How to get better during pregnancy - advice from gynecologists

Pregnancy is an important and crucial step in a woman's life. it happens all in accordance with the Fruits and pregnancyindividual characteristics of the organism. But almost every woman worries about, it does not get better during pregnancy.

You should not worry about it, as after childbirth, mothers get rid of much of the weight gain. But we must remember that, that women, to gain weight, are more prone to diabetes and hypertension. However, considered, that the total pregnant women give birth to large babies, and because of this birth can take place more difficult. But this is only a theory.

Recommendations from gynecologists

In order to not get better during pregnancy, since the formation of the internal organs of the embryo, should carefully follow the diet.
It is necessary to start with psychological training to, that women should keep themselves in the hands of. None of the relatives or friends do not tell, it does not get better during pregnancy.

Overeating and caring family

On the contrary, they will bring a large number of different food. In this way, people show, care of the pregnant woman and her baby. It is better to read useful information about, how to increase and how to lower blood pressure during pregnancy.
No need to pay attention to Care. Pregnancy is a wonderful occasion to check, the, that a pregnant woman eats.

Vegetables and fruits - the guarantee of health of the future mother and her babyDoctors often advise girls to abstain from the consumption of large quantities of food with stress, watching TV. As a result, the alarm starts jamming, and it becomes a habit. In order to not get better during pregnancy should eat food at the onset of hunger.

It sounds very strange, but during pregnancy the woman's body is recovering in the same way and by the same, as before conception. Should abandon flour, sweet, greasy, alcohol. This will help preserve the shape and have a positive impact on the child. During pregnancy, the diet should be balanced, but, weight gain should be within the normal range.

It is believed, that the average weight gain during pregnancy varies somewhere between 10 and 12 kilograms. These kilos consist of baby's weight, placental, amniotic fluid, breast, also a few pounds located in stomach and thighs – the so-called strategic reserve. Nature cares so, that the child was not hungry, if it is starve his mother. That is why during pregnancy to be fine and only some more, and some less.

Key factors

This figure is approximate and depends on many factors, such as the size or the father's genetic characteristics. But if the figures are set much higher, you should consult with your doctor for, it does not get better during pregnancy and, how to eat.

Being overweight is not always a culinary challenge, may be, you need to conduct a more thorough examination, to determine the changes in the health status of and threats to the fetus.

There are:

  • swelling – another enemy during pregnancy, since in this period, the kidneys can not cope with a full load. In this way, expectant mother should monitor the quality and quantity of water consumed. It is also worth noting, that the fluid enters the body not only in the form of water or tea, but with food. In this case, you must seek medical advice,
  • not to gain weight during pregnancy is necessary, at least, broadly understood, What physiological processes occur in the body of a pregnant woman,
  • drawing up the proper balanced diet.

Especially during fetal development

Nine months is divided into three parts, and the result is a three trimesters. Each of trimesters denotes a stage in fetal development and has the features:

The first trimester is the most simple to the point of view of food. Of course, excludes alcohol and junk food, in other cases, differences from ordinary food is almost there. Much to gain weight will not work, because growth hormone is not significantly changed, Besides, can be constantly vomiting and little desire to eat food does not appear.

those women, the first time the days begin to wonder, o tom, it does not get better during pregnancy, You should distribute your daily routine, to eat a little bit and fractional during the day. The fluid you need to drink a lot, at least two liters a day, but the liquid soda and sweet.

Second trimester – the stage of the potential threat of anemia and the need for saturation of iron-containing dietary products. Hemoglobin should not fall below 110 g / l. Also, in mid-gestation need calcium, and it should give the child. You can eat cheese, milk, eggs – this is helpful not only for the health, but also better for the child.

The main concern about, as overly not get better during pregnancy comes with the onset of the third trimester. It was in the last months increase in weight of the child grows. The kid grows, requiring active nutrients, and this affects the mother's health and her appetite. Not necessary, eat everything, We need to calmly follow the recommendations of obstetricians.

In this way, in the first trimester calorie daily diet expectant mother should be about 2000 kcal, second trimester – 500 kcal greater, in the third 500 kcal. In this way, pregnant calories consumption is slightly different from the average for the heavily. And it does not confirm the myth, that a pregnant woman should eat for two.

continue to actively, but there are clever protein. This can be done with imagination and culinary skills. Meat, eggs, nuts, mushrooms, a fish. Just recommended to use, to minimize the consumption of salt.

Physical activity during pregnancyWith proper and balanced diet, in fact, this is not enough, to not get better during pregnancy. Also performs sport exercises. pregnant, like no one else, They need proper exertion. It recommended to start a regular walking. You can also use the swimming pool, fitness- centers and yoga. they, who do not want to do on your own or go to sports centers for gymnastics, you can enroll in specialized courses for pregnant women. Local trainers will not get better during pregnancy, and to help prepare for childbirth.

A strong and healthy sleep can save the extra kilos. doctors found, lack of sleep a person is filled with calories. This severe famine, and in a bad mood, and apathy. Before going to bed should be, ventilate. Pregnant women will sleep a gentle massage and herbal tea.

You can use special calorie labels. The most valuable products are oil and sunflower oil, flour products, containing fats, etc.. But this does not mean, that of high-calorie foods should be completely abandon, they just need to eat in moderation.

The weight of a pregnant woman is measured at each visit to the antenatal clinic after the registration of the pregnancy. Have average values ​​of weight gain, overseen by doctors. If the weight is higher than normal, and it is related to overeating, your doctor may simply recommend some lightweight diet. If the weight was added in a large amount, the doctor may suspect the dropsy pregnancy when fluid is retained in the body due to kidney problems. When this may not be pathological edema.

Overweight, recruited in anticipation of the child, It is not only an aesthetic problem. First of all it affects the health of the mother. But there are cases, that overeating and, lying on the couch cause extra kilos. Often, a large increase in weight in the short term may signal a real pathology.
Excessive weight gain during pregnancy often leads to preeclampsia – toxemia. This condition can lead to pain in the abdomen and in the lumbar region, premature discharge of the placenta, and even miscarriage.

How not overly recover during pregnancy?

healthy breakfast

Missed breakfast leads to overeating in the afternoon or evening, in addition to the middle of the day, you can feel dizzy from hunger. It is also worth considering, that after a night's sleep, without taking food, child needs calories. There is a theory, that pregnant women should eat at night. However, this theory is unfounded.

planning meals

A woman in the position you need to think about, she eats. Use only the recommended healthy foods, such as carrots, fruits. Without a diet plan you should not expose yourself to temptation.

Should choose foods that are low in fat and sugar, but high in fiber. Pay special attention should be on the mayonnaise and other salad dressings. After 20 minutes eaten sweet food, a woman in the state will feel hungry. This is because the, that sugar stimulates insulin production. Fiber also leaves a feeling of satiety and prevents the deposition of fat.

Cooking a meal for a couple, or in the oven
When visiting a restaurant or cafe you need to find out, both dishes were cooked.

Do not walk on the shopping on an empty stomach
It should be premature to make a shopping list, to not impulsively buy something unnecessary.

There in front of a party or going to visit
The full stomach, the less likely the temptation to eat something unplanned.
Going to the cinema, You need to capture the fruits.

As for drinking, it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
Dehydration is often felt as hunger. If a woman in the position of eating enough, and at the same time feels hunger, then it is recommended to drink more water.

It should avoid the company of people, which advises eat more. There is a need for a long time, enjoying every bite.

Studies show medical, that when a person eats with other people, while it consumes nearly 750 more calories, than, taking food alone. This is due to the fact, he is distracted.

Not to unduly get better during pregnancy More, than positive weight, you need to watch your diet. Acceptable weight gain is 10-12 kg. There are a few simple rules:

  1. Eat often, but few. Pregnancy and constant desire is inherent in the concept. Will be better, If the expectant mother will eat food seven times a day in small portions, than three times as large portions.
  2. You should not eat too many sweets. It is harmful weight, which will not go away after childbirth, you need to give it up in advance.
  3. Liquid, this is the best, that you can offer your body. You can drink the water, fruit drinks and juices.

Proper diet and exercise, help does not get better during pregnancy and newborn make stronger and stronger.

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