How to buy perfume

Perfume is an integral part of image of modern man. This is often one of the ways to emphasize their individuality. They affect all human senses and is able to arouse the interest of strangers. Choose your own flavor must be conscious and deliberate. Perfume shops offer perfume with a huge variety of smells. Manufacturers are trying to stand out not only exclusive fragrances, but the creation of expensive packaging and luxurious bottles.

What is the difference of perfumes and toilet waters

Buy perfumeThe composition of any perfume product is practically identical. Perfume and other fragrances produced using the concentrate of fragrance, with the addition of alcohol and water. The difference lies in the proportions of ingredients.

Spirits represent the most expensive perfume product production. They contain up to 20-30% fragrance. Most often used for the production of natural essential oils or synthetic substances. Packaging of spirits is issued with the notation "Parfum" or "Extrait" (perfume or extract). Capacity usually does not exceed 15 ml.

Natural perfumes have a yellowish tint. This perfume has a lasting fragrance, which did not erode.

Boxes perfume water are the inscription "Eau de Parfum". It has a lower concentration of essential oils – up to 20% not as stable, like perfume.

Sometimes on the packaging is spelled "Parfum de Toilette" or "Eau de parfumee" – scented water. It is only used to give a feeling of freshness.

The third type of perfumes – colognes. The packaging is usually made “Eau de Cologne”, the proportion of concentrate to 3%.

Strength of flavor:

  1. Spirits from 5 to 10 hours.
  2. Eau de Parfum – 4 to 8 hours.
  3. Eau de toilette – 2 4 o'clock

The durability of the perfume affects the type of flavor. East, sweet scents remain on the skin for much longer, than the sea, citrus and other fresh scents.

Selection of aroma

By nature every person has its own, unique smell. Quite difficult to find two people, which smells the same. Aromas from nature rather subtle and elusive, so people use perfume.

When choosing a perfume you should not rely on the advice of friends. Aroma, which is like one person, maybe a completely different way to reveal the skin of another.

Before you buy perfume, you need to test them on your own skin. It is the mixing of natural smell with perfumes and gives the final flavor, which will be perceived.

To choose and buy any perfume in cheap is much more difficult, it seems, at first sight. The choice should take into account the factors:

  • a person's age;
  • features lifestyle;
  • the appearance and condition of skin;
  • the place of application of perfume and fragrances.
  • a kind of perfume. Perfume, Cologne, toilet water out in different ways;
  • time of the year;
  • a variety of subjective symptoms: mood, clothing style or astrological sign.

Spirits product, which are in great demand, regardless of gender and age of buyers. Unfortunately, that fact, the perfume belongs to the luxury, leads to the appearance on the market of a large number of fakes. Even in the shops of the famous brands can be found poor quality products.

What are fake perfume

First of all it copies. The hardest to distinguish from the original perfume, since their creation, are copied packaging, the shape of the bottle, logo.

The next type of counterfeit version. Most often at the bottom of the packaging in small letters indicate the word "version", the appearance of such spirits does not coincide with the original.

The next option variations. The bottle and packaging can be similar to the original. But in the name of the perfume will be small changes, eg, one letter will be replaced by another. These spirits are considered to unique, as their names do not coincide with the brand.

The next option – the so-called gray imports. From the point of view of quality, it's not really fake. This is an original perfume at lower price from the manufacturer. Most of these perfume of such a spill can be in the online stores.

Producer prices in the other country may be lower. Of course, for buyers, such a purchase is more profitable, than buying the original. Often in these stores you can find aromas of, which have not yet entered the official sales in the country. In any case low price on grey import due to the fact, what the seller gets from taxes and often do not bear the cost of equipping the shop or in the sale of warehouse. But you need to always remember that, that the purchase of such spirits encourages piracy.

Perfume, sold in a package, resembling a ballpoint pen with cap – absolute fake. With the exception of the perfume brand "Salvador Dali". At the end of the last century to women's perfume by this brand was in such bottles.

Even if the flavor is liked, buying counterfeits may lead not only to dissatisfaction with the poor quality, but even to health problems. Counterfeits may contain fragrances, Allergy. There are cases, when ethyl alcohol is replaced with cheaper methyl. When hit, eg, on the lips these spirits can cause poisoning.

Much better to buy perfumes of unknown brands, but the real, than a fake of any brand, regardless of the quality.

Customs confiscated

Russian perfumery market is brimming with fakes. Often unscrupulous sellers create attractive headlines: customs confiscated, the sale of duty-free and so on. Such a thing, as customs confiscated goods often use the Internet perfume stores, in which more than 90% the product is a fake. When you visit these resources need to be mindful of, what, the buyer, who is not familiar with the original perfume, it is very difficult to distinguish a fake.

"Sale customs confiscated goods" – such advertisements are full of different social networks. There is no such thing regarding perfume. This is particularly true for luxury spirits.

Don't believe information about that, the cost of luxury perfumes is mere pennies, and the manufacturer is profiting from the buyer, choosing a well-known name. So sellers, are satisfied with the action, like "all 400 rubles", no need to believe, because the purchase price of different spirits may not be the same.

Worldwide perfumes are luxury items, similar to works of art. Not all brands have own factory. Own professional perfumers also have only a few companies.

Most perfumers work in a factory, which takes orders from several fashion houses. Many of them have more 100 years old. They are committed to, producing plants, make a unique composition, produce fragrances, setting fashion trends for many years to come.

Such development is a very expensive operation, for which famous brands are paying quite a large amount. And why almost impossible situation, when some online store might have something confiscated from customs or some factory in a third world country may obtain a license for aroma.

Selling licensed

The second point, which should be cause for concern when buying perfumes, this offer to purchase perfume cheap licensed. Very often at the Windows is exhibited the same bottles with the numbers. The seller claims, manufacturers of perfume gave a license for aroma. Low price perfume is due to the absence of issue costs of packaging and advertising, the work of perfumers.

Elite perfumery cannot be produced under license in countries: Turkey, Cambodia, Vietnam, or any other. Buying for 500 rubles of allegedly licensed perfume, you can get at best is similar in appearance to the box. The inner content has nothing to do with elite perfume. To buy expensive brand perfume it is impossible for 500 rubles, whatever the explanation may lead the sellers of such products.

Very difficult to imagine, the manufacturers of the original fragrance will agree to cooperate, in which some dubious shops will sell his development, saving on additional costs.

The right choice of purchase

Buy perfume and other perfume products you need in tried and tested places, in the famous, reputable stores. Before deciding to buy expensive perfume, you need to study reviews, not only by visiting the official store site, but specialized forums and groups, where communicate the lovers of perfumes. This also applies to large chain stores, and online stores, and large shopping departments with a good reputation.

The main rule is not to look for the authentic product in place, where to buy good quality perfumes is impossible in principle. No need to buy perfumes on the market, in some small stalls, despite the cheap price. The certificate of compliance should be at any point, and the buyer has the right to demand. If you receive a refusal, this indicates, the authenticity of the brand spirits, as the quality should be questioned. On the original certificate must be printed in color. The document is issued only for one type of product. The certificate of conformity, which includes several names, most often indicates a fake product.

Each product is most often attached abstract. In its absence, the certificate must contain information on the description of the quality of product.

AT 2010 year mandatory certification of perfumes was cancelled. But many brands prefer to go through the voluntary certification.

Famous brands sometimes carry the production of their spirits in other countries. Often this affects the quality of the spirits. And the price of such goods should be much lower.

The packaging is stamped with a production date. The shelf life of unopened perfume is 1 year. manufacturers claim, that the spirits do not lose their properties and for 3 years old. To check the quality of the perfume in a simple way – just put perfume in the fridge. The contents of the bottle should not become cloudy.

Assessment of the quality of the packaging

The main way to identify a fake is to evaluate the design of the perfume. What you need to pay attention before, how to buy perfume?

A box of spirits, most often packaged in transparent material, which professionals call mica. It should be thin and tight to the box. Cellophane wrappers should be tightly stretched, not wrinkled. There should not be creases and folds. The seam should be neat, with minimal overlap, no more 5 mm, without glue residue.

Cellophane packaging is a mandatory accessory spirits. But sometimes the company removes it in order, to the buyer to facilitate the evaluation of the quality of the graphics on the cardboard packaging and to evaluate its design. Store employees can pack these spirits independently. Naturally, that it will be noticeable to the naked eye, so you should check with the seller, where and when were such packing.

Luxury perfume is Packed in exclusively white cardboard, no shades of gray. Well-known manufacturers do not skimp on cardboard for packaging. So use a fairly thick cardboard of the highest quality to maintain the shape. On the box there should not be dents.

These spirits placed inside special design for, to spirits within is not hanging.

Further, assessed the information on the packaging. All labels must be clear and readable. The packaging must be the following information:

  • name of perfume;
  • kind of perfume (parfum, eau de parfum, of EAI de toilette, parfum de toilette);
  • for whom is (pour femme for women, pour homme – for men);
  • the volume in milliliters (ml) and in fl.oz;
  • country of origin;
  • the percentage of alcohol.

Other information is optional, eg, the percentage of essential oils, Ingredients, included in the perfume.

What else should be on the packaging? Special attention should be paid to the sign of ecological packaging – arrows, forming a circle. The image is dark arrow is always on the top, over light.

On the reverse side of the box needs to be coded information on the composition of perfume and the bar code.

On each original box is the inscription "Made in France" or similar in French. Most often found on the fakes just the word "France", sometimes, when you use the word France without the letter e (Franc). The presence on the box the words "Paris-London-NewYork" is 100% fake.

All perfumes, which is sold in Russia, must be accompanied by a translation into the Russian language.

design. Before you buy perfume in a store, you need to scrutinize the bottle design and packaging, the exact spelling of the original name. This is due to the fact, what you can buy with spirits, which will be very similar to the brand. Nevertheless, they will be fake because of a mismatch in the name some letters of the original or it will change the design of the bottle.

Fakes of famous brands can be produced in such countries, as Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, China. This is done quite legally, as formal reasons to reject these products no.

The examination of the internal content

Scheme of product substitution can use even the big perfume shops. This is when the tester from one flavor, and in the purchased box is something else. The fact of the substitution can be detected, just opening the package after purchase. So right on the spot after payment is necessary to open the box and inspect the contents.

Luxury perfumes is available in clear glass high quality. Air bubbles, inclusions, the bumps on the bottle indicate forgery. All this considered marriage, and brands would never make such products for sale. The bottle needs to be made very carefully, not allowed uneven thickness of the glass, sloppy joints.

The more unusual glass perfume bottle, the more likely to purchase perfume high quality. Complex shapes are more difficult to forge. It is technologically difficult and unprofitable from the economic side.

Many stores have so-called demo package. This is done, in order for buyer to evaluate the internal state of the box and the bottle, where are the spirits.

Besides, you need to check the spray works well, which often produces a fake. For these spirits it is protected by a rim. The spray should not be too large, peeling paint, to withdraw from the labor.

When choosing a perfume you need to pay attention to their cap. Often with fake spirits on such minor details save. The cap should be freely put on and removed, in this case the fixation is accompanied by easy click. Not allowed various nicks and chips on the cap. Tight tube is protected by a strip of varnish.

Original perfumes are distinguished by an absolute symmetry of the bottle.

Serial batch number is indicated on the bottom of the bottle. Not allowed applying stickers with this number. In these spirits the number on the bottle matches the figures on a cardboard box. It is applied embossed or printed directly on the cardboard.

How to test a new perfume

After the evaluation of the appearance of the bottle and packaging is necessary to put perfume on your skin and wait about 15 minutes. For the purpose of large shops include the testers in the form of thin strips, which wetted the spirits. However, you need to be ready, the scent on the tester will be slightly different from the original.

Perfumes and other perfumery products contains about 90% alcohol. Therefore, when first applying will be felt strong smell of alcohol. After a few minutes the fragrance begins to unfold. Not allowed the total disintegration of fragrance on the part. If the flavors felt as if individually, it is probably a fake.

Spirits are revealed in three stages:

  1. Top notes.
  2. Heart notes.
  3. Base notes keep the skin to 4 hours or more.

Usually, counterfeit fragrances contain only easily recognizable top notes, so the smell lasts only a few minutes.

In some cases, one may not recognize a favorite flavor

Above all else the sound of the aroma can be caused by the, that the manufacturer has made small changes to the formula. He could change the supplier of components or to delay the release of perfume to another factory. Most often consumers do not know about these events.

Besides, sample tester can be from the same batch, and the bottle of perfume from another.

Product, showcase, could be exposed to sunlight or heat, what caused the change in smell. For wholesale supply of products cases, when a crate of perfume is placed next to the battery, which can overheat or, conversely, be exposed to the cold and to change the smell.

The change of perception favorite flavor influences and subjective factors, eg, the disease, the use of garlic and other spices.

Online shopping perfume

Buying the right perfume is not only high quality of goods purchased, but the choice of more affordable prices. There are several ways to purchase perfume high quality inexpensive.

it, first of all, sale in online store. For the online shopping needs the following conditions:

  1. A Bank card Visa or Mastercard.
  2. In order to protect yourself from fraud, you can bind a Bank card to PayPal. If you plan to buy perfumes from foreign online stores, you can Lodge a complaint with. A refund is also possible in the case, if the spirits of any circumstances not reached the buyer.
  3. After I had obtained the Bank card and created an account in PayPal, you can explore the catalog of perfumes, to find the best deals on the Internet. It is recommended to buy the perfume on major online marketplaces.

Before you buy perfume on the Internet, you need to conduct a visual assessment of the site (its convenience, beautiful, design and top positions in search engines). High quality online store gives you some guarantee of purchases.

Sites often put up a real picture of flavor at a very attractive price. It is important to understand, what to buy perfume "Chanel" it is impossible for the price below 1200 rubles. No need to believe the advertising, who talks about super-sales or confiscation of products.

Buying testers

In recent years, many well-known manufacturers of spirits give fans the opportunity to buy an expensive perfume with big discount. One of the ways to save is to buy perfume testers. They are open bottles, of which several times already Squirting.

Tester fragrances are available not only for assessing the odor. In the major perfume shops often sell them, exhibiting the price is much less than the new bottle. The volume is almost completely preserved.

The testers in the Western countries it is forbidden to sell. Often the main difference from the classic packaging is the lack of corporate design. This bottle, packaged in plain white or grey box. She is the inscription "Demonstration Tester", the name of the spirits, the batch number. Any additional decorations, characteristic of the original sample perfume, There are no. Branded caps are replaced with regular atomizer.

Sometimes there are testers in dented or damaged packaging, that in no way affects the quality of the content. On the purchase of this tester can save up to 30% the value of luxury perfume. Besides, often held seasonal discounts. The only disadvantage of such acquisition – time waiting for parcel.

The most common myths about testers

The first misconception is supposedly increased durability of the fragrance tester. The second myth supports the opposite – in the test vial the concentration of odorous substances is less, therefore, the aroma of unstable.

Both of these misconceptions are not true. In sample vial perfume are added from the same batch, that and the main products. Well-known companies are interested in, to demonstrate the actual properties of the perfume. Manufacturer in any case is not going to mislead the buyer, as cares about its reputation.

When buying a tester needs to keep in mind, what natural perfumes to buy in this format impossible. They don't have demo samples. Arab oil and other flavors are sold in the vials, the samples with small volumes.

When is it useful to buy the tester? First of all, for its use. Many buyers do not want to pay the money for making spirits, they are much more interesting content branded bottles. Of course, to buy men's perfume as a gift is better in a classically packaged.

Often testers can be purchased inexpensively on the perfume sites on stock prices. The savings range from a few hundred rubles plus a variety of promotions. Some online stores offers free shipping.

Rules for buying perfume

so, the following steps will help to buy a perfume and not to be disappointed:

  1. Buy only in large and well-known stores.
  2. Choosing the right perfume, carefully inspect the packaging and photograph it.
  3. To study the bar code and other information of the manufacturer.
  4. To evaluate with a tester the sound of the fragrance, causing the test strip and wrist.
  5. To give time to the spirits to reveal on the skin. This will allow to evaluate durability and understand, if the smell before, how to buy perfume.
  6. Visit the brand website and see, looks like original packaging.
  7. After purchase is paid, print perfume near the cash register and to consider carefully the bottle. To assess the quality of the caps, to check the codes on the bottle and packaging.
  8. The spirits are not allowed sludge.
  9. To check the quality of the spirits, shaking the bottle. Quality perfume the bubbles do not disappear immediately, and dissolve within 10-15 seconds.

To buy perfume, you may prefer a gift brands. On the perfume market of Europe and America quite a lot of different brands of spirits, which are not so heavily advertised in Russia, and so it makes no sense to forge them.

Such spirits should try not only in terms of quality. This unusual perfume is able to emphasize the individuality of its owner. Buying, eg, the little-known “Hiroko Koshino” you can be the only person, which they will.

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