How to learn magic?

Why do people want to become magicians? For some, this is a business, while others want to be powerful personalities, able to control the elements. To know it all, enough to buy a book of spells. Ideal - is to find a teacher, who will teach, how to become a magician. And until you find, read this article.
Basically, magic technique is simple. To successfully master the skills of magic, it is necessary to first create a favorable atmosphere for his life and thinking.

  1. Correctly realize the, what's going on around you.
  2. Not to participate in the debate.
  3. Learning to imagination.
  4. Closer to art.
  5. Get rid of all problems, that affect the psyche.

What skills should have a magician?

  • will. We need to develop a strong will. In fact, willpower easily train home. Struggle with laziness, temptations – this is the development of will.
  • Concentration on one thing.
  • stop thinking. Help to master this skill can meditation, yoga.
  • Imagination. take an object. After looking at him a little, close your eyes and try to see it in detail.
  • Intuition. Good training of, to be able to hear the voice of intuition, numerology and pendulum.
  • Energy. To be able to collect it and feel. This detail below.

How to become a magician of fire?

to understand, how to become a magician and learn to understand the language of fire, we must first make friends with him, namely recharge its energy. how? Start a fire or spark, focus your eyes on the flame and your imagination. The heat has to fill every cell of your body. If you clearly feel it, it means, fire energy accumulates in the body.
Now we start working with fire. The main thing to understand, the fire - it is a living creature. He also has a character. fire cruel, indomitable and passionate. It is important for the magician to achieve the, not to fire drove them, but on the contrary. Concentrating on the flame, stopping your thoughts, fully merged with the fire, you can begin to ask questions. Answers will be reflected in the vision of shadows.
When you are finished, you can not put out the fire. Remember, he is alive and he must go out. Be sure to thank the fire and sprinkle sand, When it completes the combustion process.

How to become a magician of water?

As well, as in the case of fire, it is important to save energy water. Go into the water and completely surrender to its power. Caution, If not the first time and there is the risk of being drowned, it is necessary to stop this action and continue later. Over time, you can become a single whole with water. When this happens, you can begin to move on to meditation. Disconnect from all, that surrounds and become water. Sensing this unity, you must include awareness and peer into the water, until you see the image. This will be the answer to your question. leaving, wash with water and say goodbye, because it is alive.

How to become a magician air?

Yet again, you need to merge with the wind in one piece. In that state, You can easily guess what, when the wind decides to change its direction. In the wind, you can ask for help. how? Remove all thoughts from his mind, except one, which carries information about the issue. Further, go out in the field, wait for, when the wind will blow in the wrong direction, that you need. Tell him, that you suffer, complain. Imagine, the wind - this is your friend.

  • South wind will help to get rid of the disease.
  • West wind will give advice, how to become richer.
  • East wind will give confidence and perseverance.
  • AND, finally, North wind. He will reward you with intelligence and composure.

On this you can finish the story about, how to become a magician. Developing the skills of a magician, they can become. But in reality, it is almost impossible without the help of the Teacher.

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