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In life, people communicate with other people, whether friends, relatives or colleagues, It plays a very important role. If you suddenly lost touch with your friends, this saddens. But we must not lose heart, and try to track down the man, in popular social networks, eg, "In contact with". This network has more than 60 million registered users, and there is a real opportunity, that man, you want to find is your own account on this site.

Many wonder: «how to find a person in contact?"There are many ways to do it.
When any user logs in to a social network, He fills in the questionnaire, which indicates your personal details. Usually indicates the work place, School and university. Many of the fields of the form are not required to be filled. Another addition to the personal data offered to put your photo on your account. However, unfortunately not many people fill out a detailed questionnaire, because they are becoming harder to find, but can help the photo of a familiar face.
In this article, we will tell you:

  • How to find classmates or schoolmates "contact";
  • How to find a person "contact" in the place of residence;
  • As the site can find a colleague;
  • How to find anyone in the workplace;
  • How to find a person "In contact" via e-mail;
  • Other ways to find.

As the site "in contact" to find classmates (classmate)

To find the classmate (classmate) Online first press the button "People", located on the top-panel. line appears, in it you have to write the name and surname of the person, which you want to find. It should be remembered and taken into account the fact, Some recorded, using your name in different variations: Maxik, Max, Maximka, Maksimych.

This affects the search results very. Because it is reasonable to introduce the beginning of the name, but the name did not write. Now on the right panel, locate the "School" button, «University», "Year of issue". When you select a country, menu appears, in which you must choose an area, city, district, and then the schools, available to him. In the school menu, or select your university class, the department or faculty. And finally enter the Year. When you do this, examine the results of your search. There is a high probability, that the search results will find your wanted each.

If you can not find his friend in the results, then try to make it less detailed search. So you can see all the people, graduated from your school, with the name of your friend.

If you delete the name of the search engine line, but left in the menu on the right school, class and year of graduation, you will see their classmates, which indicated personal data class, where he studied. When searching for classmates, remember, she could marry, and many women do not leave their mother's maiden name in your account.

How to find a person "Vkontakte" the place of residence

If you know where, lives your friend, use the button "Places" panel on the right.
Here you can select the country, city, street, number of houses and apartments. But the problem is, that less 30% registering people indicate in the application his address. If you know a person's birth date, then you can find it if you enter a date of birth and the city, in which he lives.

As the site can find a colleague

To find a friend in the army, go to submenu "Military Service", which indicate the country, military unit and years of service in the army.

How to find anyone in the workplace

If you want to find a colleague or a former employee of your company, refer to the sub-menu "Work" in the fields with the name and title of the person, is looking for.

How to find a person "Vkontakte by e-mail

so, how to find a person "VKontakte", knowing the e-mail address? To do this you need, First of all, to present this address in your email address book. If there is one, then your account "Vkontakte" go to "Friends" menu and scroll down to "Search for friends", here you will be asked to enter your email address and password box, which has the address of the desired object. When you do, displays a list of addresses, are in the address book of your box, which registered an account "Vkontakte". Select your address, if it's there.

Other ways to find

If your search has not been successful, then there is another option. So what else can be a way to find a person in contact? Try to remember the people, which are included in the circle of friends wanted man with whom he could communicate in social networks. View your friends on the pages of these people. It may well be, that among them will be a man, you've been looking for, and you will find him on the photo or name.

If, after a long search, you finally lucky, and you will find your friend, be sure to use the option "Add to Friends" and send him any message.

Never lose your friends and chat with them most.

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