How to draw a flower?

The child begins to draw from the very simple. First it usually becomes a pattern or sun flower. And if you know, how to draw a flower, then you will be able to draw a sun and easy, because, that the principle of drawing these two figures is almost the same. Let's imagine a kid and try to draw a flower.

The naturalistic approach and decorative flower painting

flower painting can be different. One of the methods – naturalistic approach. In this case, you are looking at a flower and try to move it to the exact image on the paper.
The second approach- decorative – you draw it, that tells your imagination, use any shape and color, but the surrounding, who look at your drawing, know exactly, it is - flower. That is – your job is to make this flower recognizable.

Where to begin?

To explain to the child, how to draw a flower, Draw a circle on the paper. Then, on the edge of the circle pririsovyvat ovals- petals. The petals may have any shape, but that the child was easier to repeat, better to use simple shapes. painted? It is already clear, it is a flower. Not enough stem and leaf. From the lower lobe draw a line, and "attach" a couple of leaves. Your flower is ready.
If your child asks, how to draw a flower and a more complex configuration- rose or tulip, You can see the appropriate drawings and try yourself srisovat flowers.

Paint with imagination

You can show imagination, Encourage your child to draw a grass and the sun. For, to the process some fun, and the result is striking and impressive, draw the best colored pencils limit child, even if it seems, that his "art" is not reminiscent of a flower. Carefully add the necessary touches, explain to your child, that he had just opened a new botanical species of plants, Come up with a fun title picture, sign and hang it on the wall. In the future, the child will try to draw a similar. But if it is- His first drawing, the main thing- let him show imagination, to the drawing process itself gave him only pleasure, and that he often tried to pick up the album and paints, rather than a computer mouse- in this age of the practical and creative activities is much more useful to him.
In a world of so many different colors, that they can draw on to infinity. Remember your childhood, when a homemade card you drew the whole bouquets. And each such figure was not like anything else- because everyone sees something different. Come to the aid of paint, the pencils, markers- and behold a white sheet of paper under the uncertain hand of the child are the real flowers blossom. And if the process drags him- encourage your baby. Who knows, He can become a great artist in the future.

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