How to configure the server

The network appears more and more internet projects, sites, services and other resources. Few people know, that they are all installed on certain servers, and indeed most of the work takes place on the server, not on site, as we used to call it. The site is only a small particle of the entire structure of the Internet. In this article, let's talk about, how to configure your server. Besides, all will understand, what kinds exist.

How to set up a proxy server

This type of server acts as an intermediary between the two points. That is, it can be located between an ordinary PC user and hosting, on which is mounted a site, between two computers, etc.. by the way, when choosing a provider it is important to pay attention to the limit. It may be, that your supplier will forbid you to use this program, like skype. Such case is not far from a rarity on the market.

How to configure the server

How to configure the server

Although this limitation and can be bypassed, but you exactly break the rules of the contract. Consider how to do it. The first thing you need to find an active and working proxy server. You can find it on the Internet, by driving in a typical search engine query. Record favorite ip, as well as the port of the server on a sheet of paper, them in the future will have to put in the Skype settings. To do this, open the main program window and select the “Tools”section, next click on “connection Problem”. Here click “Choose HTTPS”, then enter new data and press Save.

After the procedure done, it is desirable to restart the utility, then the question, how to set up a proxy server for Skype, you will stop worrying.

How to set up the media server

This type of server may require you to katalogolizatsii variety of content, to customers and users to read the information in a more convenient form. As an example, you can use Media Players (network), gaming consoles, Pocket mini computers, etc.. In more detail deal with the, how to set up the media server Tversity.

The first thing you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer and download all the software. It is desirable to take the files from the manufacturer's site, but you can also use any other source, then you need a good antivirus, not to download malicious code.

After downloading, install the program on your computer. At the end of the installation wizard will prompt you for the installer and the tuner. Click “OK”, so you can complete all the processes. Find TVersity program shortcut and click on it twice, before you open the main utility window. Find the user interface, add sources here, which is planned to be displayed using the media server. It will not be difficult, just click on the icon “+” next to that object, want to add.

At the end of the settings click on the labels “Sumbit”, so you complete the mounting of a source. Others can be configured in a similar manner.

How to set up an anonymous proxy server

Many users on the network there is a desire to hide your real ip. Each person operates their intentions, one does not want to, to its notice on certain resources, Others do it to improve security.

Server Tuning

Server Tuning

To set up an anonymous proxy server, it is best to use a special program. What to choose is up to you, all the functions of the multitude of representatives of virtually identical, though some of the utilities are in English and are worth the money.

In this article, we consider a program Proxy Switcher Srandard. This utility is shareware, ie. you will need to find their own keys to the internet and to drive them in a special box, then you can start to work in anonymous mode. The program allows users to choose their favorite ip address, Besides offering many additional features.

The first launch of the utility should look like this: on the working area of ​​the screen will appear a new window, in which a section with ip addresses will be empty. Do not be intimidated, you still have to configure the program, then all the information will be. To start, embed tool in the browser, you will use. To do this go to “View”, next, select “Preferences”. Before you open a new window, in which you want to link to “Browser identification”. Note the field “User-Agent”, it is responsible for, which browser will work anonymously. Select from the list and click “Ok”.

Next you need to update the proxy list. To do this, click on the download button. Immediately after your actions the program will start automatically scan the Internet on active ip address. You will notice it in the left field fills. The rules will be published themselves address, and country, in which they are. by the way, best to use ip country, so you will not overload your computer, and loading pages will be much higher.

when typed 300-350 options, it is best to stop searching. This list you will be quite enough. Now sort the list, to identify work addresses. Then go to the tab “Basic Anonymity”, where you need to use is the first server.

Now you know, how to configure your server. In addition, we reviewed the specific programs and their installation.

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