How to draw a dragon?

These creatures can be seen on posters, games, movies toys. Therefore, I wish to understand them is becoming more and more. Today's article will talk about, how to draw a dragon.
To start disassemble features, with the help of which you will give to understand, Who are you going to paint. Before you begin drawing, decide, what you want to draw a dragon. They are Chinese and Western. They have an elongated body with small scales, webbed wings without feathers and long tail. Do not forget about the sharp teeth and claws, on the crests of which are located along the length of the body. They have an elongated shape of the skull and snake eyes.

option №1

tell, how to draw a dragon in flight. First you need to determine the size and position of the abdomen. This is sort of the center of the future of the animal. After swipe through sinuous line, it will be the symbol of the spine. After the note layout of upper and lower jaws, and draw the half rings from head to tail. They should increase to the abdomen and shrink from it. Then color paint color spiky scruff, teeth and snake eyes. Of course, no dragon will not work, if you do not draw his wings. They must be like the wings of a bat. Well, in the last leg draw him. They should be clawed and carnivorous.


If you liked the first version, but it seemed too difficult you will approach this version cartoon dragon. Figure need to start with the head, oral, which should be similar to the beak and large comb, which is drawn in the form of triangles.. But there is no auxiliary lines, repeat everything exactly after the artist. From the head to move the body, conceding his place to paws. They should be large feet, which will be located three sharp toe. In the last draw wings, they must be very small. If you want to, that the dragon was good, the paint color eyes, eyebrows and nose. After all it raskraste, and it will be ready.

option №3

How to create a dragon in Photoshop. This lesson will consist of 5 parts. To mark the beginning of the general framework and define, where will be located the joints. after consider, what it is in his wing. Then it will be necessary to depict a long and muscular neck, It should stay on the oval head. Create a basin and draw from it a muscular tail. But you never learn to draw a dragon, If you fail to convey the strength of hind paws. Video will show you how to attach these muscles and bony growths.

We hope, our lessons you will really come in handy, and you will learn the basics of drawing and learn how to combine components, creating original mythical creatures, and you can teach anyone to, how to draw a dragon.

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