How to set up your own torrent

A very large number of Internet users prefer to download to your computer all sorts of information, eg, films, music, games, software, etc.. For this purpose,, never better, suitable torrent program. Usually, websites, which provide similar materials, downloading speed significantly curtail, comes to, film size 1,3 GB has to download a few hours.

The torrent of a similar problem will not happen, tk. it employs a completely different system. You download the material is not a specific resource, and from all computers, which used data from the torrent tracker. In this way, you can take the file directly with 2-3 and even 100 computers. Such approach allows to transmit information at high speed with the. Besides, you do not have anywhere pre-register and make a monetary contribution.

Before, how to start using and configuring the software, download it from the official developer's site and install it on your PC.

How to set up Torrent. General provisions

Consider all the basic settings in detail.

  1. The “Language” section is responsible for, in what language, all information will be presented in the menu. In this case, you need to put a Russian or English. Different users prefer for its.
  2. Auto-check of Association – area, where the adjusted association files, that have been downloaded using uTorrent program on your computer. Check the box section, so you let the utility automatically put on all torrent files to download.
  3. Startup uTorrent – as the name suggests, that the data parameter is responsible for loading the program with the operating system. tick, if you want to, Torrent to boot immediately when entering the OS.
  4. The distribution of seats under the file – a very useful feature, which will save a lot of your time. It is necessary in order, to automatically, even before downloading, allocate space for a file, you want to download. If not enough memory hard drive, the utility will display an error message.
  5. Pay particular attention to the interface configuration, it can be done in a special section with a distinctive name. Each user selects individual parameters for yourself, therefore we will not consider this section more.

Internet connection

Самостоятельная настройка


We'll talk about the basic parameters of uTorrent, interface and other useful features. The most important part of the program – technical, We deal with it specifically. Open the menu “Settings” and select “Connect”. Depending on, which parameters for each field you set in this section, It will depend on the, how the program will work.

As you know, settings from this tab are responsible for the work “Network”. Initially, the program puts all the data automatically. but sometimes, that a user accidentally reset all settings or just want to improve the utility.

Note the “Port for incoming connections”. It is needed in order, to know where the files they need to do. In order not to disrupt other programs, it is best to register yourself port (Select the end point of the spectrum of 55 000 to 65 535). This range is used the least, which means, that matches with other programs should not be.

Also worth mentioning forwarding UpnP (a set of network protocols). If you do not own expertise, it is best to leave the automatic operation, or you can make it worse or even stop the work program.

In addition it is important to take care of security and availability. If you are a user-Win, then configure your firewall, so that downloaded files are not subject to quarantine. In the same way you need to configure the antivirus software.

How to set up the torrent speed

Now let's talk about the most important – the speed setting of giving and receiving. Go to “Settings”, next “Speed”. It is important to know, that the parameters must be set according to your tariff plan, which provides the provider. by the way, providers speed in kilobits point in all documents. The Internet is used kilobytes. To convert the units, simply divide the number by 8, tk. one contains eight kilobits kilobytes.

Pay special attention to the section “limit to”. At first glance it may seem, that there is nothing complicated and important. but, if you put too much speed, all programs, who use the Internet connection, are disabled or will slow down. by the way, in this field you must specify the speed is not very, and the percentage of the maximum value.

Remember, torrent that in no case should not occupy the entire channel, the best option is to leave 80 percent program.

The next parameter is “upload Speed, if no downloads”. At this point it is best to put a value: 200-250 units. Also select the greatest number of connections simultaneously, value should not exceed 1000. And select the number of peers – 80-100.

Now you know how to adjust the speed of the torrent, however, you should pay attention to one thing – local peer discovery. This function will significantly increase the speed of file transfer between users. But, the fact, Some service providers put a ban on this procedure. AND, if you break the rules, it will impose penalties on you. They do this not because, that just did not want to please you, but because, that a large flow of extraneous information disables the overall network.

Also use “peer Exchange”. It allows not to resort to the tracker service. You can search for exchange participants, using survey.

If you are one of those people, who use a limit traffic, although these have very little, then enter the distribution limit. for example, put the value 50 GB.

To close the issue, how to set up Torrent, left to do the final step to prioritize.

Once you can do operations easily download materials, using utorrent. If you do not understand some moments, ask questions in the comments or send us an e mail.


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