, and they loved to do before you set up your account in social. network. After that create already on this subject group, if you were cycling, it can be resumed, but in a larger part of.

Do not be afraid to open the real world again, together it will be easier to do. And real friends can be found only in person, that in difficult moments come to you, not draw a smiley regret.

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