How to hook knit toys

Как крючком вязать игрушкиOne of the most interesting activities is to create toys as souvenirs, or for their little children. They can create a variety of ways, including by means of thread and a hook. Many, who has never dabbled in the handiwork, can say, that it is difficult to knit crochet toys, tedious and absolutely not interesting, but once opened the curtain a little bit of the world of these wonderful creations, and make for themselves or their loved ones at least one small toy masterpiece, you'll want to do anything else.

How to knit crochet toys: little secrets and tricks

Knit toys are actually quite difficult, despite the apparent, at first sight, enormously huge and complex circuit, especially, that the basis of the web to all the details are most often used the most basic knitting techniques, Therefore, for those, who wish to learn how to create toys with their own hands is enough to learn crochet knit columns, be a little more careful when parsing the description of the product and to know at least a couple of secrets of this skill:

  • In that case, If the product begins to fit in the circle, then knit it is better to start with a sliding hinge. This is done, to the circle in the center holes are not left and it looked like a whole leaf.
  • Knit small-sized toys are best with thin thread.
  • Fill the lower and upper limbs small animals and dolls are not very densely better, especially in the joints of parts, because otherwise we can only achieve that, that the legs or the handle will not take the required position, and will only stick, a filler in the joints between the seam will peek.
  • To the product was tidy and nice view, Circuits need to complete the following. We reserve the six tabs at the end of, then working through them stretch out the thread and tighten, the resulting hole.
  • Crochet hook any of the toys is better to take the appropriate diameter to the diameter of the thread, or even 0,5 sizes smaller, to canvas toys were more dense.
  • For, to a hundred times not to alter the product, all the details better than before suturing to seal in the right places with the help of special needles, bulavochek, so to make it look symmetrical.
  • If necessary, paint the details on the toy, It can be used not only for the special fabric paints, but also ordinary acrylic paints or crayons, strong brewed coffee and even eye shadow.
  • When, if the toy is filled sintepon, fill their product should be gradually, small portions.

Knitted toys crochet: model

How to crochet a toy horse

How to crochet a toy horseThis nice little horse, even for beginners it is possible to associate for a couple of nights, and even faster. The product obtained is medium in size. For it is necessary to prepare for 20-22 cm wire for legs, glue, white material for the eye, double sided tape or glue, acrylic marker, as well as three different yarn colors for the body, hooves and mane. Can, eg, take, as in this case black, light and dark brown skeins.
The process of creating a knitted toy horse hook:

trunk. The first part of the article is knitted this, as it was for her to be subsequently attached to the rest of its parts. Scheme following its creation:

  • 1p. Of moving loop is knitted 6 columns without sc (Article. b /)
  • 2p. From each eyelet is knitted by 2 Article. b /.
  • 3p. I share the circle 6 parts and each of them is added to one item. b /. By the beginning of the next row, in this way, should have 18 loops.
  • 4p. Each part is added again under Art. b / (ie. knit 2 Article. b / n in each loop and 1 time 2 Article. b / n in the one following loop).
  • 5 and 6 p. Similarly 3 and 4 in each sector do increase, vyvyazyvaya in his early 2 Article. b / n from one loop.
  • 7p. Knit up sequence 3 last loop: In every 5 loops of 1 Article. b /, then 6 loop to get involved 2 Article. b /.
  • 8p. By the beginning of this series of loops must add up 42. Provyazyvaem them without additives, by 1 Article. b / n in each.
  • 9p. Again divide the circle on 6 parts and the beginning of each is knitted of a single column without nakida two.
  • 10p. Provyazyvaem on 1 Article. b / n in each loop. In this series should have 48 loops.
  • 11p. Knit as the ninth and get 54 eyelets.
  • 12p. Knit as the tenth.
  • 13RV every sixth of the added 1st loop, eventually get 60 loops.
  • 14-18p. repeats 10 p and alternately provyazyvaem all 60 petelek.
  • 19p. At the beginning of the series 4 times repeat: 2 loop with one item. b /, 3 Article. b /, then again do decrease, provyazyvaya two loops together, below is knitted from one loop 1 Article. b /. The result is 55 Article. b /.
  • WITH 20 for 22p. only knit columns without sc without additions and subtraction.
  • Next few provyazyvaem Article. b /, the beginning of a series of shifting slightly so, that it is symmetric with respect to 2 a number.
  • 23p. perform 5 time(2 Article. b / n together,3 Article. b / n in each loop), then knit 30 Article. b /. As a result of decrease in the number should have 50 Article. b /.
  • WITH 24 by 26P. Knit item. b / n in each loop.
  • AT 27 number you want to move back to the beginning of a number of the place, where in previous series began decrease loops. Then provyazyvaem five times (2 Article. b / n together,4 Article. b /), then finish the series 5 Article. b / n and the resulting 45 petelek in a row.
  • 28p. All loops knit item. b /.
  • 29p. Five times before the end of a number, perform the following actions: 2 Article. b / n together,7 Article. b /.
  • 30p. All remaining 40 loop knit item. b /.
  • In the next step attach the wire to the rear legs. Turn down the torso tummy (convex side) and threading the wire into the workpiece parts, trying to attach the legs symmetrically, relative to each other, as well as symmetrical trunk.Закрепляем проволоку для ножек
  • 31p. Until the end of a series of repetitive sequences: 2 Article. b / n provyazyvaem together, 6 Article. b /.
  • 32p. All loops knit item. b /. and fill in the related part of the body, prepared with cotton or synthetic padding, leaving about a centimeter from the wire to the canvas. After that fasten the front legs and the body filler to fill the end.

    Заполняем туловище наполнителем

  • 33p. repeat 2 loop with Article. b / n, and 5 Article. b /.
  • 34p. 2 loop with Article. b / n, and 3 Article. b / n to the end of the series and again fill Circuits.
  • 35p. Provyazyvaem until the end 2 loop with Article. b / n, and 2 Article. b /.
  • 36p. alternatively 2 loop with Article. b / n and v. b /.

In the last row, remaining 12 provyazyvaem two loops together, After filling body to the end and the remaining 6 loops fastened together. The result is:Готовое туловище

The ends of the legs of the wire-forming in the hoof, rounding and flexing their.

Knit hoof. Getting started as a sliding tabs and provyazyvaniya it 6 Article. b /, from so knit circle hook.

  • 2p. We are knitted from each column two.
  • 3p. Divide the number on 6 parts and each of them carries one a raise, the result is 18 loops.
  • 4p. How to add the third row at the beginning of each part of the sixth 1 Article. b /.
  • 5p. In the next series of all 24 provyazyvayutsya loops of the back wall art. b /, previous row.
  • 6p. Article. b / n in each loop.
  • 7-8p. In each of the sixth decrease by doing 1 loop. Eighth floor number is necessary to finish the thread column base color.
  • 9p. Knit the seventh with a decrease, and dovyazav this series until the middle, must complete hoof filler. Likewise, the other three provyazyvayutsya hooves.
  • In the next step we make out a leg. To this end, each individually wrapped with wire first a neat piece of adhesive tape, then thread, which ends knitting hooves.We make a leg
  • Knitting head with neck. Knitting also begins with a circle of 6 Article. b /.
  • 2-4 number in each of the sixth added one loop.
  • 5p. At the beginning of the series 1 Article. b /, and at the end of 2st. b /. All other loops knitted in sequence: 3Article. b /, Article two. b / n from one loop.
  • With 6p on 8 rows knitted article. b / n in each loop.
  • Move the start ryadochka thus, so that it was parallel to the first subtraction of the second row.
  • 9 row. Add additional loops for the neck: repeat 2 fold(Article two. b / n from one, 6 Article. b /), then two Article. b / n in one loop and then to the end of the row item. b / n in each loop. Article. b /
  • 10p. knit as the sixth.
  • 11p. In this series, we begin vyvyazyvayut muzzle. For this vyvyazyvayut 10 pp, reckon 18 the previous number of loops and fixed in 19 vyvyazannuyu chain, then do 15 Article. b /,etc. Article. b / n to get involved in the chain loop. As a result, we get 25 petelek.
  • 12p. All loops Article. b /.
  • 13p. Two columns together provyazyvaem Article. b /,11Article. b / n in each following loop, Article two. b / n together, 10 Article. b /.
  • 14p. Article two. b / n together, 9 Article. b /, Article two. b / n together, 10 Article. b /.
  • 15-17 row knit like 12ryad.
  • 18p. AT 10 the following loops of provyazyvaem 2 Article. b /, these loops knit item. b /.
  • 19-24p. - as 12 row.
  • 25. Knit loops in sequence: 2 Article. b / n with Art. b /,4 Article. b /. A number of finishing 1 Article. b /.
  • 26, 27, 28 ranks as a well knit 25p with the only difference, after subtraction doing already 1 Article. b /. less.
  • AT 29 last row do subtraction, provyazyvaya 5 just two loops together.

At the end of the part, the remaining loops are drawn together and fill the head with cotton or synthetic padding.
neck is knitted the loops of the resulting circle. To do this, find the middle of a head and attach to this place a number of initial loop.

  • 1p. We do the lifting loop, 1 Article. b / n in the first loop of the new series,7 Article. b /, provyazyvaem then along a loop beginning and the end faces of the head, 8 Article. b /, then again at a second connection site of the head and neck provyazyvaem two tabs together and complete the series 8 Article. b /.
  • 2p. By the beginning of the series should have 26 petelek, which follows provyazyvaem: 8 Article. b /, as well as in the previous two series diminish transition loops from the head to the torso, 4 Article. b /, again decrease at the transition and 8 Article. b / n to end of row.
  • 3-4p. perform as well as the second, with the only different is, that the loops located between the decrease each time reduced by two.
  • 5-10p. All loops provyazyvaem Article. b /.
  • 11p. Repeat twice at the beginning of a series of(1 Article. b /, 2 loop with Article. b /), The following loop provyazyvaem Article. b / n and at the end of series 2 times do repeat(2 loop with Article. b /, 1 Article. b /).
  • WITH 12 by 15 p. Provyazyvaem loop Article. b /.
  • 16p. 2 Article. b /, 2 loop with Article. b /, 2Article. b /, 2 loop with Article. b /,2Article. b /, 2 polustolbika,4 Article. s / n, 2 polustolbika,2 Article. b /, 2 loop with Article. b /, 2 Article. b /, 2 loop with Article. b /, 2 Article. b /
  • 17p. We begin the final series with 7 st.s / n, then knit 3 Article. b /, 2 polustolbika, 4Article. s / n, two polustolbika, 3 Article. b /, 7 Article. s / n.Голова и шея лошадки

The next step is the connection of body and head, stitching them blind stitches, previously not forgetting to fix via needles.
Then it is possible to start tinkering, ears, tail, mane and eyes.

ears vyvyazyvayut follows:

  • Knitting carry around on a chain. At the beginning of the series, do not forget to do 1 ce to lift a number of, and at the end of the coupling loop.
  • 1p. In a chain of eight loops on both sides thereof by provyazyvaem 8 Article. b /, and in the last loop of the chain, located between the sides provyazyvaem 3 Article. b /. The web turns around and knit the next row.
  • 2p. Make a 1st Class. b /, 4polustolbika, 5Article. b /, further knit the opposite side.
  • 3p. 9Article. b /, 2 Article. b / n from one eyelet. Closing the last loops working thread is trimmed, leaving a long end, which vdevaem the needle and threaded through the eyelet middle ear, making small stitches. Then sew ear tip, and forming its shape. Second Circuits do in the same way, then sew the ears to the head.Вяжем ушки лошадки

Knit tail. Make a loop and moving it provyazyvaem 8 Article. b /, then provyazyvaem around in each loop series 7 series.
Then harvests yarns for the tail and the mane. To do this, take a piece of cardboard, is equal to the width 17 cm and wound it turns thread, the color of which will be the mane and tail. Then cut the thread from both sides of cartons and get a small length of the workpiece 17 cm. Then vdevaem tail in the preform, as a fringe, with a hook, fixing them, forming loops.Вяжем хвост
In the next step We start doing the mane and forelock. To denote this with a pencil border on the head and neck, after which the remaining yarns anchoring segments harvested at the marked locations, so as to evenly distribute the mane. After fixing the fringe threads, cut them exactly half.

Making the eyes. For the eyes take a white cloth and cut circles out of it the required size, and then put them in the middle of a filler and contractible web each slices thus, to result in a beads. Then sew the balls to the head and dorisovyvat them pupils using acrylic pencil or even a simple children's acrylic paints and brushes, the same colors and paint the nostrils.
Roth embroider using black thread. To horse turned with a smile on the need to properly distribute the muzzle thread and pull it carefully.
At the end of the manufacture of the product, if desired, may be applied to the body of small dabs of paint, making the horse a little spotty.

Toys amigurumi crochet

In recent years become very popular technique of knitting crochet toys, called amigurumi. This technique borrowed from Japanese masters, and involves the creation of small toys with a hook. To toys amigurumi crochet appeared in your house it is only necessary to learn their own tinkering, and this, in turn, it is only necessary to learn to read Japanese circuit and of course know the basics of this type of needlework.
Basic symbols, Remember that you must, in order to be able to read the toys scheme even Japanese magazines are the following signs:Условные обозначения к схемам игрушек амигуруми

In order to facilitate the process of reviewing the scheme in Japanese magazines, next to the schemes also houses a table, where indicated in the first line - the number of rows, and in the second row number. If in addition there are a number, their number is written next to the row number, but at the table.
Next, consider the process of knitting patterns for toys amigurumi hook by creating a next dog toys:Как вязать игрушку  амигуруми собачку

  • At first tally head according to the scheme given below:Схема головы собачки
  • Then muzzle vyvyazyvayut:Схема мордочки
  • Then the strip is knitted on the muzzle:Схема полоски над мордочкой
  • Making the spout:Схема носика
  • Is knitted back and front legs, creating 4 the same parts:Схема лапок
  • create a trunk:Схема туловища
  • Master tail:Схема хвоста
  • Once all the items will be ready to carry out assembly of the product. All the parts are sewn into place and attached eyes. After that, the dog is ready.

toys, connected independently, can give a lot of positive emotions not only, to whom they are intended, but also to, who their knits, because in the end product always turns so funny, it is very difficult not to be happy.

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