How to treat herpes labialis

The appearance of herpes on the lipsThe oral herpes or "herpes simplex" is a viral skin lesions, which manifests itself in the form of bubbles in the group slightly hyperemic edematous basis.
After some time, these tumors shrivel or opened independently. Before we find out, how to treat cold sores on the lips need to find out, what it is. Herpes - a chronic disease, which is constantly renewed after some time. Before the advent of the bubble at the patient fever, a headache and malaise.

The disease is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy by contact. Therefore, the patient must have a separate towel, dishes and personal funds. When the herpes, it is recommended not to touch. Otherwise, possibly, carry infection, for example, in the eyes.

basic techniques

When you see the lips herpes should be treated to such a new formation as a serious disease. It is caused by the herpes virus. In this case, antibodies to it have each person. It should be noted, that contact with the virus do not always occurs with symptoms, however, antibodies are produced.

Before you decide, how to treat cold sores on the lips need to do so, the virus is not active and does not cause rashes. Typically, such a disease appears not in contact with the sick person, but at the expense of self-provoking activity own virus.

In any case, doctors recommend as a preventive measure on a regular basis to monitor the status of the immune system. Adversely affects the health of stress and unhealthy diet. The appearance of herpes on the lips directly affected poor nutrition.

Particular caution should be women in situation. Therefore, the appearance of herpes on the lips should immediately consult a dermatologist. The main features of this disease are:

  • appearance in the corners of the lips bubbles,
  • itching and redness at the site of occurrence of herpes,
  • increased body temperature.

medical advice

Application of funds for herpesDoctors have identified a number of treatments for herpes. When the first symptoms of this disease is recommended for every day use 3-4 times antiviral ointment: Zovirax, antigerpes and other means. Of the drugs recommended acyclovir.

To eliminate the causes herpes on the lips need to use herpetic polio. To achieve good results by using conventional ridostine and bracing means. must be considered, that the various side effects can occur if you use medicines:

  1. nausea,
  2. vomiting,
  3. sharp pain,
  4. peeling of the skin and other.

Before deciding, how to treat herpes labialis, doctors recommend treating skin antiseptic. Usually used for this purpose miramistin. Another well-known drug is valaciclovir. This tool helps stop virus replication, seriously hindering the spread of herpes amongst all family members.

Treatment of herpes on the lips during pregnancy

Doctors recommend to treat cold sores on the lips of some drugs during pregnancy. It is not necessary in such a position to self-medicate. Certain medicines and folk remedies adversely affect fetal development, and the general condition of the expectant mother. After contact with the virus in the female body after conception, if possible premature birth. Usually considered the consequences of the disease depend on the duration of pregnancy. The smaller the period, the harder the result.

Folk remedies

How to treat herpes labialis know traditional medicine. For this purpose grass, compresses, decoctions and infusions:

  1. affected bubbles can lubricate the juice of celandine 2-3 times a day,Treatment of herpes on the lips of folk remedies
  2. in boiled water soluble copper sulfate until a blue color. The resulting liquid wetted cotton swab and applied to herpes,
  3. affected skin places rubbed the juice of freshly tricolor violet,
  4. apple and garlic paste made, which is applied to herpes,
  5. 2 large spoon filled with melissa 1,5 boiled water, and boiled at low heat for 5 minutes. An hour later, cooked tincture drunk ½ cup 3 times a day,
  6. leaves, bark or flowers elderberry poured a glass of boiled water. 20 minutes, the mixture was infused into the heat. Drinking means you need a glass of tea in one of the 20 minutes before meals,
  7. Melissa and alcohol (vodka) taken in the ratio 1:5. An infusion cauterizing herpes labialis,
  8. Pregnancy from herpes on the lips helps dandelion oil and calendula.

Prevention of herpes

Solve the problem of, how to treat herpes labialis, doctors recommend the use of preventive measures. Usually, after ingestion of herpes is not immediately. It can appear in different parts of the body. Due to lack of vitamins and minerals reduces the body's resistance against herpes. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the prevention of this disease:

  • spring and winter will need to spend on drink a course of vitamins,
  • autumn and summer in the diet need to include fruits and vegetables,
  • constantly take vitamin C,
  • normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • more time to be outdoors,
  • to live an active lifestyle.

It should be taken into account, that herpes - a cosmetic problem, which symbolizes the presence in humans of a serious illness. Therefore, the appearance of the above symptoms are advised to seek help from a dermatologist.

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