How not to get drunk – practical tips

Alcohol - an integral part of any celebration or gatherings. In order not to break out of the general staff and not " Types of alcoholic beverageslose face "each of us should know, how not to get drunk and keep sober mind during his frequent feasts.

Initially, you should think, I need to drink? In reality, if too much alcohol affects a person, making it the behavior of unstable or even dangerous, then he should give up the alcohol.
Such a refusal to friends environment may seem a direct insult.

physical methods

Since the organism intoxication occurs directly with the suction of alcohol in blood, the first thing is to make sure that, to slow it down.

The easiest way - square meal. The method is not particularly reliable, but really the easiest. This technique involves the use of butter and sunflower oil, eggs, porridge of different cereals. It is recommended to use a strong freshly brewed tea or take a small dose of alcohol, preparing themselves.

If the festival promises to drag on, you can drink aspirin. Sorbents - substances, which block and withdraw toxins from the body. The most common in this plan a cheap and proven activated carbon or almagel.

If a person has a strong willpower, then he will vow. You need to have the will power and establish for themselves a certain maximum ceiling drunk alcohol.

Should drink slowly, preferably in the cold. Thus it is impossible to mix the drink with carbonated water. It corrodes a protective fatty layer, but also enhances the effect of alcohol.

Do not forget to have a snack, while drinking should quickly, at one gulp, preventing the possibility of excessive alcohol be absorbed into the body. You can cheat, pouring partial stack.Alcoholic drinks
Cheating is a tricky business and creative. To do this,:

  • pour water instead of vodka or apple juice instead of cognac,
  • pour a portion near the mouth or simply tell, that have drunk,
  • take part in all competitions, held at the party.

How not to get drunk to help some practical tips:

  • We remind friends of the occurrence of the "border",
  • closely monitor the signals of the body and try to stretch portions,
  • drink one kind of alcohol, and not try to experiment,
  • closely monitor, who prepared cocktail and what,
  • drink plenty of water, it will help flush toxins from the body.

Excessive alcohol consumption

Most people know, that alcohol, even in small amounts affects the vital functions of the body positively: relieves stress, dilates blood vessels. But we should remember, that excessive use can cause serious consequences, which lead to poisoning organism. One of the best ways to avoid a hangover hangover is prevention before and during the feast.

Hangover medicine called withdrawal syndrome. Alcoholics always thirsty to drink. Headaches, bowel disorder, shake, depression all withdrawal symptoms.
The main thing to remember, that different types of alcohol beverages is not advisable to mix. taking medications, it is recommended to abstain from alcohol.

You must be able to drink, as it reads iskusstvo.Zakon, so as not to go hangover, can not drink, if a person is tired and very hungry.
It is better, before sleep drink and eat is very satisfying desirable meat soup or fried meat. Before alcohol can be taken 5-6 activated charcoal tablets for the normal functioning of the intestines and stomach in a boot.Duration of drinks

Scrambled eggs with bacon and vegetables for breakfast with a hangover

sugar, after a person drinks, usually reduced. Therefore, a good breakfast with protein and carbohydrates can prevent gipoglekemiyu. Fatty foods causes the release of hormones slowing the rate of alcohol. One conclusion can be drawn. If you are not able to eat it all, it is best to eat bananas, they will restore potassium salts.
To prepare the omelet need to whip raw eggs, adding some drops of vinegar, ketchup salt.

other techniques

If hangover is recommended to drink 70 grams of vodka with added 3-4 tablespoons sour cream, 1 a teaspoon of honey and ice cubes.

Beer and vodka is a good treatment for a hangover. Basically minus the number of diseases in the blood becomes less, therefore delayed hangover. But it will be held in more than a long and gentle manner.
Aspic with hangover, containing a huge number of fat, which combine the effects of alcohol, It is also an effective means of.

Activated carbon hangoverHangover helps sex in conjunction with protein food (kefir, milk).
In some cases, it helps to sleep well either coffee or tea. Caffeine stimulates the body and brings it into a typical mental rate channel. We need to pay attention, Caffeine detrimental, It affects very badly on blood pressure.

Raise the tone of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These drinks have caffeine, consequently they are well toned.
When the hangover drink Schweppes. This drink should be consumed in the evening. Because of the incoming quinine, Schweppes drinks can not all. Effective method with a hangover is considered to be a douche. Initially cold water included, then - warm.

Other applicable methods hangover, are:

  1. cocktail “Streletskaya broom” – is taken 2 part of sauerkraut, 1 part of fresh cabbage,1 part of grated carrots, half cup cucumber pickle,
  2. rest – if you do busy work, the situation will only get worse,
  3. nature is relaxation,
  4. deep breathing - it is recommended to go on the air and sit down if you feel unwell 5 minutes, deep breathing,
  5. mint chewing gum and lollipops – there was an unpleasant sensation, help ordinary mint gum,
  6. Russian sauna – doctors say, that gently removes hangover sauna,
  7. bee honey - it is recommended to take 100 grams of honey and as a consequence of the action of fructose and other substances, alcohol residues are neutralized,
  8. herbal broth – 4 tablespoons of rose hips, 1 spoon Hypericum 2 tablespoons and motherwort 3 tablespoons honey. Filled with components boiling water and leave for a while,
  9. recommended, eat bananas - he restored the body needs potassium contents, the, that was launched later in the use of alcohol as a result of frequent urination,
  10. oranges - taken 200 grams of natural orange juice, 1 Lemon peel and 100 grams of honey. All whipped in Miksira for 5 minutes,
  11. gelatin – gelatin is soaked 25 g. on 1 hour in the warm water, boiled. divorces 1 liter boiling syrup, or. Thereafter heated simmered gelatin, and gradually poured into syrup. Then put a drink in the fridge and after a while drunk,
  12. cabbage with yogurt - fresh cabbage mixed with yogurt,
  13. enema – this method of treatment hangovers and sobering up is particularly effective. making an enema, organism is cleared of harmful toxins. Powerful intoxication is poisoning.

Folk remedies

If, after a prolonged feast appearance unpresentable, then it is recommended to revive the complexion, cut into small slices apple. Vegetable applied to the cheeks, while the skin is massaged in a circular motion.

Another popular means is a terry towel, which is wetted in hot water 1-2 buttered oil drops. Towel and squeezed for a moment it closes the face.

Edema can be removed as follows:. 2 bags of black tea brewed with boiling water, is cooled fluid, and the bags are placed on closed eyelids. If there are no bags, can be used 2 teaspoons, are warmed in hot water and cooled.

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