How to configure your webcam on Skype



It's not a secret to anybody, Without proper configuration webcams make a video call does not succeed, because you will see your interlocutor, and he do not have a. About tom, how to set up a webcam to communicate on Skype and talk this article.

How to install web camera driver

The first thing you need to connect a Web camera to your computer and install the driver. Driver can be installed as a disk, which comes bundled with the camera, or by downloading it from the web.
If the camera comes with a driver disk, just insert it into the drive and run autorun.exe. Further, the driver installation is no different from installing any other program.

If the drive is not supplied or you can not read it, You can download the driver from the web. To do this, log on to the web camera manufacturer. Go to Support or downloading and then drivers (the path may be slightly different in different sites, but the principle is always one). Then, in a special box, select the camera model, after which the link will be to download driver. Download and install.

How to check the settings of the webcam for Skype

After that, as the camera is connected, and the driver is installed, Open Skype and go to the menu settings > video settings. If everything is in order, then you should see a picture with your webcam. If it is, then no further action is required. The camera is set up.

How to fix the problem

If there is no picture, then something is not done. Check out, the camera is not used by any other application (possibly, program was launched, which also uses a webcam).

If the camera is not used anywhere else, check its connection to the computer and check the driver. To do this, go to the menu Control Panel > System > Equipment > device Manager. Find the line with webcam. If the opposite is worth a yellow exclamation mark, then the driver is not appropriate or is not installed properly. Go to the camera settings and install the recommended driver or update existing.

After these steps, check again Video settings in Skype. If the image is still there, check the operation of the camera in other applications. If all else fails, Contact the manufacturer. Perhaps the camera is faulty or has its own characteristics.

For a more complete presentation, how to connect and configure your web camera, we recommend reviewing the instructional video:

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