How to treat bronchitis - advice from doctors

Bronchitis - is the most common diseases among children and adults. There are several methods, with nomoschyu that can cure this disease.

What You Should Know?

Before you begin home treatment, We need to find out the degree of development of the disease. When complex forms of bronchitis you should call the doctor at home. Bronchitis - a disease of the respiratory system, wherein the inflamed bronchus. Such pathology involved pulmonologists.

Doctors There are two types of this disease:

  1. acute,
  2. chronic.

The first kind is subject to bronchitis home treatment. With regard to chronic bronchitis, in this case, can not do without a doctor. To determine the presence of this type of disease enable the following recognized signs:

  • cough,
  • sputum,
  • cough duration exceeds 3 month, etc..

comparison of the bronchiBronchitis is particularly dangerous during pregnancy. In this case, you should immediately seek help from a doctor. Do not rely on traditional medicine, as this may adversely affect the health and development of the fetus.

Before you decide, how to treat bronchitis, We need to find, as they may be ill. In most cases, such ailment ill droplets by. The danger of this disease lies in the development of pathology on the background of other ailments: flu, pertussis, rhinitis, cold, tracheitis, etc..

The causes of bronchitis are bacteria or viruses. The first stage of development of this disease is to fall off into the human virus, to which the bacterial flora joins three days: Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus, and other bacterial agents.

Typically bacterial agent penetrates into the human body, damaging the mucosal epithelium. The last element is destroyed and dies. Dead cells are an optimal environment for the development of bacterial flora, which quickly begins to develop.

Status of the bronchiAs a result, impaired microcirculation and impaired nervous trophic. This promotes the formation of a large number mikrotrombozov, which further negatively affect the situation. As for the restoration of the mucous, it comes through 1-2 weeks after the prescribed course of treatment. Harder is the case with pregnant.

If the patient does not seek medical help and not take any antibiotics, then inflamed mucosa even stronger, and it will be extensive hemorrhage, and clearance clogged purulent exudate. The results will complete blockage of the lumen of the bronchi and immediate hospitalization. However, it is not necessary to bring the condition of the body to the point, immediately begin treatment.

symptoms of bronchitis

The first symptom is the appearance of bronchitis is considered to be a slight increase in body temperature. Further there is a general malaise, weakness, fatigue and decreased performance. It is also possible the emergence of a severe headache and lethargy. However, these symptoms are typical for the common cold.

Initially, the patient has a dry cough, which is enhanced by the night. By the third and fourth day cough becomes wet and is excreted mucus. In this case, the cough occurs with dyspnea of ​​varying severity. There are also a lot of pain for breast. Especially it is typical for the period of coughing. Often patients complain of increased sweating.

Treatment of bronchitis - highlights

On average, treatment is 10-14 days. Initially, it is necessary to pass inspection:

  • blood test,
  • a urine analysis,
  • pass sputum,
  • to do chest X-ray.

treatment of bronchitisOtherwise, complication is inevitable. Usually pathological state becomes a complete blockage of the bronchi. With regard to the therapy, it includes anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory drugs. It should be noted, that in recent years, doctors have focused on greater anti-inflammatory drugs. This is because the, that inflammation occurs in the bronchi.

traditional funds

Also, doctors prescribe drugs, which liquefies phlegm and facilitates its expectoration. Usually it mucolytics and mukokinetiki. For an easy transfer flow physicians prescribe means pathological process, that suppress the cough. Once the sensitivity of flora to be determined, you can take antibiotics.

Drink with bronchitisHowever, in addition to drug therapy need to change the power and sleep mode. This is especially true of women in the position. Throughout the therapy need to give up bad habits. Also need plenty of rest and to avoid exercise. To reduce inflammation in the throat, you need to have a fine and soft foods. it is recommended not to include the patient's diet salty and spicy dishes.

The important point is, how to treat bronchitis, It is to drink plenty of. Better for this use alkaline mineral water, herbal tea, water with honey and other drinks. You can not drink hot, strong tea or coffee.
Rubbing - this is another important point therapy. You can use a special tool or camphor oil.

preventive measures

Not to take such procedures, doctors advise regularly engage in prevention. This will require:

  1. protect yourself from hypothermia,
  2. wear a mask with an increased seasonal incidence of the common cold,
  3. eliminate bad habits,
  4. exercise regularly,
  5. spend more time outdoors,
  6. follow the daily food,
  7. Avoid prolonged stay in the atmosphere of humid air masses,
  8. avoid chronic infection foci,
  9. follow the body's immune system.

People's treatment

Bronchitis is often treated by folk remedies. For example, jam pine buds. To cook it you need to collect regrown buds 3-5 cm. data fruits are washed, finely chopped. On 1 kg need kidney 3-4 liters of water. For 10-15 minutes, the composition is boiled, then filtered, advocates and again filtered. On 1 kg decoction accrue 1 kg of honey and 10 g alcoholic propolis extract. All thoroughly mixed and heated to 40 degrees. The mixture was cooled and poured into a capped bottle. Store the resulting need to jam in a cool place. It should take on 1 teaspoon of 30 minutes before a meal. Honey can replace sugar syrup. The syrup is boiled 10-15 minutes.A folk remedy for bronchitis

From bronchial and cough is considered to be an effective means of radish. This product should be cut into small cubes, put them in a saucepan and fill with sugar. The resulting composition is baked in an oven at low heat for two hours. The mixture is filtered, and the pieces thrown. Liquid is discharged into the bottle. Drink it must be for 2 teaspoons 3-4 times a day before meals and at bedtime.

Another effective means of bronchitis is finely chopped onions in an amount 10 pieces and 1 head of garlic. These ingredients are boiled in milk until they are soft. Next, add a spoon of honey, and a small spoon mint juice. Accept obtained every means must 60 minutes throughout the day.

Also, bronchitis can be prepared following medication:

  • 2 large spoons of butter combine with two yolks, 1 a small spoon of flour, 2-spoons of honey on me. Take this facility needed for 1 teaspoon several times a day,
  • egg yolks mixed with sugar and taken on an empty stomach,
  • rubbed black radish, from which subsequently squeezed juice and mix with honey. The resulting composition should drink 2 large spoon before meals and at bedtime,
  • carrot juice mixed with milk in equal volumes. Take it should be in the form of heat 5-6 once a day,
  • boiled for one glass of milk and a tablespoon of sage. All is filtered and boiled over. You need to drink hot before going to bed.

Treatment of bronchitis in adults

Often catarrhal diseases turn into bronchitis. Initially, the patient feels pain in the chest, there is shortness of breath, cough and weakness. In view of the flowing forms of the disease depends on the course of treatment. Bronchitis - is a consequence of the negative impact on the bronchial mucosa. Viral bronchitis exacerbation is developing in the bronchial mucosa inflammation, which is characterized by mucus hypersecretion. At the same time violated the cleansing function of the bronchi, enhanced cough, shape changes sputum, while its volume increases.

Once the secret provokes an increase in bronchial obstruction, which increases the frequency of complications. To treat such disease needed due to the combination of drugs, stabilizing amount of mucus and its yield of bronchi and antibacterials.

Effective drugs are also considered mucolytic and antibacterial agents, for example, "Makrotussin". Also, doctors decide, how to treat bronchitis, by avoiding the patient from bad habits.

In a second step is required to take medication, that due to the method receptor stimulation extend bronchi: salbutamol, terbutalin, bromide, fenoterol. In the next stage appointed expectorants and mucolytics, which contribute to sputum. It should be remembered, that in case of acute bronchitis are made of plant-based preparations. Chronic bronchitis appointed synthetic mucolytics: lazolvan, Ambroxol, ACC. They contribute to the rapid recovery of bronchial epithelium. They phlegm. Treat bronchitis need complex, applying simultaneously mucolytics and antibiotics.

For the fourth stage is characterized by the use of antibiotics. Adults can also be used folk remedies. This is only possible with a light stage of bronchitis. To restore the normal operation of the bronchi must be frequently going out into the fresh air, eat well and do not perform physical activity.

Treatment of chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis - a progressive disease, that affects the bronchial tree. The disease is caused by prolonged airway irritation different noxious agents. Chronic bronchitis occurs at a constant or periodic cough with sputum for more than two years or more 2-3 months of the year for two years.

Chronic bronchitis refers to an independent disease, the occurrence of which is connected with the violation purification bronchi influenced by various harmful agents. There are several methods for the treatment of chronic bronchitis. It all depends on the phase of this disease, the nature and characteristics of the inflammatory process.

Folk remedies for chronic bronchitis

There are some folk remedies, used in chronic bronchitis. For example, you can pour three tablespoons of dried limes glass of boiled water. This solution was heated on a steam bath for 15 minutes. He further filtered and topped with boiled water to a full glass. Take the medicine you need hot half a cup three times a day.

When this illness can prepare an infusion of mother and stepmother. One large spoon of leaves data poured a glass of boiling water and infuse for one hour. After straining, you can drink ¼ cup 4 times each day.Herbs from chronic bronchitis

You can also drink the marshmallow for bronchitis before meals for 20-30 minutes. To prepare the broth will need to fill in 2 large spoons of crushed root that means, a glass of boiled water, closing the lid, and boil on a water bath for 30 minutes. The mixture is then pressed, cooled and drink half a cup three times a day.

To soften the cough and increased sputum helps Viola tricolor. For the preparation of medicines need to pour boiling water over one tablespoon of dried herb. The resulting composition is heated on a steam bath for half an hour. The solution was then cooled, pressed and topped with boiled water to 200 g. Take this solution should 3-4 times each day.

As disinfectant in chronic bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia is recommended to take an ordinary thyme. For this 2 tablespoons of the herb filled with boiling water and boil in water bath for half an hour. After cooling the solution is filtered and all topped to 200 g. You need to drink at 1/3 cups three times daily.

An effective tool for inflammatory respiratory processes is violet field. To prepare a decoction of the leaves and stems of this plant. One small spoon of herbs boiled water, infused over one hour, Filter and drink a spoonful three times daily.

With a cold decoction of the iris to take one large spoonful every hour. To cook it you need to grind the roots of iris and two large spoons of funds pour boiling water. After ottsezhivaniya in solution is added a teaspoon of honey.

From expectorant taken plantain. One teaspoon of this plant is filled with boiling water and leave 30 minutes. After straining drink the medicine for one big spoon 3-4 times a day.

As a diaphoretic and vitamin applied marjoram. It is combined with fruits and raspberry leaves mother and stepmother. These components are taken in equal proportions.

Effective action in bronchitis is the inhalation. The container is filled 1 l of boiling water, which is added 2-3 drops of oregano oil. Next, the patient is covered with a towel and inhale the vapors over 3-5 minutes. Pregnant women should refrain from similar actions in the first 6 months. It is also not recommended for people such procedures with high blood pressure.

Often, chronic bronchitis cured bacon, represented as a grid. She put on low heat, until you drain the fat from it. It is drained and placed in a cool place. One teaspoon of the fat melts in a glass of milk. Fat and is used for the topical treatment due to rubbing with a quantity of turpentine in the chest.

If bronchitis occurs at high temperature and heat, then the chest and calves need to put mustard on 10-15 minutes. Also, the following mixture is used for rubbing: 1 small spoon of ground red pepper mixed with two tablespoons of melted lard.

Other effective means in question, to treat chronic bronchitis forms are:

  • juice of cranberries, which is mixed in equal proportions with honey. Take receipt of funds needed for one large spoon 3-4 times each day,
  • 400 g of crushed raisins poured 200 ml of water. All the ingredients simmer on low heat, for 10 minutes. After pressing it is ready for use,
  • one small teaspoon of garlic juice diluted in a glass of warm milk. Take this medicine you need every day,
  • freshly cucumber juice is taken 2-3 times a day for half a glass,
  • birch juice should be drunk within a month of one cup three times a day on an empty stomach,
  • badger fat should drink one tablespoon twice daily, wherein the drink should be cucumber brine,
  • It needs to take on 200 g honey, aloe juice and carrot, cognac, beet juice and black radish. Everything merges into the kettle and lid sealed with dough. Further dishes put on low heat until, while out of the spout will not leave foam. The composition is discharged in a bottle,
  • a bottle of vodka need 200 g aloe juice, honey, 100 g birch buds, propolis and eau de cologne. All components are mixed and infused in a dark place for 12 days. Drink solution should be prepared for one small spoon three times each day, half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is two bottles,
  • 200 g birch fungus is connected to 200 g aloe juice, 250 g cognac, 400 g honey and half packs grass: yarrow, rosehip and sage,
  • effective in bronchitis hips and pine buds. These components need to grind and moisten a small amount of cold boiled water. This solution was infused over two hours in a dark place, then poured into a pan 200 g of water and brought to a boil and boiled for 3 minutes. Next added wormwood and yarrow. The resulting solution was still boiled 5 minutes. Then the pan off the heat, wrapped up and left for 2 o'clock. After straining added to the composition of honey, brandy and warm aloe juice. The resulting composition is infused throughout 24 hours. Take this facility needed for 6 days on a small spoon three times a day for 2 hour before meals. Then you can take the same dosage twice a day. Course of treatment 21 days.

To take people's money you need based on the doctor's recommendations.

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