How to avoid mistakes when selecting a watermelon

Watermelon belongs to the family of the pumpkin. Besides, that this berry delicious, she still usable. In watermelon contains a lot of vitamins. This potassium, manganese, iron and magnesium. Watermelon berry nutritionists recommend, as it is low in calories. AND, finally, health. For a man with diseased kidneys - a diuretic. Watermelon also has beneficial effects on the intestine, saving him from toxins. It turns out, that this plant has a lot of positive effects. But that all this was so, it is necessary to understand that, how to choose a watermelon.

How to choose a watermelon

Trouble, with which you may encounter when choosing a watermelon. nitrates. How to protect themselves from nitrates, nobody knows. The only thing, that can advise, to grow watermelon, if a, of course, climate suitable. Berry loves the heat. well and, if this is not possible, buying a watermelon from the counter, House to draw attention to the cut. There should be no yellow fibers, only white, and no shades. Another recommendation. It is not necessary to eat watermelon to cover, let it stay a little flesh. Near the edge of the crust and there is accumulation of nitrates.

It is important to warn about, what you can not buy a watermelon sellers, stand in smb.'s light. After trying a product, you can get severe poisoning. It is better to buy in the market or in the shop. There, at least, have control over the quality and compliance with the rules of storage of goods. when to buy? From the third week of August can be purchased already quite mature fruit.

How to choose a ripe and tasty watermelon

the main thing, no need to rush to buy. It would be desirable, not to buy in the early summer, despite all entreaties sellers. Independently watermelon will not ripen at this time of year. August, September - watermelon period.
Not everyone knows, how to choose a watermelon, that it is juicy and fully ripe. When choosing a ripe watermelon, to start, it is necessary to visually examine the fruit. It should be a medium-sized, stripes on the skin are clearly expressed. If there are no bands, there is such a variety, the color should be uniform and intense.
Now the tail. Status tail is not a sign of ripeness of watermelon, as many believe. And what it is? internal sound. We must knock on watermelon and listen. Dull sound indicates, that the fruit is ripe. Another confirmation, that in the hands of a delicious watermelon, sound compression. Compress the product and listen. If you hear a slight crunch, that here - about to burst, so, watermelon right. And last, yellow spot on the side of the berries. It should be bright yellow.
It is important to understand, what do not make a triangular cut, allegedly personally verify the maturity of watermelon. Why drive to the fruit germs, which are available on the knife? It is dangerous for health. Watermelon ripeness determined visually. Of course, experience of, how to choose the right watermelon, It comes with time. And still, better than a couple of times to make a mistake, than poison, making unnecessary cuts.
That's all, armed with the information, feel free to go to the store for watermelon. And do not listen to sellers, which cram goods, trust your knowledge.

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