How to buy a house

Many residents of the crowded cities dream of suburban real estate. To achieve this dream you need to carefully plan their actions, to know the basic nuances and diagrams, used by scammers. The purchase of any expensive object is always a risk and a big responsibility. Finding just the right option can take a long time, and often not be able to buy the house at a projected price.

Where and when to buy

To buy a houseWhat awaits the one, who is going to buy a house in the winter:

  1. The main advantage consists in the fact, that you can evaluate the performance of the heating system in each room.
  2. A significant drawback is the inability to assess the overall condition of the house. Snow cover can hide the destruction of the roof, cracks in the Foundation and even the dump in the back yard.
  3. In the spring, melting snow allows you to see the damp corners in the basement and to assess the overall condition of waterproofing before, how to buy a house.

Before buying you need to decide, whether it's an individual project or acquisition second homes, have in their history other owners. The first option can be purchased at a minimal cost, but it will take time to build a house.

There is a likelihood of fraud. The developer may offer to buy a house, photos will be done efficiently and tastefully, take the money and disappear. There are cases of using cheaper, substandard construction materials. Therefore, when buying a plot for construction you need to carefully examine the proposals of the developers, reviews about them and trust the firm, which has worked for many years on the market, creating a positive reputation.

Documents, provided by the developer, you need to carefully study. It is useful before, how to buy a home find out the following conditions:

  1. Specifying the type of use, category of land.
  2. Mandatory permit and concluding on the conducted examinations.
  3. Technical conditions for communications.
  4. In the graph of encumbrance should not be marks on the pledge.
  5. The presence of the act of commissioning of engineering networks, guarantee their work.
  6. Confirmation from the developer about buying the land (statement of company from the register of legal entities).
  7. If you intend to buy a house, fully built, that should be the conclusion of the appraiser, which shows the value of the object.
  8. Does the cost of the house under the contract the installation of a fence, communications.

Acquiring second homes, you need to conduct a thorough review of documents. This will help to avoid many problems. It is important to exclude cases of property mortgage in the Bank, rent, mortgages and other encumbrances.

The first step is the choice of the location of the purchased object. This takes into account individual preferences: for one buyer it is important to buy a house near a school and a kindergarten, for another, the availability of public transport. Many people prefer, conversely, quiet, secluded places. Selection criteria may be different, but for options you need to consider all offers.

To get the right information the easiest way on Internet message boards, on Craigslist. Appeal directly to the owner will allow you to buy a house without paying for the service of the Agency. If you find a cheaper option, don't rush with buying. It may be a dilapidated building or distressed property with a bad history. But expensive options, especially directly from the owner is worth exploring, you can always negotiate a good discount.

The study plan

To assess housing need, not only by location and number of square meters. The determining factor convenience is considered to be the correct plan. A smooth transition between rooms day stay: living room, hall, the dining room will save the owner from having to constantly open the door. Each family member should have a personal space, so you need to buy a private house with several bedrooms, albeit small.

Narrow, long and dark hallways make the interior space dark and uncomfortable.

The house should be designated for storing infrequently used things: pantry, closets. often, that off-season stuff, pickles, sledges and bikes clean absolutely nowhere. In such areas heating can be prevented, that will save.

If you plan to buy a house with several floors, special attention should be paid to stairs. It should be compact, however, to ensure easy evacuation in case of fire. Invalid too narrow, steep stairs and the lack of reliable fence.

Pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the house determines the degree of its illumination. This provides a sufficient number of Windows. The optimal number is determined by the proportion: the approximate ratio of the window area to floor space 1:8. To buy a house by the sea with a panoramic window is, certainly, beautiful and fashionable. Provided, the view outside the window not brings sad thoughts. In practice, the use of such wide window openings for the wearer turns into the low temperature room and elevated bills for heating.

Modern cottage on the ground floor is often the garage with the possibility to go down to him directly from the house. For such a plan necessarily requires good ventilation, because without that smell of gasoline and exhaust fumes will penetrate the home. The exception may be, when the garage attached to the house or located separately.

Assessment of basement and attic

First of all, you need to ask the reason for selling the house, talk to your neighbors, which often have information about the owner and about the house.

Starts the inspection of the house is always the basement. The condition of the ceiling, angles and flooring will help to identify the problem of flooding of the basement, violation of the technology of its construction. Poor quality of waterproofing, problems with drainage system and ventilation will result in the house weathered the smell of damp and mould, and eventually to the destruction of the Foundation.

The Foundation of any building determines the reliability of the design. Cracks in walls – an indirect sign of the fragile bases. Visitors to the Foundation, even if you plan to buy a house in the village, it is better to invite experts.

The attic is the second most important place, to which you should pay attention. The owners are putting much effort on the interior design of living rooms, to attic hands often do not reach. Dump useless things in the attic is not such a rare phenomenon among owners. Despite the lack of desire to wander among the dusty belongings, to go to the attic you still need, after all, the state of the roof determines the quality of construction.

To explore the need in the daytime and better in rainy weather. This allows time to see the stains in the inner part of the roof. Mold, the fungus is signs of violation of construction technology, causing roof leaks. Respectively, if you buy a house with such problems, elimination of unfair builders will cost a considerable amount.

Attention should be paid to device drains. Their state determines the overall reliability of the design. Over time from improper installation of the drainage system is to break down the Foundation and walls of the building. Disadvantages to identify quite simple: it may be stains on the outer walls or the presence of not envisaged by project groove, formed the earth by flowing water.

Appearance of exterior walls

On the walls of strong buildings must not be cracked. Their reasons often performs incorrect shrinkage, the absence of monolithic reinforced concrete belts in the case of walls made of aerated concrete t. d. The home owner can do this the easy way is to create the appearance of being with the freshly applied plaster. Traces of such activity can be easily seen.

If the construction material used concrete, insulation shall be of a wall with a thickness of less than 400 mm. According to the technology for such walls is a layer of mineral wool. Polystyrene foam as insulation can cause condensation, but, Consequently, cause mold and mildew on the inner surface of the walls.

If the walls are made of foam, they definitely need to insulate with mineral wool layer is not less than 100 mm. Quite a popular ceramic blocks, having due to the porosity the lower the thermal conductivity compared to the brick. The construction of the walls of one floor of various materials will cause uneven subsidence of the Foundation.

The interior of the house

After inspecting the basement and the attic, you need to evaluate the internal state. Special attention is given to door and window openings. The distortions are evaluated by the level. If it is detected, this indicates that the shrinkage of the house.

With the help of a level are also assessed on walls and floor. The quality of the slab can be determined by the ceiling of the first floor. The deflection of the slab is bad news not only from the point of view of security. Uneven floors lead to accelerated wear of any coating. Over time, the deflection will increase, a strengthening of the slab is very expensive and not always possible. therefore, even if the floor flexes walk, we need to abandon such a purchase.

It is desirable to assess and soundproofing ceiling, before you buy a house. In the house with increased audibility will have to make pereselenie floor and additional insulation.

Communication system

Checking of engineering systems in the house – a necessary and important stage, which will determine the comfort of the new owner. First you need to ask the seller to show the contracts with service companies. Refusal to provide these documents may mean one thing – the lack of legitimacy of connection.

First and foremost, the state of communication systems (shine, water, heating, Sewerage), as well as the quality of thermal insulation of pipes on the street, so they do not burst in winter.

Heating equipment in an enabled state should not make sharp sounds. You need to check the absence of a smell of gas, puddles and rust. Half an hour after switching on the boiler the hot water should flow through the radiators to all rooms in the house. Tubes are checked for no leaks, the battery should run the taps for venting. One of the most economical options to buy a house for living in winter gas heating.

To calculate, how much Parking new housing, you need to ask the owners of the receipts for payment of heating for the winter period. It is useful to include batteries in the winter mode, and test their performance.

Another object of the inspection – wiring. As the wires hidden in the walls, assessment is conducted for outlets and lighting. Ceramic cartridges on a wire in a woven braid, broken and obsolete outlet, burrowing into the walls – all this suggests, that electricity will have to redo.

The potential buyer has the right to demand wiremap water, heat, gas and electricity. The lack of this information greatly complicate maintenance and possible repair work. Useful instructions on use and warranty cards for equipment, involved in the provision of engineering systems.

The final stage of checking the technical condition of the building – work of the sewer. To do this, open the taps in the bathroom and assessed, how fast the water goes. Tubes should be dry. If there is no centralized sewage, need to look in the cesspool. Its walls must be of solid materials (concrete, brick), and dimensions similar to the standards (length/width: 2.5-3m/0.8-1 m, depth 1,5 m).

factors, affect the valuation of the house

To determine the value of the house with the land it is possible to study these objects, for sale. But a more exact correspondence exhibited to the criteria and rates can be obtained from evaluators-professionals. He conduct regular market analysis of the property, taking into account the following factors:

  • area and memory area of the house;
  • the presence of water, light, sewer;
  • building material home. The house of brick will cost significantly more, than solid blocks;
  • the age of the house;
  • the presence of secondary structures;
  • the quality of the land.

Verification of documents

If you purchase a plot of land, there should be a building permit. It does not need to re-register, if not expired for the construction of houses.

A list of required documentation must include:

  1. Certificate of ownership of the building and land. This is the first, what you need to pay attention before, how to buy a house. Without the land sale will be invalid. If the ownership structure is dysfunctional, minors, must have permission of bodies of guardianship and guardianship on the alienation of property.
  2. In the absence of surveying of land, it is necessary to oblige the seller to go through this procedure. Cadastral registration and registration with the justice authorities should be held based on accurate square footage.
  3. Extract from the house register about the number spelled out in the house of persons. Perfect option, when no one is registered. Sometimes to buy a house, we have to seek out of prescribed persons, or to write them on the court. You can not buy property until they are discharged.
  4. Technical passport of homeownership with the seal of the Agency BTI. Specifies a site plan showing the location and value of the objects on it.
  5. Technical passport of a building (including floor plan).
  6. Cadastral plan of land plot.
  7. Statement s USRR.
  8. Notarized power of attorney for sale. It would make sense to check the validity of a power of attorney, paying for a service of a notary. Good and contact the owner and obtain information about the trust sale by owner. If there are multiple owners, the power of attorney must be issued from each of them (this also applies to authorization from the other spouse).

The following table summarizes information about the need for the provision of a document:

What else you need to consider

What points to check before, how to buy a house:

  1. To verify the actual land area, with a documented. This can be done using a conventional roulette. The discrepancy between the resulting figures should be alerted.
  2. To compare distances on the plot on the existing site plan. Speak with neighbours regarding boundary disputes.
  3. Contacting the Department of land resources it is possible to check the conformity of state acts to land, to check the registration address home.
  4. At closing, the notary is obliged to check the information about the encumbrance (arrest, Deposit, the collection of real estate).
  5. Check the history of transactions with the house and land.. Here is a vital point of the legality of all transactions, which were conducted with the object. Upon identifying at least one invalid document of transfer of ownership, all subsequent transactions will also be invalid. All contracts are stored in the BTI.
  6. Checked the data sheet of BTI on the subject of illegal alterations at home, the lack of permits for buildings.
  7. You need to check the documentation for the engineering systems, the communications wiring, the placement of the wiring, water, heating, sewer. This will simplify future maintenance and repair. The legitimacy of the connection to the main network needs to be confirmed technical conditions for connection of communications.
  8. Some points also require clarification, eg, the capacity of the seller.

All these details, of course, you can consider on your own and buy a house without intermediaries. But it is best to entrust the verification of documents real estate Agency with a good reputation.

The conclusion of the contract and payment

Usually, the parties to the transaction want to have some guarantees. This provides a preliminary contract. It is made for the following purposes:

  • to prevent cancelling the deal;
  • to buy house at a negotiated cost, to guarantee the conservation of the original price;
  • sets deadlines for the implementation of the agreements.

The contract includes the subject matter of the contract, price, the calculation of the, duties and rights of the parties, the date, the definition of Deposit and other measures to implement the clauses of the contract.

If all documents are in order, it is possible to conclude the basic contract of purchase and sale and the act of reception-transmission. Prior familiarity with the main points of the document – a mandatory step before signature. Better to show the agreement of purchase and sale of professional lawyer.

The house and land are compiled in separate documents. A detailed explanation of the procedure of concluding a written contract in the Civil code of the Russian Federation (in articles 550, 421, 420, 549, 432, 554, 317, 555, 292, 558).

Methods of payment for buying a house:

  1. Wire transfer.
  2. Cash. Wherein, usually, need witnesses of transfer of money (realtor, Bank employee, notary).
  3. Using cell Depository. The signing of the contract is in the Bank, then the buyer is making money in the cell. After registration, the seller can take the money.

The buyer can obtain extra protection of their interests, demanding a receipt from the seller in getting paid. The contract and certificate are signed after a full settlement between the parties.

After the paperwork, the right of ownership must be registered with the Department of Rosreestr. In the institution the documents are submitted: statement, the contract, passport of the transaction participants, extract from the unified state register, cadastral passport, the act of transfer and acceptance, receipt for payment of state duty.

Optional personal presence, documents can be sent by mail or electronically.

Registration is held during the 10 days, then the new owner receives the statement from the unified state register.

How to use the maternity capital

State program of aid to families, in which the second child was born a few years has allowed many citizens to buy a cheap house in the area or otherwise improve their living conditions. It uses a special certificate in the amount 450 000 rubles. certainly, to buy a house in good condition for this amount is extremely difficult, but it can be used as a down payment, eg, when obtaining a mortgage.

Mother's capital would be to buy a new house or a house with a wear of not more than, than 50%.

In addition to this condition, sellers often refuse transactions with the parent capital, since the Pension Fund transfers the money to the account only after the approval of the transaction.

How to avoid fraud

Sure signs of deception on the part of the seller of the house:

  1. The seller has no document, confirming the right of ownership, eg, when receiving the rights of lifetime inheritable donation. In any case, the seller must apply to the Federal registration service with a request to register him as the owner. To do this, prepare documents (a bill of sale, the contract of donation, the inheritance documents, etc.).
  2. Fake power of attorney.
  3. Cheating with a residence permit. The lack of agreement spelled out in the house of persons, that will lead to the invalidity of the transaction.
  4. The discrepancy between the real area of the infield is stated in the documents. Besides, beginning with 2018 year establishes the obligation of the seller to conduct a survey of the land and make the coordinates in a cadastral map of the Russian Federation.
  5. Schematic layout of the rooms does not meet the technical passport of the structure. Before you buy a house, you need to get from the seller, to all the alterations were made to the cadastral passport.
  6. The lack of project documentation from the developer.
  7. Conclusion only one contract, while the legislation establishes mandatory to sign documents for the house and the plot.
  8. The less housing costs to reduce tax liabilities.
  9. The promise to issue the missing documents after the transaction and payment.
  10. Too much amount of the Deposit.

Useful tips when buying a home

A house inspection is not a large-scale event, requiring the presence of the crowd for relatives or friends. Even if you plan to buy a house cheap, which will accommodate several people, you need to look a suitable option alone. Max – take a friend of evaluator structure. The only way you can take time to inspect the house and assess all its advantages and disadvantages.

Client, who goes to several real estate agencies, usually not taken seriously by any of them. It is best to go with clear criteria to one professional, which specializiruetsya on this segment and direction. So, to buy a house in the Crimea, enough to appeal to the large local Agency.

Even if the house is satisfied and can't wait to sign a contract and quickly place furniture, no need to show emotions. Restrained behavior during the examination of the proposed option will allow you to buy a house on more favorable terms, get a discount or by installments.

But to conduct "market" is not worth it, often indicates a carelessness of the buyer. The buyer should consider the option, and the seller knows about it. So to bargain for a good discount after 10 minutes of inspection of the premises will not work. This matter is best left to your real estate agent, usually, these experts know, how to obtain the most favorable terms.

The finished house is very difficult to control for compliance with building codes. Incorrect flashing can be invisible, but will make it impossible to live in this house without major investments in the restructuring. If you have the means to conduct a full examination (the cost of which can reach 80 000 rubles), this will certainly need to use. The expert opinion on the state of a country mansion can be a powerful document in court in case of problems with the house in the future.

If turned up a very lucrative option, eg, the price 20-30 percent below the average, no need to wait. Usually, owner urgent need of money. Waiting for an even lower drop rates on any object, you can never buy the home of your dreams. Free announcement about a sale won't be on the boards more than a month. If the house even without finishing really like, and the price of it is good – need to buy.

The invitation of a lawyer friend in order to save on the preparation of documents can lead to, this specialist begins to overburden the transaction with unnecessary detail, require completely unfounded documents, look for risks and problems there, where they in principle can not be.

Each real estate Agency has practitioners. Without trust, you can access them in an independent law office, the main specialization of which is the transaction of purchase and sale of residential properties.

If you are planning to buy a home of your own, no need to rush to submit a large Deposit, even "a receipt" of the seller. The introduction of a certain amount gives a guarantee to the buyer, what plans the seller will not change, and it won't change your mind. But this amount must be documented in the agreement on the Deposit, but better – by the preliminary contract, which will procedure the transaction and responsibilities of both parties.

It's a simple release makes no warranties. Besides, it may be a situation, the seller will just disappear with the money.

WITH 1 Mar 2015 years instead of the original protected proprietary certificate forms, Rosreestr gives a plain sheet with blue print, which is easy to fake. To avoid getting into a fraudulent scheme, before, as, eg, to buy a house on Craigslist, need to order an extract from the unified state register of rights to real estate of the actual owner of the land and the house, the absence of encumbrances, etc. This can be done via the Internet.

Sale house with furniture and other furnishings can only provide a detailed inventory of the property in that condition, where all of this will be transferred to buyers after a transaction (best, photo). If the actual state is not fixed before the deal, the buyer risks buying a house and find no even plumbing, mirrors and built-in cabinets.

Ideal – before signing the contract to agree on how, what furnishings are sold with home.

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