How to draw a dog?

In this article you will learn, how to draw a dog, that it turned out the most plausible.

Ways to correct dog drawing

This may require two methods of drawing: first way, in which he told, how to draw a dog with realistic features and peculiarities. A second method, described, how to draw a cartoon dog. This method is best suited to help your child to do their homework on drawing.
You can not know in advance, will ask what kind of job at home. And you definitely need to be able to portray any image perfectly. Let it be a rose, a horse or a human. If you are going to portray a believable dog, then do it will be very difficult, than cartoon. The dog is graceful, strong and every dog ​​breed has its own peculiarities and its. And when you draw one or another of the dog is necessary to consider all of these qualities.

Getting drawing

Before proceeding to draw a dog, to look out for a special training video. It is best to start drawing with the dog's head, then you need to start painting the face, wool, the expression of the eyes and ears. Of course the talent to appear in a single day can not. In order to reach it you need persistence and work. Also, you have to constantly work on every dog's movement.
You might find a book called "Drawing the Dog". And I wrote this book Walter Halbinger. With this book you will easily and in the shortest possible time will be able to learn how to draw dogs of any breed. It is possible to draw a pencil, and you can immediately handle.
And if you want to learn how to draw dogs using colors, you'll need a book called "How to draw a dog"- Walter Foster. With this book, you can learn how to draw the dog's fur so, to make it look, as a natural.
Now let's find out, how to draw a dog cartoon. This dog really want to learn to paint not only for children, but also their parents. To do this you need to draw the dog's ears sharp, long tongue, round nose, legs and tail. Of course, it is impossible to learn how to draw a dog perfectly on the first try, but if you try, all sure to get.

Little tricks

You can draw a dog good or evil. It can be drawn from any breed of dog taxi to Shepherd. And before you start to draw your dog on a piece of paper, try to portray it on your computer or tablet in Photoshop program. If there is no computer or tablet, then start to draw on the album pages and preferably with a pencil.
Importantly do not forget, that learn how to draw your own, or to teach the child is not difficult. Here importantly patience and desire. And if something does not happen the first time do not be upset, Do not give up, and then the next time be sure to get all.

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