How not to go to school?

Even the most responsible students from time to time there is a desire to miss classes. Someone wants to relax a bit, someone just wants to be absent, someone needs to go somewhere. The reasons for this may be an infinite number. Because they do not go to school and do not suffer the consequences? so, We try to understand this question, dividing it into two categories: absenteeism in junior high and high school.

How do I, not to go to school mladsheklassnikov?

In junior high techniques like not to go to school very much.
First of all, You can walk a class, came up with a reason, which is associated with a sudden deterioration in health. But do not overdo it and plan precisely this situation simulation. The main thing in this case, create a minimum unrest parents about your health, for, so they just left your house, and not taken to the doctor.
The second method can serve as a beautiful view of the desire to "get some rest". show parents, that you are able to keep up with the curriculum, You do well and you so good marks, ask for a little rest, which will help rejuvenate physically and mentally.
And finally,, such household tricks, how to forget to have a Service, hide the keys to the apartment, banal sleep can also help to skip classes without special effects.

How not to go to school students school?

On the question of how not to go to school in high school need to come more gracefully. Health complaints or banal household tricks will not work here. It is best to think of a more original reasons. Among win-win options, you can select campaigns to the recruitment office (for boys) or to the gynecologist (for girls).Girls often hide behind the "critical days", or hiking to a psychologist. There also can be attributed to the reception embodiment dentist. Sudden toothache in the classroom will not leave indifferent even the most strict teacher.
Another method may be an impact on the class teacher. Pushing a little pity, told about the urgent urgent matters at home, that require your intervention, you can with impunity to miss lessons.
In the event of a serious delay requires serious reasons, among which may be an accident on the road, otstutsvie bus, traffic jams.
finally, you can simply ask the parents of a little rest, that you just need due to the increased stress in recent times. clearly demonstrated, as it affects the health you can achieve legal holiday.

Anyway, always need to study well, and if desired, rest, just be creative and invent only genuine reason. Although still need to go to school, but every three months and can be absent, provided, it does not affect performance. I.e, if you passed a test on the eve of "excellent", then it can afford to relax a day.

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