How not to sweat - a few solutions

All people sweat, someone greater, some less, and the intensity of sweating depends on several factors.

The main factors sweating

Normally, the human body must maintain a stable body temperature, comfortable for the well-being. The body gets warm, and after a while gives it. Heat may go away after taking a cool shower, an evening walk around the city and in some other cases. When disruptions in the body, resulting heat does not leave his. As a result, people start to sweat more, than usual.sweating

Key factors, affecting the degree of isolation of sweat, represented as:

  • feeding,
  • Body,
  • taking medication,
  • climate,
  • lifestyle,
  • hygiene.

Regardless of age and sex, people are trying to understand, how not to sweat or how to reduce sweating.

It is necessary to understand at once, that is completely impossible to get rid of perspiration, because it is one of the ways to ensure the normal functioning of the body, especially if the person is in conditions of high temperature.

However, there are people, who suffer from hyperhidrosis. For this reason can develop complexes, and excessive sweating can cause problems in communication. It should be understood, what, hiding the armpit, palm, Foot and back, these cities, which are the most susceptible to perspiration, deal with the problem will not work. Therefore, in the case of sweating, action must be taken, to reduce its.

Underarm Sweating, hands and other body parts or norm?

sweating palmsFor different people the degree of sweating, when it can be called high, different. In the normal state of human organism is able to produce up to a liter of sweat a night. So before, than run to the doctor with a complaint about, sweating that corrupts man's life, need to make, Hygiene rules that met, properly use deodorant, It does not use excessive amounts of liquid, and there is high humidity or heat waves.

If all rules of hygiene are met and there are no objective reasons for excessive sweating of the back, hands, armpits, legs, person, there are reasons to see a doctor for examination and diagnosis of the causes of hyperhidrosis gain. If secondary hyperhidrosis and cause disease, after its removal, rash disappears by itself.

In the case of primary hyperhidrosis doctor may suggest methods of dealing with them, which may require frequency. In addition, the experts can advise on options, helps patients learn, how not to sweat and that take to reduce sweating, eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat, skin irritation.

Main control measures then

before, than thinking about, how not to sweat, necessary to define, that was the reason for sweating. Otherwise, the chosen method of combat and then will not be effective.

Sweat is unpleasant not only, leaving wet footprints on the garment, and then the spot, but also a specific odor, which is unpleasant as the others, and the man himself, who sweats. This smell is the result of vigorous activity of bacteria, that is, on human skin, and thanks to sweat for them creates an ideal environment for reproduction and life.

Deodorants and antiperspirants in the fight against excessive sweating

If sweating is increased in a hot season, this may be indicative of normal body function, which is due to perspiration reduces body temperature during the heat. With such displays can be overcome by using a deodorant or antiperspirant. The difference between these two funds is, deodorant that helps get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat, antiperspirants and are aimed at reducing perspiration.

Therefore, if a person sweating is normal, should take care, to eliminate unpleasant smell in time. This is required by etiquette, and the man in this case feels more confident and freer.

In the case of sweating, its manifestations are trying to cope by using antiperspirant. It should be understood, that by using antiperspirant sweat does not become smaller, a reduced evaporation, and sweat accumulates in the kidneys.

It is therefore necessary to consider, before using such means of protection from sweat. They can be used, but only in those moments, when other methods do not, and look brilliant and fresh is an urgent need. Besides, reflecting on, how not to sweat or how to reduce the unsightly manifestations, it is advisable not to forget about refreshing the soul and take it as often as possible, to get rid of bacteria, which in conditions of perspiration begin to actively proliferate on the skin.hygiene products from sweating

Most often sweat: armpits, feet, face, back, palm.

There are special tools, which help to deal with the appearance of sweating, eliminate odor. To stop suit special deodorizing means.

Cope with sweating in the back to help deodorant soaps, with which it is possible to take a shower, and deodorizing spray suitable for individuals with special formula. These funds are better to buy in the drugstore and carefully read the instructions before use.

After using antiperspirant and need to return home to take a shower and thoroughly wash off the funds from armpits, to reduce the harm caused to health.

Duration deodorants and antiperspirants indicated on the package. Average, deodorant to cope with their responsibilities for 4-6 hours, then sweating again strengthened or gradually begins to feel the smell of sweat. So it is advisable to take this fact into account.

Otherwise, when re-applying means, it does not fall on the clean skin. Its effect is reduced. To the middle of the party, negotiations, date or an important meeting not to worry about, how not to sweat, you must try not to stay long in the sun or in a hot room and spend time in a cool place with good ventilation or in the shade of trees, if the meeting in the street.

Terms of Use deodorant

The effectiveness of a deodorant can decrease, if you do not abide by the rules for its use. Apply deodorant and antiperspirant is necessary to clean skin after taking a shower. Leather armpits must be completely dry at the time of application means. Preferably after showering thoroughly wipe the skin of the underarm with a towel and wait a few minutes, until the moisture evaporates. If you follow all rules for the use of deodorants, can improve their performance.

Besides it is necessary to understand, that the use of deodorants and antiperspirants in the form of sprays more hygienic, than the use of analogs of ball. For people with sensitive skin develop and release agent with a soft formula, which helps to avoid skin irritation.

Studies have shown, the effectiveness of such means increases and sweating mayreduced several times, if you use deodorants, not only in the daytime, but also at night.

Medicine in the fight against excessive sweating

If sweating is accompanied by a person not only in the hot season and in the steam room, there are reasons to believe, that the abundance of sweat due to the health condition. In this case, you need to address to the therapist, who will advise, how not to sweat heavily with effective cosmetic products to eliminate odor and means to address the causes of sweating.

After the examination, doctors can use several methods to control excessive sweating.

The basic methods can be called:

  • Iontophoresis helps with excessive sweating of the palms. For tangible effect is necessary to pass the course of ten treatments.
  • The use of Botox, which cut away armpits. This procedure is virtually painless and helps to forget about sweating armpits for six months or a year.
  • Surgery – necessary when hyperhidrosis, when other methods have proved ineffective.
  • anticholinergic drugs.

The reason to see a specialist can be a sharp increase in sweating, sweat odor change. Such manifestations may be the cause of serious diseases, response to painful sensations, stressful situations.

Other causes of sweating

The person may suddenly be faced with excessive sweating at any age. If among the possible reasons for such behavior of the organism excluded heat and pathology, then the person may sweat profusely because of the clothes, he wears.

Clothes made of artificial fibers, Synthetics do not allow the skin to breathe, so sweating may increase. It is advisable to wear clothes made of natural fabrics, that allow the skin to breathe and regulate the heat exchange processes in the body.Medicine in the fight against sweating

Natural materials can be called:

  • cotton,
  • flax,
  • silk,
  • wool.

Products from these fabrics allow your skin to breathe, a person to feel comfortable even in hot weather. Typically the use of natural materials can be attributed not only to the clothes, but also to footwear. Compliance with these recommendations will help to get rid of thoughts about, how not to sweat and cause sweating rate, if the reasons for it lie in the strengthening of the wrong choice of clothing materials.

Hygiene rules

Clothes and shoes from natural materials, deodorants, antiperspirants may be powerless, if one neglects showering, using soap or shower gels.

The intensity of sweating depends on, how much sweat on the skin. If you do not take the time to shower and use special hygiene, sweating will bother the person, which does not have diseases, and who wear the "right" clothes.

You must take a shower at least twice a day, and in the hot season, it is desirable for being able to do it more often. Get involved and run the shower for 20 once-daily undesirable, because it can harm the skin of, like all the "super".

Tips to reduce sweating

Reduce sweating, you can use the power adjustment. From the diet is desirable to exclude heavy food, coffee and reduce the amount of spices added to dishes.

In addition to deal with sweating can help decoctions of herbs. In the case of sweating, they should not drink, and added to the bath. Most often to eliminate excessive sweating use a decoction of sage and oak bark. For the effectiveness of this method it is necessary to take a bath at least half an hour, but this time i.

Walking barefoot on the floor, especially in hot weather, and hardening can help reduce sweating and give a feeling of cheerfulness, Improve blood circulation. Hardening is a long process, so the pursuit of way, how not to sweat, you must take the time, not to harm the health of.

Reduce sweating in the armpits can help ordinary shaving. The number of microorganisms on the skin surface increases and sweat, if the skin has a dense vegetation. Therefore, hair removal is the way. If sweating reason lies deeper and is associated with health, the people in any case will look neat and tidy with shaved armpits, especially during the warm season, when everyone is wearing revealing clothing.

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