How to find a person by phone number?

In life there are different situations, when a known phone number of a person, and nothing more, and it is very necessary to know its data. It happens, phoned someone unknown, and it is not clear - whether to call back. it happens, that I want to deal with those, who bullies, nazvanivaya phone. And there are very serious situation, when, knowing only the phone number, We need to find a missing person or a dangerousi bandit.
What to do in such cases,? use different, completely legal ways.

Search on mobile number database

With the help of search engines

Firstly, simply type in the existing phone number in any search engine. The issue will be sites, which exactly define the subscriber and the operator region.
Also, quite possible, that this number is somewhere in the network displayed, eg, People leave their data in the private declaration, maybe he published them in the questionnaire on the forums.
Besides, there are sites, specifically collect information about any mention of different telephone numbers in the network, where you can find all the information available on them. Sometimes it helps to calculate the human, his personal data, address, place of work.
If desired man left a phone number on his page on the social network, the search engine will give its link page.
Some sites or company offering this information for a certain amount of money, but there should be more careful, In most cases, it fraudsters, and the money will simply be wasted. If you do decide to apply to such a company, carefully collect all available information about it, and reviews.

With the help of mobile operator

operatorRecently, some network operators offer paid services for punching numbers, but it can be used only in the event, if it gave permission to the owner of the number itself.
In severe cases, help in the search party to help law enforcement agencies. for example, if there is a proven fact of threats from some rooms, or when other weighty circumstances, it is not difficult to identify the network operator, because each phone number has been received a certain person, Abandoning when buying a SIM card, all your real personal data.

How do you know a person's whereabouts?

If in severe cases is an urgent need to find a missing person, or just find a stolen cell phone, then it does not need to know all pelengphone number. The only condition - the device must be switched on, and which SIM card in it is, It does not matter. The fact, that each phone is assigned at the factory Special IMEI number, it is listed on the box, or on the battery, or on the label next to the SIM card. Any phone is a radio transmitter, Therefore, the operator will be able to track its location without any problems. But this information will be informed only at the request of law enforcement agencies, where you want to file a complaint with.

cellular companies also offer paid services for rapid subscriber location finding. If the service is connected, the answer can be obtained in a convenient way - via SMS-message, e-card. This will require first obtain the written consent of the subscriber, details of which are available on a similar request.

Search on landline phone number

If you know the number of wired landline phone, then look online phone database item residence. There are in the network and the various sites of electronic telephone directories. In big cities data discs can be bought. Help ordinary paper telephone directories.

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