As a group call vkontakte?

Some people create a group of contacts, but in the end the Public thrown and forgotten. What's the matter? It turns out a major role, You are creating a group when in contact, NAME playing. That it is your group begins to recruit people and to unwind. The name should match your stuffing Group, ie information, which adds to the group creator and its subscribers with participants. In order not to collapse, It represented below manual "As a group call in contact".

Vkontakte community

Vkontakte community

When the group name should be note on:

  • Style
  • Tongue
  • Single-word and multiword name
  • Search with key words

Stylistics - "beauty" name

The title of it is better not to write obscene words or expressions, so they will not be considered interesting and unimportant. The title should be clear, beautiful, melodious and appealing, because that person is a group.


The name can be as in Russian, and in Latin, It can accommodate a acronyms and abbreviations. But we should remember, that by using abbreviations and Latin words and phrases, group should have podistoriyu, why is the name she received, deciphering the names of, as well as the quality, reinforcing component of the group and transmit its essence.

One-word or verbose name

The group must have a name no longer than, so it will be difficult to remember and not very nice to look. In short it can be shown that topic, which will be in a group. PUBLIC, dedicated to cinema, business, games - easily and simply call a word, but it should be special, to stand out from the list of their own kind.
If you can not name a single word, You can apply the phrase of two, but no more than words, because. The shorter name, clearly and simply, it is better to remember.

Search with keywords - the key to promotion

The name can also use the so-called keys, by means of which at the request of a group is, appropriate to your theme, Public was your results list. However, what has got to push keys is not good, before selecting key, you need to look for some keys more requests, as well as in social networks, and the search engines, and then on the basis of these requests to insert your key in your name.

Also, besides the above items "as the group call in contact", the name for the group, subjects which are quotes, aphorisms, clever sayings, instructive article, may be quoted, which shows the most deeply and reveals the essence of public.

If the group is dedicated to humor, the name can also be a funny saying or quote, carries the humor.

As mentioned, let the group name - unique, interesting, playful, carrying some riddle, which will attract visitors to your group. Do not use the hackneyed phrases, do not steal the name of the other groups, be honest.

It is also worth pay attention to the filling of your group, ie information, video, music, documents, pictures, because people come into the group and are looking for do not need to just, they are looking for useful information for themselves. Therefore, the "beautiful" name of the group - it is not the end. It must be every day, each hour pump interesting information, corresponding your subject group, and not some sort of hack, that is, to keep order in your "home". As they say interesting and exciting group did not "die", those same subscribers will help you to reach the tops of your subjects groups, so do not be lazy. Want a good group – you need to sweat.

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