How to draw a rabbit?

First of all, should present, some want to see the hare. What can you say about his character, physique and posture. After that, you can find a suitable image and redraw. A more promising option - learn more in detail, how to draw a rabbit yourself.
There are a variety of options for a recognizable image. To build the image, person, did not know how to draw, it is necessary to perform a few exercises. Each time the result will be better, and search patterns do not have to.

drawing process

First, you need to remember, It looks like a hare. In any of its illustration will be present characteristic elements:

  • long ears;
  • big eyes;
  • short tail;
  • long hind legs.
  • long teeth

If these signs are present figure, the hare will be recognizable, how to draw all the rest is of no importance. In any case, do not get a realistic image of a hare, and stylized. It can make fun or sad, scared or brave. It all depends on the artist.
You can draw the outline with a pencil, and then paint it.

Several variants, how to draw a rabbit

  1. Drawing the eyes. They will serve as the beginning of the pattern, other items will be positioned relative to the eye. Then draw the ears, at their center holds dark bands. Below the eyes - a little, the black, triangular nose. The left and right of the three cirrus. Between the ears can spend a zigzag line, which will depict the likeness hairstyles. Then it is necessary to draw a semicircular belly, bent hind legs and short front. will hare, sitting on his hind legs. This is the easiest option.
  2. How to draw a rabbit, which happens in fairy tales? This version of the image resembles a character from some cartoon. The construction starts with drawing faces. greater, round head is drawn by a single line, It begins or ends with this line on a small nose. Muzzle so povёrnuta, which can be seen only one big eye. From it are lush cheeks. Draw big ears. The lower part of the small size of the body. Add the legs and tail. The result was a fun fairy hare.
  3. The last picture is quite simple to perform. Large oval - torso. Smaller oval - head hare. Side view. Dimensions faces and bodies are proportional. Hare does not look fat. Spout - point. It is necessary to finish the antennae. The eye is not very big. Ears curled back. How to draw ears, already we discussed in the previous figures. Most poluspiral shows hind paw. Rear add tail and dorisovyvat foreleg. If we represent around the green grass, forest, flowers and paint the most hare, it can turn out quite realistic image.

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